Double Salted


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Scene Title Double Salted
Synopsis Something is double salted, but it's all good.
Date September 22, 2008

Cat's Apartment in the Dorchester Towers

It's a quiet evening in the apartment, Cat is at home. She has yet to return to playing her gigs at the Surly Wench. In the present moment she's seated in a chair with guitar in hand, composing a tune and writing the notes on a sheet of paper lined with musical staffs. It's holding her concentration, the expression she displays shows this. Her hand stops moving, the pen hovers on the page, and her brow furrows as she ponders which way to go next.

Danielle is in the kitchen, trying to do something normal. Cooking. She's got a pan on the burner, and is working to try and get something ready for them to eat tonight.

Concerned is something she isn't, well, not very concerned anyway. Dani wanted to cook, and she has the plan for handling memory issues, so Cat is standing aside. It's a pride thing, she believes, so she won't stand in the way. A few moments after her fingers stopped writing, they put down the pen and take position over strings and frets. What follows is a bluesy lick played at a not overwhelming volume on the plugged in Fender Strat.

Dani smiles, having gotten things just about ready. "Are you ready? Dinner's good to go." The timer begins to chime, and she turns it off.

Her guitar is put down, and the pad set aside, as Cat stands. Food is good. She will have food, and enjoy it. "Thanks," she offers, as feet carry her toward the kitchen and the table therein.

Dani brings out a plate, and offers it over to Cat. Stroganoff over noodles, which she puts down in front of Cat, and looks back to her. "What would you like to drink?"

"Wine," she answers, taking a seat at the kitchen table as food is placed before her. Her memory is consulted for what variety of alcohol containing grape beverage goes best with this meal, and it's exactly that she asks for. Her eyes close and the scent of food is inhaled subtly.

Dani gets the wine bottle, pops the cork, and pours two glasses, bringing them out and then putting the bottle on the table as well. "All right. I hope it's good!"

The answer shall be known. But not yet. Cat waits for Dani to also sit with food in front of her before moving to begin dining. She smiles, one of perfect confidence the meal is delicious.

Dani sits down with Cat, looking a little nervous, and then leans in and takes her first bite. It's a little salty; her one mistake was double-salting the dish. But it's certainly still edible. She chews and swallows, looking over to Cat a bit nervously for her evaluation.

Fork meets food and is lifted, then taken into mouth. She chews in the fashion of one raised in society. Small bites, mouth closed, no noises. Food is tasted. Her eyes show enjoyment of the taste experience now being had. Salt content doesn't seem to bother her. Maybe she doesn't detect a difference in it, maybe she likes added salt. Either way, without words being spoken because her mouth is full, enjoyment of the stroganoff is obvious.

The reporter smiles, and relaxes. "Good. I was a little worried about how it would turn out. The notebook thing was a good plan." It's filled with cooking notes; what was done, and what needs to be.

"I knew the food would be excellent," Cat replies with a smile after swallowing, with one hand taking up the wine glass. "If there'd been any doubt I'd have been watching you cook." Her wine is sipped, and afterward the fork is taken up again. There is more consumption to happen.

"Than you were more confident than I was. I think I double-salted it." she says apologetically. "But it's still edible, at least. That has to count for something."

"We're young, neither of us has blood pressure issues. Extra salt won't hurt us," Cat opines. She doesn't say much, her interest is in eating this meal before her and enjoying it, which shows as further evidence of Dani's success.

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