Doubting What Is Right



Scene Title Doubting What Is Right
Synopsis Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, Kaylee hears the thoughts around her, getting a rare look at how the voting over Danko's life effects the people around her. What she hears starts to make her doubt what she felt was right.
Date November 11, 2009

Grand Central Terminal

She had really thought she would have been a minority, huddled there during the vote. The young blonde telepath was surprised to see when the Ferrymen barely managed to vote on the side of Pastor Joseph Sumter. In fact, she was floored that it went in his favor at all. The minds of the assembled, or at least those that her ability picked up, seemed almost agree that the man needed to die.

At first, she had been relieved and pleased that the Ferrymen had done the right thing.

However, as Danko was dragged back to his seclusion, Kaylee started to doubt her decision. Was it really the right thing? She had been in the man's head, she had seen the monster that he is and yet she voted to give the government, that Adam had been teaching her was bad, a chance. She had been unable to allow herself to help decide on the death other another, no matter his mental state, so she had taken when she saw as the right path..

Her eyes tracked him, but they didn't really see him, her attention turned inward as she listened to Danko's thoughts. The fractured mind of the killer was disturbingly smug. His internal monologue full of venom over the stupidity of the Ferrymen. The last thing she faintly heard was a reaffirmation that they would all die. It sent a small shiver up her spine, out of fear for the lives of those around her.

Was he right? Had they been stupid to vote to turn him over?

She shifted uncomfortably and sunk deeper in her jacket, the guilt of her thoughts weighed on Kaylee's shoulders heavily. That guilt kept her planted in her spot, instead of seeking out Joseph. She wanted desperately to ask about his head and what happened, to make sure he was really okay. Last she had seen him he had been fine, painting on a mural. A part of her mused and felt a bit flustered at just how concerned she was for him. But is still didn't change the fact, that at that moment, she worried she might voice her doubt if she did approach him. He seemed happy with the results, and she didn't want to take that from him.

So instead she hung back waiting for McRae's group to finally decide to go, only moving when they started making their way out. However, poised to climb into a van with some of the crew, she pauses. So many thoughts, loud and demanding of her attention. The loudest being those of the mothers, desperate to get home and hug their children and quell their fear of Danko's words.

It was enough that Kaylee offered a small smile and stepped back. “Know what… I've got something I got to do, I'll find my own way.”

It was clearly a lie, but the burden of her decision was almost unbearable under the barrage all those mental voices.

Kaylee waited until the sound of the van faded into the distance before she wrapped her arms around herself and started to walk, allowing her thoughts to wander and try to make sense of what she had just done. So lost in her thoughts, she didn't pay attention to how her breath misted in the sharp cold of the night, swirling out behind her in a vaporous trail.

As she slipped through the silent streets, a sense of loneliness filled her and a need for companionship. She needed to talk to someone, to just spill out all her doubt, which set on her stomach like a brick. It was one of those moments when she missed having Adam around to talk to and discuss what was bothering her.

Of course, twisting pain and nausea tore at her stomach suddenly, as it always does, whenever her mind turned to him. A permanent reminder of her recent mistakes.

Was tonight another of those moments that she would regret? Would those she cared about pay for her decision tonight?

The future was suddenly a very scary thing.

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