Down, Down, Down



Scene Title Down, Down, Down
Synopsis While Eve is told to open her eyes, she also confronts.. something else.
Date January 24, 2011

Ruins of Midtown - Mas Mechanics

The sound of a rustling can be heard in the dead of night in the Ruins of Midtown. Booted feet clicking on the pavement of the cracked streets and alleys, snow brushed aside by the black boots. A high pitched whistle echoes off the walls of the buildings surrounding.

Almost in answer to Eve Mas’ whistle, the bitter winter wind howls and blows her raven dark hair out behind her. Her knee long heavy wool coat blows in the wind as well. Eerie grey eyes narrow and squint up at the dark sky with a raised eyebrow. “Somebody is moody.” She says with a brief scowl before she swings her messenger bag on her shoulder and continues down the street.

Fingertips drag along the surface of the walls, the only sounds in her immediate area belonging to Eve’s dark boots. The homeless people that usually live out here are mostly gone, to warmer areas of the city or shelters. The ones that stayed.. are most likely dead. Though a lone mangy grey stray cat pads up to Eve and yowls as she stop and looks down at the cat.

“We’re all hungry.”

Says the seer to the cat, bending down and studying the cat closely who hisses and backs away a little. Eve’s tone, one of affection to the feline. Her coat spills out around her as she kneels on the cold ground and lifts a gloved hand to gently stroke the cat’s back before standing once again and walking away. A moment later she stops and looks over her shoulder at the shivering cat. “Are you coming?” to which the stray tilts his head and then trots off in the other direction. The singer shrugs. Suit yourself.

Above Eve, looking down on her is a woman. Dressed in a long dark blue coat with a hood that covers her face. Long and curly raven dark hair peeks out from under the hood. Eve takes no notice of the woman though as she walks on.

Minutes go by as Eve trudges on through the snow and wreckage closer to her home. Though she hasn’t been in a week. She still regularly sleeps at Mas Mechanics. Sometimes waking up there in her old bed. This old place.. will always be home.

As the woman comes to the locked gate leading up to the warehouse, she quickly unlocks the gate and slips inside closing it behind her. After a brief look behind her shoulder she continues into her home. Removing her coat and walking to reveal soft cotton, deep purple dress that falls to her calves. Throwing the coat onto one of the old cars sitting in the garage, she takes the few steps to the living area. The halls dark and desolate. She hasn’t had time to redecorate, just work and sleep here.

Eve’s legs carry her all the way to the room known as the Oracle Room. What once held over fifteen years of prophecies. Some fulfilled, others still pending on the choices that people will make. Now only holds the dreams of the future of the past months that Eve has been released from the Institute. Or.. allowed to leave. An old friend of hers has the others, a thought that brings a brief grimace to her face.

“Do you really think you can go back?”

Calls out the voice of Eve, speaking to herself. Though this Eve is disheveled. Dressed in a tattered and ripped dress also barefoot her wild, dirty hair frequently falling over and in her face. A feral like attitude exuding from her.

The other Eve.. the one that’s really here? Looks over her shoulder as she lights the many candles in the room. As the light slowly illuminates the dark room, the feral Eve scurries into a corner before jumping onto a few boxes. Perched on them like a monkey on a tree. “Well?” she asks with an glare at her counterpart.

“Have too.” The more properly dressed Eve says to the other. A sad note, “It wasn’t ready. Not yet.” She shakes her head to which the more feral Eve laughs softly and leans forward almost as if she’s going to fall off the boxes. “Eveeeeee, Eve. Don’t cry. Listen to O’Hera.” The more animalistic Eve says gesturing to herself. To which Eve nods her head slowly and then shakes it, uncertain as to whether or not she should even be listening to herself.

O’Hera slides down from the boxes and comes to lay a comforting hand on Eve’s shoulders. The seer’s shoulders shake as she cries and closes her eyes. “Never too late, we’ve learned that. Right?” she asks in uncertainty to O’Hera, who rubs her chin and hums softly as she flints around and in the room.

“Do we ever learn? Everything changes too much to really learn. But sometimes. Sometimes we remember.” O’Hera says in a singsong voice before she slides down the wall in a sitting position, a dark smirk crossing her lips. Eve sinks to the floor as well and looks around as she holds her knees together and watches the various paintings she’s done as of late.

“Too fuzzy.” Is Eve’s simple statement to O’Hera, who shakes her head and crawls over to Eve and comes to sit behind her, petting her hair and humming as she braids the other’s hair and grins before a hard glare is pointed at the back of Eve’s head and O’Hera comes to slap the back of her head hard.

A howl of pain comes from Eve as she rolls away and comes to face O’Hera who hides in a corner. “Just open your eyes.” O’Hera says with a bright smile and she twirls a lock of her around her slender, pale finger.

“The girls miss you, they say that you don’t play with them.” Referring to Eve’s little friends. The girls, Kylie, Cindy and Beatrix. O’Hera being the fourth. The more civilized Eve snorts, “Kylie doesn’t miss me, that little bitch. She just wants to control me.” A sneer sent O’Hera’s way.

O’Hera looks blankly towards Eve and nods her head, “Maybe. But a lot of people want to control others. You know that.” Sly smiles all around as O’Hera fades from the shadows and reappears not too far behind Eve. The shadows seem to cling to her form, warping and whispering as her eyes fade to a milky white color and she twirls around the room, the tattered dress flapping about on her slender figure.

“It’s all coming lovely.” Whispers the voice of the white-eyed woman, to which Eve jumps a bit and leans in to study Evie closely. “What’s coming?” She asks, in answer Evie shrieks in laughter and flaps her arms up and down, jumping and twirling around the room. Faster and faster, “Just look silly.” Coons Eve’s counterpart and a bony finger points behind her. Eve sees the shadows, feels them beckoning to her but she shakes her head.

Eyes bright with fear, she hears the sounds of a piano being played and she watches O’Hera dance faster and faster. Twisting her body into inhuman shapes and with supernatural speed. Her shadow not moving in time with her actual figure. Light blossoms in one corner of the room to reveal an old, beaten up grand Steinway piano. There playing madly and with glee, is another woman who looks like Eve. Wearing a dark brown dress that looks like it has come from the earth itself. Her hair is braided and twisted into a tight bun, a few loose strands gathered together and are whipped about as she plays the piano. She shouts as she stomps her foot, encouraging O’Hera to dance more.


Eve would know that look anywhere, Beatrix always loved music. Almost like an addiction. Eve looks from O’Hera to Beatrix. Beatrix’s eyes a deep purple hue as they flick to study Eve as she plays. A look of intoxication crosses over the woman’s features as she tips her head back and bellows, playing a eerie piano piece. Something Eve thought she had come up with weeks ago..

O’Hera takes Eve’s hand and is soon twisting the woman about and swinging her around as the music takes them away to a different place. Eve’s hair flying around and behind her, sometimes becoming tangled in O’Hera’s but always at the end.. they always seem to get separated. After a few moments of bliss in dance, O’Hera pushes Eve away, the singer stumbling away and closer to the door of shadows.

“Just go and see. Kylie will be here soon, she can’t resist when we play and dance.” O’Hera giggles, her eyes fading from the milky white color to an ocean turquoise color. Beatrix takes one hand from the piano and shoos Eve away before she continues to play. Stomping her foot again and hooting. O’Hera ignores Eve now, content to continue her animalistic dance. Whether Eve walks into the shadows is up to her, isn’t it?

It would seem that Eve can’t ignore the call of those shadows for much longer as she slowly makes her way into the dark hall. As she leaves the two behind in the Oracle room, the sounds of music and movement become low hums before Eve cannot barely hear it at all. But it’s still there, though faint.

Her breathing becoming ragged as a deep chill enters the area around her and she comes to the stairs that lead to the basement levels of Mas Mechanics. Once she reaches the final step, she almost trips and falls over onto to the basement floor upon hearing a loud crack and then.. was that the sound of metal scraping along the walls?

The seer sighs as she catches herself and leans against the cold stone wall. “Leave me alone!” She cries out as she shuts her eyes and can feel something pass in front of her. Now indeed, falling into a tumble on the basement floor and scrambling to a nearby corner. Eve shuts her eyes and covers her face.

“Ah ah ah.. grandma told us..” whispers a voice in Eve’s ear. O’Hera’s voice speaks to her, “Open your eyes.” Eve’s counterpart growls into her ear and she quickly opens them to look to the side of her, but no O’Hera squats there next to her. But the sound of metal dragging on the stone floor causes Eve to pause and place a hand over her mouth as tears spill from her eyes.

Grey eyes widen in fear as Eve notices a pair of glowing red eyes staring ahead at her from the shadows. Shaking her head, she tries to back away. Her back to the wall, no where else to go. She tries to close her eyes but it’s as if some other force is keeping them open. To watch as a monstrous limb of metal peeks out from the shadows and then a shriek can be heard as teeth follow by a face, coming to rip Eve to pieces.

Employing the new control she has achieved thanks to her stay at the Institute, Eve wrenches herself from the dream. Free falling in what seems to be a black, bottomless chasm. At the bottom, the sounds of screams can be heard before..

With a gasp Eve wakes up and looks around, she’s in her bedroom. In the apartment set up for her by the Institute. Safe. With a jolt of shock, the seer realizes that she’s actually already standing, in front of a shattered mirror. The pieces of the mirror lay around her, a bit of blood on each piece. Eve looks down to her hand to see blood dripping onto to the floor.

Sobs wreck her body as she sinks to the floor among the shards of glass. The distance sound of a eerie piano piece being played on an old beaten, grand piano echoes in the back of her mind.

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