Dr. Friend, Sal Silvatti


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Scene Title Dr. Friend, Sal Silvatti
Synopsis Abby calls the only doctor she trusts, Sal (Sonny) to find out what exactly's happened.
Date May 24, 2009

Ferryman Safe house

Message on Sal's phone had just said that it was Abby, something was wrong, and the safe house that she'd be at. Not at her home, just a safe house. It's post curfew, but Abby had no problem getting there. Thanks to Teo and the like, she'd been learning how to dodge around things like that. Abigail's curled up, in the dark, hand worrying the cross on it's chain back and forth. Ballet flats on the floor, feet up on the couch and curled up, watching out a window. She'd not talked to anyone except the proprietor of the place, exchanging passwords and showing her ID so she could wait for the good doctor.

Sal only arrived back in New York a few hours ago. Teo's gone off to do his communing, or whatever it is that will help the Italian sort his head out. The other Italian's called around to find a safe house to stay at, and as he was doing so, he realized he had a message from Abby while he was still out of range. Well. That helps decide which safe house he's going to go to.

Now that he doesn't have a legit doctor ID, dodging around after curfew becomes trickier. He still has to make a trip to Hana, hat in hand, to see if he can't get himself paperwork to go along with his new face.

He shows up about an hour after Abby arrives, although wearing a face she's never seen before. "Abby?"

"Yup, it's me" But it's not.. sonny? "You changed?" Blue eyes swivel from the window and it's streetlight that overpowers the moonlight.

"Yeah, it's me. Officially, I'm in the Bahamas, then onto Peru." But really, Sonny's here, living the life of Sal Silvatti. "You okay?" Didn't sound so good on the phone?" He steps towards her and into the light. If something's wrong, he's rather surprised to be the one who was called.

"It's gone. Some guy, in the alley and some red light and.. It's gone" The white dress is pretty black and looks like she sat in an alley, some scraped knees from making her way to the safehouse and avoiding police. Red hair frizzing out of it's ponytail and dirt smudged on her cheeks. "Flint has it now. Something's wrong with me Sonny."

"Abby, jeez…" Sal reaches over to flip on a light so he can see her. Immediately, he moves to check for injuries, to check how serious they are. "What's gone? Who's Flint?" He goes to the sink and wets down paper towel to start gently cleaning away the dirt.

"Flint Deckard" She flinches at the flooding light, but she gets over that pretty quick, eyes adjusting. "I can't heal Sonny. It's gone. The guy in the alley, I don't know what he did, but it's not happening, there's nothing. God's not answering. But Flint, he was.. He's got it. When I touched him" Testament to her current state that she's letting him touch her.

Sal hands over the damp paper towel, then heads back to the kitchen to grab up a proper tea towel and a bowl with some warm water and a bit of soap. This he brings back over to her and starts to gently off the areas where he sees scrapes or blood. "You mean…someone exchanged your powers?" His lips purse into a thin line. "Why would someone do that?"

"I got nothing sonny. Don't you understand. I don't have… what flint had. He has mine and I have nothing" The wet paper towel taken, the red head starts to wipe at her face. "I don't know. I tried to run, Eileen warned me there was someone who was doing stuff but.. there was just no time. He was there and then…"

"Abby, Abby…it's okay. It'll be okay." Sal reaches out and rubs at her shoulder. "Did he hurt you? Either of them?" He's not familiar with Deckard aside from a brief bout of medical aid some months back. "Here, I think there's some clean clothes in here somewhere." He stands and pulls open a series of drawers, then comes back with a t-shirt and a pair of track pants. The pants might be a little big, but it's better than a dirty dress.

"No. Flint didn't hurt me. Flint wouldn't hurt me, not on purpose. The other guy" Course he hurt her. she can't heal anymore, he's ripped out a chunk of her. "He ran away. He apologized and then ran away" The track pants and shirt are taken, a throw blanket from the couch wrapped around herself and she starts the process of trying to change under the cloth privacy. Yes yes, sonny = doctor, seen it all before on others. But Abigail will be Abigail. Only the flash of a bare shoulder here and there. Dress is good as stained. "Tripped a few times coming here. She swims in everything but they're not about to fall off her hips. "Dunno what to do. I'm not.. seeing x-ray everything. 'mn not able to fix anything. It's like.. I'm .. normal" oh god, she needs to not cry. Not in front of Sonny. She already did it in front of flint and the look on his face when she did.

The difference between Sonny Bianco and Flint Deckard…well. That would be a long list. While Abby is doing her under-the-blanket changing, he goes to the kitchen and digs around until he finds tea. The kettle is filled and set to boil, then he emerges and steps towards her. "I'll examine you in the morning. Try and see if I can't figure out what happened. Abby, it'll be okay. We'll figure this out. Promise." He may look like a stranger, but the mannerisms should be familiar.

"They're .. Elisabeth asked me to look at someone, and then Helena came and asked me to look at someone. But now, I can't. Heavens Sonny. I'm su..supposed to do and meet with other people tomorrow and they're.. they're expecting Healing Abby and all they're gonna get is.. is fucked up stupid normal Abby that god is punishing" The white dress is folded up to the side, and she's curled up under the blanket. "I got.. I got a man who's a killer just like Kazimir Volken was, trying to make friends with me for some reason, Magnes is running around being Magnes and.. someone defaced my church and my scooter is broken. Oh god I'm going to be sick" Blanket tossed to the side as she beelines for the bathroom.

This is a very strange situation for Sal to be in. He's not sure if he's supposed to be the friend or the doctor. Or the guy newly affiliated with a vigilante group. He opens his mouth to say some comforting words, but then she's off for the bathroom. Whenever she finishes being sick, there's a pot of tea and a bottle of pepto waiting for her. The doc's perched on the arm of the couch, cup of tea in hand.

"Abby. You aren't your power. You should know that. None of us are one thing. You're not any less yourself because of this. And we'll figure out a way to set things right again. I can't even imagine how powers could be…transferred." He shakes his head and rubs at the back of his neck.

"Red lightening that makes you dizzy" Coming back out after a few minutes, wiping at her mouth with a hand towel. But she is. To her the ability is so closely linked with her faith and her day to day life. Through to the pot of tea she shuffles, making herself a cup and then staring at the Pepto. She's never needed to drink that before. She doesn't want to drink it. but she does it anyways, pouring what the bottle says to pour and choking it down. Eww cherry. Back to the couch, down beside sonny and tucking feet beneath her, shoulders hunched around the cup of tea.

Sal slides from the arm of the couch down into the seat. He rubs his cheek and back through fuzzy lengths of hair. "Do you think it was a pointed attack? Does someone want you out of the picture? And if so…why…give the power to someone else? It doesn't make a lot of sense." His eyes unfocus as he stares off and tries to ponder it all out. "Where's Deckard now? I'll need to have a look at both of you if I want a chance of figuring this out." Forever the scientist.

"Staten Island and I dunno. I don't know at all. It's like a nightmare" Pale fingers cupping the tea, she looks over at him. "I took you away from Teo, I'm sorry, just, you were a doctor and I didn't know if something was wrong, besides something that is wrong and I didn't wanna go to a hospital because then I'd have to file a report about being attacked and then they'd go looking for Flint" A chain reaction of bad stuff that would have been inevitable.

"No, no. It's okay. We got back in town a few hours ago. Teo's…gone off to be by himself for a little bit." But that's an entirely other possible piece of drama, and not nearly as urgent as Abby losing her powers. Sal frowns and takes a deep breath. "It's okay. You don't have to explain. I'm glad you called me. I'll do what I can to help."

"Okay" Finally taking a sip from the tea. "I'll.. see about getting Deckard over here just.. don't hold your breath" And it's highly unlikely that she'll be the kind to step foot on Staten. "Thank you. Anyways"

"I…don't have access to the same lab anymore. Not when I'm supposed to be out of the country. But I've got some equipment set up at the Dispensary. I can run some basic blood tests and see what I can find. It's possible that your ability is still there and just repressed." Sal shakes his head. "How Evolved abilities work is so little understood."

Abigail nods. "More needles" Always more needles. "You should sleep. If I'm not here in the morning when you wake up i'll be back. Need to get some stuff and … make some calls"

Needles, blood tests, chemical reactions, vital signs. That's how Sal quantifies the world. "You shouldn't go out right now. You've been through a lot. We can send someone out for whatever you need." He stretches arms overhead and then lets them drop.

"Okay" Not objecting to being mothered and bossed around right now. "Okay" Blue eyes anchor onto the doctor with a frown. "He doesn't know how to turn it off. He's going to be so tired if people touch him. Sonny, he doesn't know how to control it. I was, teaching Gabriel how to use it, not Flint. Gabriel was supposed to get it"

Sal doesn't even want to touch why Gabriel might end up with her power. He can kind of guess. And he doesn't like the answer that he comes up with. His lips purse into a long frown. "From what I remember of Flint Deckard…" the frown turns into a bit of a wry smile. "…he shouldn't have too many problems preventing people from touching him."

"That's what you think" There's bumping into people in the street, passing over money, grabbing cups of coffee, all these little points of contact that so very few people realize, recognize and notice.

Okay. Failure at making a joke, there. Sal's not the most hilarious guy, but he tries. "So, uh. What did you need? Things from your apartment?"

What did she need. 'Clothes, my pills. Uhh, money from my lock box, so I can pay for my scooter to get fixed. My school books" Could she even go to class? Would her brain be in the ri… oh right, classes had ended and she had a few weeks before summer courses started up. "Not my school books." Not Sal's fault really, Abigail's always been pretty oblivious to jokes.

Sal grabs for a nearby pad of paper and makes a list. "All right," a beat, and then, "I'll go. I can probably find everything faster." And then Abby doesn't have a stranger pawing through her things. "And Abby? I…want you to make an appointment with Dr. Yee, all right?"

"I see her twice a week. Monday's and Thursday's" One pm, on the dot. Always there ten minutes early. Which means that it's a given. Whether she'll discuss what happened with the woman is a different thing. Likely, possibly. She rattles off where everything is in her apartment, a heat coming to her cheeks at the thought that someone will be pawing through her drawer full of underwear. "Get Delilah to do it? I can phone her" She's a woman. She can stomach a woman pawing through her underthings, as opposed to a guy who's… well. Yeah.

Well, better Sal than Flint Deckard at least? "If you'd feel better about it. I don't know Delilah." He's actually fairly out of the loop in terms of the general Ferrymen, Phoenix and their allies. He's been a fairly distant member up until recently. That's what the new face is for.

"My neighbour, friend. I'll phone her and let her know that your coming. So she can look after the animals" That cloying fear and horror is still settled in her chest. She has nothing. Not even Flint's ability. "Thank you" a heartbeats pause. 'Thank you"

"All right," Sal pauses, rubs at his chin, then turns to step towards Abby. He meets her eye. His face might be entirely different, but his eyes are still quite similar. Big and blue. "If you start thinking you're worth less without a power?" A beat, "…just think about Teo." A fond little smile tugs at his lips, then he turns and heads for the door. "Tell your friend I'll be there in about fifteen minutes."

It's not that she thinks she's worth less without her ability to mend hurts. It's that she doesn't know how to function without it. Without.. that part of her faith. This isn't like being in proximity to Norton Trask. Get close, and she can't, step away, and she can. "'Kay" To both. Poor Teo. Poor Deckard. Poor Deckard for the inevitable Teo visit. Likely to blame the guy for not protecting her. "I'll be here. I'll have her meet you at the back door"

Deckard will have a reprieve, for a few days at least. Teo's off somewhere, doing the urban equivalent of a Walkabout. Or at least, that's what Sal imagines he's up to. "Try and get some rest, all right?" He grabs for his coat and for his keys, and heads for the door.

"I'll try" Easier said than done, but when he's back from playing fetch, she'll be doing just that. Curled up on the couch, sleeping fitfully, empty tea cup on the side table. Getting the things not an issue with Delilah waiting to take the key and help him gather the things.

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