Double Dipping


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Scene Title Double Dipping
Synopsis A pair of pants in the fridge, a cellphone in the blender, the kitchen's a disaster, and K wants to leave Kojo with the mess.
Date February 24, 2011

Dorchester Towers — Smoov's Apartment

But I aint ever cross a man who didn't deserve it, got me treated like a punk you know that's unheard of….

Smoov rolls over, away from the noise. Letting out a light grunt of protest from the noise. "Ggghhnn." He mumbles, hand coming up to slap against his head.

We keep spendin' most our lives, livin' in a gangsta's paradise

It's Smoov's ringtone. Eventually the immortalized words of Coolio die out, the phonecall ending. Smoov lets out a breath of relief. His eyes remaining closed, his hand slips over the body of the woman asleep next to him. Worming forward to press his chest against her back, his head lowers back onto the pillow until…

We keep spendin' most our lives, livin' in a gangsta's paradise

Smoov growls, his hand pausing on Kristen's waist as he gives an annoyed look over his shoulder. He's not really sure where his phone is. So maybe just ignoring it… It will stop. Eventually the song stops. And Smoov starts to go back to rest, his head craning forward to press a kiss against the side of Kristen's neck before his head collapses on the pillow.

We keep spendin' most our lives…

An annoyed grunt is given as Smoov slithers reluctantly out of his large bed. Pulling a sheet along with him, he wraps it around his waist as his feet touch ground. Looking around blearily, the man takes a few stumble steps away from the bed. No phone there. He follows the noise through his room, leading him to the small personal sized refrigerator on the floor. A brow is arched as there seems to be a pant leg coming out of the refrigerator. Bending some he goes to yank it open.

And there are his pants from the night before, a few opened alcoholic beverages stored inside as well. Red wine spilled over the middle of the fridge. Picking up his pants, Smoov reaches into his pocket. His phone is removed from the pocket.

"What a gwan?" Smoov mutters bitterly.

Wandering back to the bed, Smoov collapses on the foot of it. "No Tic. I ain't gonn' make it. Galang lef' me. I'm busy. Nah. Get on then. Gone on." A pause. "Nah, don't come here then. Me's got company." The phone is clicked off and then dropped unceremoniously on the bed.

The unmistakeable groan of a forming hangover is the answer to the kiss against Kristen's neck. Half rolling over, she throws an arm around Kojo's waist only to have it slip away when he gets up to answer the annoying phone. And he took the sheet, which means she's got nothing.

With her eyes still closed, she pushes herself up to a seated position at the side of the bed and then stands. Her clothes are nowhere to be found. On top of that, she can't remember what she did with them. Then again, when did they go from her apartment to his? Was she wearing clothes then? Eh… her place is a few floors down. The worst that's going to happen is she's caught on camera— again.

Look at your watch now, you're still a super hot fee-male…

Well at least her phone made it down, unfortunately Gwen Stefani does nothing for the morning after. Following the grating noise, she finds herself in the kitchen and in the middle of a huge mess. Apparently at some point during the course of their date, they decided blended drinks would be fabulous.

You've got your million dollar contra—

"What." The producer doesn't usually answer her phone like that but the annoyance of having her hands and face stick to it while she's talking isn't making her morning any more pleasant.

Looking over to Kristen moving to the kitchen he gives a light grunt before —

We keep spendin' most our lives living in a gangsta's paradise…

An aggravated noise is made as Smoov scoops the phone back up. Slapping accept. "What you wann?" He practically growls. A few moments go by. "I'll call you later Jay-cob. I'm indisposed." Hang up. The phone is tossed over his shoulder as he slowly pushes himself to his feet. One hand going to his forehead. "Nnggh." With his little sheet dress dragging behind him, the man makes his way towards the kitchen.

We keep spendin' most our lives…

An almost feral.. squeak.. emits from Smoov's lips as he turns dramatically to face his bed. Marching towards the bed, the phone is picked up before thrown powerfully against the wall. Dropping his hand, a satisfied smile is given as he turns to go back into the kitchen.

Moving in behind Kristen, one hand goes to rest on her waist, his head dipping to brush another kiss at the exposed flesh on her neck.

"I can throw yours too.."

Dipping her eyebrows into a low frown, Kristen twists her head to give Kojo a look over her shoulder. "No, you can't," is his reply followed by a quick, "No Dirk, I wasn't talking to— No, I'm bus— Yes, I'll be there. Don't worry, I won't be late." With a sigh, she presses end and turns in the reality star's grasp.

Her dark eyes are only opened to slivers due to the bright light from the windows practically illuminating the white of the walls and fixtures. Resting her forehead against his, she reaches down to pull the sheet up and around herself as well. It's a bit chilly, kind of. "I wonder how long they'd been trying before you finally woke up." Kristen lays the blame squarely on Kojo with a touch of a sly smile. She didn't get up first. "I need to get going— ."

Hands resting on her waist, Kojo smiles languidly as she turns to face him. When her forehead clunks against his, his arms going to wrap fully around her back. One wrist grasping the other behind her. "Doesn't matter." He dismisses, yawning a bit. "They're callin' too early anyways." When she mentions the need to leave, he smirks. "I can think of three, or maybe possibly even four reasons you should be late. But if it's four I will probably need some orange juice."

Smoov's hand climbs up, going to brush her hair past her ear some. Hand then trailing along her jawline before dripping down to rest on her shoulder. "You can work any other time…"

A flick of her wrist turns the chain watch that she has on toward her and exposes her to the time. "I might have time for one, maybe two if you're quick." The white of her wide smile cages the laugh that threatens to burst out of her. Instead, the hand behind her back can feel the tension in her frame as she works to hold it in, allowing only a small breath or two to escape.

"No, today's important— If I miss my flight I won't be able to catch another one until tomorrow. It'll throw The Advocate right off schedule and I can't afford that, not after everything that's been going on." At the end (or beginning) of the day, K is dedicated to her job and in particular that show. She closes her eyes and wraps her hands around his shoulders from behind and leans her chin against her own fingers. "Last night— "

Teeth baring, Smoov's eyes narrow for a moment. Quick. Hmph. One hand releasing the other wrist, his hands splay out over her back. His eyes follow her suspiciously as she nears in as if expecting her to say something mean again. Kojo's hands droop down as she leans in.

"Not the precious Advocate." Smoov murmurs, a little smirk flicking up his lips. Hands going down to her thighs, Smoov goes to pick the woman up, going to set her on the kitchen counter in front of him. As she begins to talk, his hands return to resting on her waist. "Hmm?"

"— It was fun." Kristen continues after a squeak at being picked up and set on the counter. With a swing of her feet, she captures Kojo by the back of the legs to draw him closer. "I wouldn't mind repeating it sometime, maybe when I get back?" She shifts, the wrinkle of her nose only going so far as to display her discomfort of being placed on top of whatever it was they were trying to make last night. The kitchen is a mess. Different colors of goop drip from almost every available surface, the smell of tequila and rum prevalent in the air.

"Yes, the precious Advocate, it's the cornerstone of the whole company." The producer explains as her arms slip around the musician's torso and she leans in again. "But it doesn't stop me from dipping into other things…"

"You're the cornerstone of this company." Smoov disagrees. Grinning down at the alcohol and goop spread on the counter. He then takes a single step back. One arm sweeping under her legs his other arm goes to slide around her back. Swinging her off the counter in a princess carry, the man starts his way back towards the bed. Going to drop her unceremoniously back onto the mattress he smiles gently down at her.

"Or other things dipping into you." He corrects. Smile.

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