Doubting Heart Remains



Scene Title Doubting Heart Remains
Synopsis After a dark nightmare, Kaylee gets to hear the thoughts of someone close to her.
Date August 28, 2018

The Sumter Home

The light in the bathroom is harsh and cuts sharp as the switch is flipped on. It hurts sensitive blue eyes so that she has to squint to see the haggard face in the mirror. Makeup is smudged enough that it makes her eyes look bruised. Blond curls tousled from a restless sleep, it clings to damp skin. Kaylee Thatcher can’t help but think how tired she looks. So much was going on when she was awake, but the nightmares…

God the nightmares.

A hand presses tiredly to the side of her face, eyes closing with the desire for more sleep, but…

Night after night she would find herself standing on a darkened stage. People laughing. People clapping. Still she felt alone. It was like a void that tore at her soul. No one within her reach, when she would think she is getting close, they turn their backs on her and then suddenly…

She is left alone in the dark.

Then tonight. The narrative suddenly changed. The message was basically the same, but this time there was music. The music… catchy enough to stick in her mind. To torture the telepath into remembering. Remember being bound by her feet. Stuck in one spot, unable to move. There is guilt that bleeds into that feeling. Stuck… Kaylee fights the urge to look over her shoulder towards the bedroom door. That wasn’t how she felt about her family. Was it? She loved them so much and enjoyed every moment. How could she feel that way?

But that wasn’t the only places in her life she could feel stuck.

The obscured faces that watch her, as she turned and turned, they made her feel small and insignificant. Just a thing to be used as they see fit. Otherwise, locked away from their secrets… from knowing. The wood box closes around her dancing form and…

She is left alone in the dark,

Even now she can still hear it, the music from her prison…. It fills the bathroom, loud enough that for a moment she worries that Joseph will hear it. Kaylee can hear herself softly humming it under her breath… No it was her voice…. But it wasn’t coming from her.…

Looking up sharply at the mirror, eyes manage to catch movement; the familiar flicker of black scales and the sensation of a weight draped around her shoulders. The sound of the music box’s tin-like chime, swirls around her like she is still that dancer in the music box.

I hear the doubt in your mind, whispers Kaylee’s own voice, silken in it’s tone. Arms clad in sequined black, curl around her shoulders while the feminine voice bends her ear. The telepath twitches away from the sensation of breath along the curve of her ear. They told ussss he wassss no good. Words purr while slender fingers curl around the hair that hangs about Kaylee’s face and tucks it gently behind her ear. Almost tenderly. Kaylee is frozen, much like a rabbit faced with a snake. She can’t explain it, but she fears that voice. Wants to shrink away from it. Flee to safety… It takes everything not to think of the person that the voice is talking about. Even so her stomach twists painfully at that forbidden thought.

Told usss that he would only usssse usss and dissssscard ussss. The face that rests next to her own, comes into focus smiling wickedly with red lips at her in the mirror.

It was Kaylee and yet not her. It was familiar to her, something she had locked away long ago. Her darker self turns a little to looks at haggard telepath herself. But issssn’t that what they will do? Isssn’t that what they are doing? The blue eyes seek hers in the mirror, even if her head doesn’t move. Issssn’t that what they did? The dark lady tips her chin up defiantly. We were hissss heir. He loved ussss.

Stop it,” Kaylee snaps out, voice soft between clenched teeth. “You’re wrong about everyone else.” Hissed laughter fills her mind as the slender figure disappears and only the snake remains draped over her shoulders. Kaylee’s hands grip tightly to the basin trying to keep her composure. Never show it weakness. Still the laughter continues to mock her.

All the ansssswerssss are there. The snake taunts her as it uncurls from her shoulders and starts to fade back into the shadows, leaving Kaylee pale and shaking. No longer feeling exhausted. You only need to go through that sssstage door.

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