Down By The Boardwalk


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Scene Title Down By The Boardwalk
Synopsis Toby and Lynette meet on a sunny summer day in California. There's an instant friendship. And a dog.
Date Summer 2006

Beachside shops, Southern California

It's the summer of 2006, and the weather is beautiful in California. Blue skies, eighty degrees, and the little shopping town by the beach is bustling with all kinds of characters. A man on the street plays guitar while a few teenaged girls in bikinis run giggling by. It's the kind of day where everyone's out enjoying the weather.

And of course one such someone, who is very much a character, is Toby Benton-Ward. Strolling down the boardwalk in gucci shades, a fine designer hawaiian top and some high-quality board shorts to match. And sandals: one can't forget the sandals. Bounding along at his feet is a tan-furred corgi in a similar hawaiian shirt, uncomfortable for the heat but making up for it by panting up a storm and scampering after him. It takes several corgi strides to match one human one, so he gets his exercise, keeping up with Toby.

"I wish they all could be California giiiiirls," Toby is singing, a bounce in his step, and a song in his heart. There's just something about how he walks, a certain je ne c'quois. But he certainly doesn't come off as your average straight male, no matter what he's singing. He's nodding and smiling brightly to people as he passes, his sandy blond hair ruffled by the wind in an almost artful manner.

In a sort of contrast, Lynette walks down the same street in a black, femininely cut suit, white blouse and even a tie, Dolce and Gabbana from head to toe on this one, but certainly not dressed for the weather. Or the beach. And worse? She's on a cell phone. And seems upset. "…just get down here!" And when a frustrated sound, she flips her phone closed and looks up just in time to run smack into Toby. "Oh! God, sorry about that," she says, stepping back to straighten her clothes a bit.

"Oh!" is Toby's sound of surprise. "Don't worry about it. Oooo, my god, your Dulce is just as stunning as your Gabbana. Where did you get that suit?" A pair of fingers tip his sunglasses down his nose and he regards her with friendly, sparkling blue eyes. "I have such a soft spot for Dulce and Gabbana, you have no idea."

And at her feet, Rugby sniffs cautiously, ears back and tailless butt wriggling a little with excitement. To Toby, it feels like New person! New smells! This is exciting! What's that smell! And that one!

At the identification of her wardrobe, Lynette pauses a moment and smiles over at the man, "Well, thank you. It was a gift, actually. And so do I. Can't resist, really." She glances down when she notices the dog sniffing around, and she pockets her phone before she crouches down to give Rugby a little scritch behind an ear. "Hello there, little guy. I see you've got a flare for fashion as well," she says to the dog before she looks up at the owner again, "What's his name? He's a beautiful dog."

Rugby leans into the scritches, though that may only be to get his nose close to Lynette's face so he can lick her nose. Now that he's getting attention, the corgi's butt is wriggling even more. Oh! Attention! I love attention! What's this smell! New smells!

"Oh that's Rugby. He's my one true love. And he loves meeting people." True enough! Toby grins and removes his sunglasses, looking down at the two. "He does some tricks if you'd like to see them. I'm Toby, by the way. An absolute pleasure to meet another person of style." Oh yes, that's a winning grin, right there, as he extends his hand to her.

Lynette chuckles at the lick and she seems to reward the dog with more scritches. "Well, Rugby, you're adorable," she notes before she stands up again to take Toby's hand. Her own sunglasses get pushed back into her golden, sun-bleached blonde as she looks over at the man with a crooked smile. "Lynette. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. And Rugby, too." She glances down at the dog, then back to Toby, curious, "What sort of tricks?"

Rugby tries to lick her face as much as he can before she straightens, and even half-dances on his hindlegs for a moment or two as though straining up. Oh! Oh! Her breath smells like food! FOOOD! Hungry! Hungry hungry! The Corgi starts to sniff around the sidewalk for some more interesting smells—hopefully some that are belonging to food.

"Lynette? Beautiful name! I don't believe I've met another Lynette before." Toby looks down and clicks his tongue at the corgi who pauses to look up at him momentarily, ears perked, before returning to his sniffing about. "Well, there's always this," Toby chuckles, kneeling down and taking those sunglasses. "Rugby! Sit. Stay. Hold still." He holds up one hand, as a hand-signal to the dog, and then he takes those sunglasses and balances them on the Corgi's nose. Dutifully, Rugby holds still, so that the sunglasses sit on his ears and muzzle. Aww, he looks like people!

"Well, aren't you a flatterer. I think I'll keep you around," Lynette says with a chuckle. But, she looks at the dog while Toby sets up the trick… which ends up getting a clap and some laughter from the woman. "Oh, god, that's adorable."

"Flattery is my specialty," Toby says with a grin, still focused on Rugby. But he holds up one hand to the dog and says, "High-five!" And Rugby paws at his hand, then bounces up to try and lick his face too, which dislodges the sunglasses from his face. "Oop!" the man laughs, retrieving his Guccis before the corgi hops all over them. "There we go. Good boy! Good boy, Rugby, you are papa's favorite, yes you are!" He's rewarded with rigorous scritchings and pets and ruffles, before he stands and looks pleased in Lynette's general direction. "So, Lynette, what is it you do? I have such an interest in other peoples' jobs and hobbies. I'm always on the look out for something new to try, you know?"

"Well, as far as a job, I work in importing and exporting. It's all very dull, but I make up for it in having fun in my off hours." Lynette smiles at him, her head tilting a bit, "I like yoga and gardening, and photography… those are probably my top three. Oh, and I love to dine. You know… good meal, good wine, good company, that sort of thing. And shopping, but that part was probably obvious," she says with a chuckle.

"Oh, my god, we must be soulmates," Toby effuses, clasping his hands together. Somehow, by the way he says it, he clearly doesn't mean romantically. "I love yoga. But I've never tried gardening, or photography. Perhaps you can give me some pointers! And good food is just… joie de vivre, absolutely. You know, I love to just have people over, throw a party, and have good food, good music, good company. You absolutely should come, sometime! And shopping? I adore shopping. In fact I was just strolling down here, window shopping by the beach. Care to join me?"

It's good he doesn't, since, you know, they just met. But the delivery makes Lynette chuckle, still smiling, which must mean he hasn't given off the stalker vibe. "Well, sure. We can do a hobby exchange. And I would love to come to your parties." At the more immediate offer, she looks around for a second, but then back to him with an easy smile. "Absolutely. Thank you."

"A hobby exchange! That's a phenomenal idea! You know, my present hobbies include glass blowing? I don't have any of my work on me but what's your favorite animal?" Toby perches his sunglasses back on his nose and begins to stroll down the boardwalk, pleased as punch, before he pauses. "Oh, I never mentioned. Silly me. I am an actor, presently." He even poses! "I am in Sly Fox, right now, you know. I'm Simon Able, Foxwell Sly's right-hand man!" The sound of nails on the cement near them means Rugby is following them, ears perked and tongue lolling in the heat.

"Glass blowing, wow. That's pretty impressive, those pieces are always so beautiful." Lynette has to think a moment about her favorite animal, but she offers, "How about a nightingale?" As they walk along, she can't help but chuckle at his pose, and she nods her head, "Well! I'm sure you're fantastic. When is the run, I'll have to come and see it."

"Nightingale? Ooo, a challenge! I do so love challenges!" Toby grins, and arranges his shirt on person, smoothing the lines a bit before he points at a little bookstore. "Let's take a look in here! I've been dying for some new reading material. Anyways! The show is going to be starting in a month at the Royale, and I will happily get you a ticket if you want to come see. I'm quite sure it's going to be fabulous." Did he just say fabulous? He did.

Lynette, it seems, is just loving being around this guy. He's like a novelty in her current lifestyle of gangsters and hip hop moguls. She follows along into the bookstore, nodding to him, "I'd love a ticket. It's been too long since I had the chance to go to the theatre." Fabulous. Oh lord. Can't she keep him? :D

"Excellent! Here, let me give this to you…" Patting down his shorts, Toby comes up with a business card and a pen, and he swiftly writes down a series of digits on the back of the card. His handwriting is fairly androgynous, neither too girly, nor too manly. Readable, without being cramped or florid. …Well, maybe a little florid. He hands the card to her, and it's a bright, fun piece of cardstock with his information on it. It seems he's done away with such things as titles and occupations; probably because he never keeps one for long. "So, Lynette, do you have any reading material to recommend? I love pretty much everything, but I have a soft spot for biographies and fantasy. And romance novels. And historical fiction…mysteries… Oh, hell, I just love it all!"

With a 'ding' from the bell above the door, they're admitted to the little bookshop, Rugby puttering in at their sides. The man behind the counter looks up and then offers a fond grin for Toby. "Tobias, pleasure to see you again," he offers. "I've got some jerky here if Rugby wants any."

"I'm sure he'd love some, Frank, thank you! Frank, this is my new friend Lynette. You would love her, she's an utter sweetheart. She does gardening!"

Business card exchange! Time honored tradition. Lynette takes his, and pulls one of her own out as well, which is a classy black with grey writing that identifies her as working personally for Donnie Costa, of music, fashion and night club fame. "Well, I recently read a biography on Jackie O that was fascinating. And as far as mysteries, I always recommend a Dick Francis novel or two." When they step inside, she lifts a hand in greeting to the man behind the counter, "Nice too meet you, Frank."

"Oh, my god, you work for Donnie Costa? The Donnie Costa?" Toby peers into the card and then looks over at her, brows lifted. "My goodness, the people you meet! Tell me, what's he like?" He nods to the recommendations thoughtfully, as Rugby putters over to check out Frank behind the counter and nose him. "Hey there, little fella," Frank chuckles. "Here, have some jerky."

Lynette chuckles at that and nods her head, "Oh yeah. He's a great collector, I do most of his buying, selling and trading. And he's… scary. But he's a good guy." And she does seem to genuinely like him, too. "I also get a discount on his fashion line," she adds in a conspiratorial whisper, complete with wink.

Hand to his heart, Toby gapes at Lynette. "Be still my beating heart," he says with a gasp. "That must be amazing. You must hook me up; I'd love to meet the man. He seems singularly fascinating to me. And who couldn't use a little thrill of fear in their life, hmm?" He offers a sunny smile there and then traipses — yes, traipses — off towards the best sellers to start rifling through titles.

Rugby wriggles happily, meanwhile, at the deposit of jerky into his mouth. Food! Human food! Tasty, spicy, whoathatsintense food! He takes his jerky and trundles over towards Toby and lays down by his feet to gnaw away happily while his owner hunts through the books.

"Sure. I'll bring you along to the next party," Lynette offers with a smile, patting her pocket where his card sits. She watches him traipse off, a crooked smile on her face. But she follows along, her own stride more dignified.

"Wonderful! I'd be happy to come along. Listen, I'm thinking about having an appetizer-and-drinks sort of shindig soon, but here's the twist: it's a costume party. I know! I know, it's July. But wouldn't that just be amazing? Tell me what you think. Be harsh." Toby plucks up a book and looks it over a moment, then tucks it into his arms, and continues on.

"Be harsh, huh? Well… What sort of costumes? Anything goes? You might pick a theme that would inspire your guests on toward something they won't over heat in. It's so easy to go overboard when costumes are involved." Lynette picks up a few books, too, but she ends up sliding them back in their places again.

"Oh, goodness. You have a point. Hmm…something airy, something that doesn't inspire velvet or wool. Like… fairies! What about an enchanted forest?" Is he serious? Toby is serious. Or, well, as serious as Toby gets, anyways. Likely, next week it'll be an underwater theme. And the week after that, there won't be costumes at all. Best to plan it fast, with him! "You have to come. I bet you'd be the belle of the ball."

"Well, I love it," Lynette says with a bright smile, "You'll have to help with a costume, though. I'm afraid that's never been my strong suit." Is she testing his seriousness? Perhaps. "Also, I know a few good bartenders, if you need some for the parties." She's in the right business for party hook ups, after all.

"I could hook you right up. I know this wonderful little seamstress in Chinatown. Doesn't speak a lick of English, but she knows hand gestures? And numbers. I'll take you down there sometime and help translate, and she'll get a lovely costume going for you!" Toby seems quite excited for this, and he grins brightly. "Bartenders? I could always use more! The more the merrier, I say!"

"Good! Alright, it's a date. For costumes." Finally, there seems to be a book that satisfies her, as she tucks one in her arm for later. "Yeah, what's a party without them, right?"

"Excellent! So it is!" Toby plucks up one more book, then looks down at Rugby who's giving him Big Eyes. "Oh, drat, Rugby needs to go out. Okay. Let me just pay for these, and then I must jet. It's been a pleasure meeting you, Lynette!" He pauses, to pick up the same book she chose and look it over briefly. "And you have excellent taste in literature," he adds with a sunny grin, and puts that copy with his. Off he goes to pay, though should she choose to do the same, she'll find he paid for her copy of the book before jogging out with his Corgi in tow. What an odd fellow.

"It's been wonderful meeting you, Toby." Lynette does reach down to ruffle Rugby a bit, too, before she waves them both off when he goes to pay. She follows a bit after, and finding that he paid, she just sort of blinks. Very odd. But so likeable!

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