Dr. Raquelle


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Scene Title Dr. Raquelle
Synopsis Raquelle invites Kendall and Melissa over to his apartment to patch things up between the two.
Date December 30, 2010

Raquelle's Apartment

It is a simple invitation, New Years Eve's Eve early dinner/late lunch. The invitation was all sparkly with red and white sequins and lots of glitter, obviously made by a child with the writing handled by an adult, given to Kendall during a late shift.

Come Over To Eat Food!

And so the apartment has been cleaned the dogs sent wherever dogs go when they are off screen. Raquelle wears a pair of fitted dark jeans and some red and black docs on his feet that match his black leather jacket and red sleeveless turtleneck top. His emo streak is red today as well as he bustles around setting the table with white square shaped plates ala his mother's Japanese present and he's got some nachos and sushi and other finger friendly foods like deep-fried twinkies…and a bunch of rice. He runs his fingers through his hair and sets out the forks.

Junie's been left with someone else so Melissa could get some adult time out of the house and away from work. And since it's the first time she's ever been to Raquelle's place, she's dressed nice. Or as nice as she gets. She's not even wearing all black, since she's wearing Raquelle's Christmas present, a dark blue corset. It is, however, coupled with black leather pants. And as she raps on the door, she makes herself smile, though she's not been in a smiling mood for several weeks.

When he was given the invitation, Kendall stared at it, nonplussed. What the heck. But hey, free food, sure, why not. Not sure if he should dress up for it or not, he compromises, and wear something that's clean. Feel honored, Raquelle, that shirt hasn't been worn yet this week! But he doesn't come empty handed, either, he's got a small box in his hands, wrapped in red paper. Whenever he first sees Raquelle, this box will be handed to him. In the meantime, he comes to the door as well, pausing awkwardly behind Melissa. Uh. Hi.

"Oh dios mio…" Raquelle makes his way to the door, and it swings open and he greets his guests with opened arms and his usual 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' and 'oh my goodness babies, look at you come on in come on in' and so on. There are a couple of cheek kiss attempts and hug attempts and ushering in and such…his apartment has plenty of Japanese furniture with child-proofed outlets. Also a few dolls strewn around and the smell of food in the air.

"Hey Kendall," Melissa says, nodding to him before Raquelle opens the door and she gets caught in a hug. She returns it, though perhaps not with her usual enthusiasm. Damn depression. It's a bitch. "Hey Raquelle. What's going on?" she asks when she disengages and steps back a pace, glancing around.

This is Kendall's first time at Raquelle's apartment too, and he quickly glances around while at the same time deftly avoiding being kissed by another man. A hug is fine though, because men hug too. He grins at Raquelle, then offers him the present. "A few days late, I know, but… it's the thought that counts, right?"

"Oh honey, look at you! Don't I have good taste." Raquelle drawls as he looks Melissa up and down, eyeing her with some concern before closing the door and accepting that small box from Kendall and chuckling softly to himself as he gestures around. "Make yourselves at home honey, it is a good to see ya'll both." He makes his way to Kendall's side, eyeing him and murmuring softly, questioningly before looking to Melissa. "And then you can tell me what's been up as we drink our tea or soda or sake."

"You really do. It's an awesome corset," Melissa says with a faint smile before she finds herself someplace to sit. "And me talking about what's been up is probably not a good idea. I'd just bring down this whole little get together. So why don't you tell us what you've been up to? Any funny stories from the salon lately or anything?"

"Don't really have much of anything to talk about." Kendall shrugs his shoulders as he goes to find somewhere to sit as well. "I have a third job now, but it's not something I get paid to do. But I'm helping out." he glances at Melissa at this. "Can't talk about it though." he's trying to hint that it's something she, at least, would know about, but since he's not sure if Raquelle does… well. Better safe than sorry.

Raquelle takes a deep breath as he looks between the two, head tilting to the side. He folds his arms over his chest before taking a deep breath and continuing to look between the two. "…okay so Missy here's in a horrible mood…what do you want to drink honey?" And then he nods slowly to Kendall. "Oh of course baby, I'm used to stuff like that, you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to." He makes his way towards the kitchen though, setting the box aside.

Message received. Melissa nods to Kendall. "I remember. Horses." She shakes her head as she looks back to Raquelle. "Not a horrible mood, not a good mood. Just sorta here is all. Been overworked lately, that's all. And I'll take anything you got that's alcoholic."

Kendall looks over at Melissa with a little concern, but keeps quiet on that. "Same here!" Kendall tells Raquelle brightly. Yeah, right. He's not even 18 yet. "Well…" he glances at Melissa, then shakes his head. "Seems like people should talk to you more, Raquelle, I don't see why they wouldn't. It's not like you tell everyone every bit of gossip, right?"

"…" Raquelle peeks out of the kitchen and stares at Melissa. "Chocolate Martini?" He asks curiously. "Kendall, you just get soda or tea or can get your twinkies ahead of time if you want, some are dipped in chocolate curtesy of my little angels." He takes a deep breath. "Mmm, you'd think that Kendall, you'd think. But I set this party up for you two specifically, so if ya'll don't talk we'll just have to sit around, sip our drinks and stare at each other."

"That's fine and…what?" Melissa looks baffled. "What do you mean you set it up for us specifically? No one else is coming?" she asks, looking curiously to Kendall, then back to Raquelle.

Kendall takes the mild rebuke with a rueful grin, then blinks uncertainly at this revelation, looking around again. "Uh… why?" he asks, sharing that glance with Melissa. "Is this a sort of… Dr. Phil thing? Or Jerry Springer?" if it's Jerry Springer, Kendall has dibs on the chair-throwing. Guess people noticed the two aren't very close anymore.
Raquelle just falls quiet. "Well not today no, I wanted to be with some friends of mine." That's all he says for a while as he fixes up the chocolate martini with practiced ease, bringing it to Melissa with a sprinkle of white chocolate shavings before handing Kendall a plate of chocolate dipped twinkies. He looks between the two. "Oh hell no, Phil and Springer aren't nearly as fabulous as me daaaaahlink." He winks and settles down himself, positioned some where between the two. "…so what the hell got fucked up between you two?"

The drink is taken, sipped, and Melissa shrugs. "He came to visit a few weeks back. I took something he said wrong, then he accused me of trying to treat him like a child or something, and he didn't seem to accept my explanation that that wasn't what I was trying to do."

"Melissa objects to the fact that I have a girlfriend. She kept on making remarks like getting me a chastity belt, and how she thinks Valerie is some kind of succubus out to enslave me with lust or something. Complete overreaction." Kendall frowns at Melissa. "And it sure sounded like that's what you were doing."

Raquelle looks between the two, holds up a once moment finger, vanishes into the kitchen for a few moments, returns with a bottle of vodka and he settles back down, crossing his legs and taking a sip from the bottle before taking a deep breath. "Ooooookay then. Melissa freaked out because you discovered you have a little dick and you got offended because she doesn't approve off the girl you're goin' to use real good protection with?"

Melissa glances towards Kendall, arching a brow. "I never said she was a succubus. And you were the one who started with the jokes. The chastity belt thing was a joke, like I told you that night." And to Raquelle, "And I did not freak out." And then something is mumbled. In Mandarin. Before she folds her arms, carefully so she doesn't spill her drink. Sullen Mel is sullen.

"I do not." Kendall scowls at Raquelle, shifting in his seat. "And it's not like our relationship is close enough for that anyway." he mutters, turning a little pink. Maybe at a specific memory that embarassed the hell out of him, or something of the sort. He nibbles on the twinkie. "Valerie got shot in the back on the 8th, and though she can still feel her legs and stuff, she has trouble walking." eye Melissa. Go on, still think bad thoughts of a cripple!

"You know, ya'll sound just like my cousins that are siblings. They go back and forth and forth and back and forget how important it is that they got each other in the first place." Raquelle takes a swig of his drink before taking a deep breath. "Okay, now, I want you both to stand up for me…go on…stand up." He snaps his fingers before eyeing Kendall. "…you know I wasn't even talkin' about the real one."

Melissa can think what she likes, and she still thinks Valerie is a hussy! "What's that gotta do with you saying I'm treating you like a child? I'm perfectly aware of how old you are!" She shoots Raquelle a look. "We are siblings. Just one of us is losing interest with the other despite all they've been through together." And she hesitate a moment, before reluctantly standing.

Kendall stands up, frowning right back at Melissa. "You call wanting to live my own life as 'losing interest'? Sorry, but real families don't have people living together their entire lives, unless they were married, and sometimes not even then." the divorce rate's pretty high these days. "If you want me to stop by more often, quit saying things that would make me stop wanting to come by."

"Oh honey…you feel like you're losing your brother…" Raquelle ahhs softly before looking towards Kendall. "Actually real families in Asian cultures and such do live together their entire lives, 2 or so generations at a time, just so they can help each other out, and then whoever they marry help and respect their new in-laws and stuff." He points out. "But you aren't Asian, so…how about this!" He clears his throat. "Move closer to each other. Go on now, move closer. Ya'll gonna have to compromise or I'll end up spankin' you both and I'm too tired for it." He takes a deep breath.

"I didn't say you had to live with me, and you started off that visit by saying that I didn't know how to take care of Junie!" Melissa shoots back at Kendall. Which makes moving closer easy. She likes yelling at people from up close. "But you said it was a joke and I moved on and made a joke of my own, and you totally blew up and left!"

"If I recall, you blew up at my joke too, so we're even. You started going off about it and whining about how depressed you were and all that." Kendall does move closer, but…. oddly enough, it doesn't seem like the two of them are getting any better. They're just arguing closer.

"…well have you ever taken care of a baby before missy baby? If not, then you really don't know how. Heck, it is a learning experience." Raquelle rolls his eyes and shakes his head, taking a deep breath and taking a swig of his drink. "Oh my GAWD, will you both just shut the /fuck/ up…lawd have mercy you're almost as bad as me and my Boyfriend only we have sex after the yelling." He gets to his feet to move towards the two. "ALRIGHT, SHH, QUIET. Ya'll aren't even, in fact you're just both acting /ridiculous/ right now! Do ya'll love each other or not?!"

Luckily for Kendall, Raquelle distracts Melissa by drawing her anger. "Excuse me? No, I hadn't, but I asked for help and I've had her since the eighth and haven't killed her yet so I think I'm doing just fine, thank you," she snaps. "And of course I do. That was never in question. You think I'd call just anyone my brother? Hell no."

"I don't open up to many people." Kendall remarks, shifting his feet. "I don't do well with people I don't know, so getting me to trust you is a huge thing." like your average male, it's difficult for him to actually come out and say he loves someone, but that's the general idea he's giving.

"Watch it little mamacita…back that thang up, bring that voice down and don't even start with me. This isn't about you, it is about the baby and if you're doing a good job so far because she's healthy, well taken care of and happy and growing and you've the time, energy and desire to raise her in a safe environment giving her plenty of time and attention? Then you have nothing to defend…but check your tone little mama." Raquelle holds up a finger to Melissa and raises an eyebrow. "NOW! If you love him then act like it! Something as minor as this cannot come between you two. It is /crazy/. Think about it. Seriously." He nods slowly to Kendall. "See? I know that's man speak for 'yes, I love my sister'." He takes a deep breath. "Can you both just admit you said some things you now regret and don't want words to come between you two and apologize and hug it out now? Or am I going to have to sing?" He places a hand on his hip. If only they knew what that meant.

"What does that even mean? And I admitted that ages ago! He's the one who's been off doing his own thing and not visiting. I'm shocked he even came to the party," Melissa says, shooting a look at Kendall, but it seems like a wee bit of her anger at him has drained away.

Kendall rolls his eyes. "Oh for chrissake, I came because you invited me and I wanted to come. Don't begrudge it or you'll make me regret it. Besides, Steve had more fun at the party than I did thanks to your roving mistletoe and Anna eying me the entire time." you two remember Steve the Grumpy Elf, right?

Raquelle facepalms. "…It is like I've adopted two more children…I swear I prayed for a baby…not two teenagers." He takes a deep breath and looks between the two. "HEY, you are both in the wrong here okay? BUT you love each other and LOVE covers a multitude of sins so guess what you have to do? Guess what?" He looks between the two. "GET OVER IT." He enunciates clearly just in case. "…yes, Steve was a little dear."

"Good god, if you'd told me Anna was the problem I would've kicked her ass out!" Melissa says, gaping at Kendall. "I nearly had to at the memorial. Half of me really wanted to at the party!"

"Not that so much as the awkwardness of me having to tell a girl I'm not interested in her." 17 years of his life Kendall was a geek with girls not even looking at him, and all of the sudden there seems to be girls everywhere and all of them seem to be after him in some way or another. Blue eyes flick over to Raquelle, and Kendall mumbles something that sounds a little like acknowledgement.

Raquelle cups a hand around an ear and looks between the two. "…alright, go ahead 'I love you and I'm sorry and lets never not talk'." He gestures towards them both with his free hand before waiting. "Or some variation of that…go on, the faster ya'll put this behind you and set my mind and heart to ease, the faster we can eat."

"Well if you'd just told me…" Melissa trails off and sighs. "And I've already said I love him, Raquelle. In those words, too. And I am sorry."

"I love you and I'm sorry and lets never not talk." Kendall said hurriedly, and feels like an uberdork after saying that, to judge by the wince. Maybe the threat of not feeding him got it done, or maybe he simply wanted to resolve the issue. "I can bring back Steve if you want, though I don't think he'll be willing to wear the elf costume since it's not Christmas time anymore." well this is slightly odd, Kendall's talking like Steve actually exists. Maybe in Kendall's mind he does.

Raquelle bows deeply as he looks between the two. "Good. What's done is done, now…" He opens up his arms. "Giiiiiiiive me a hug, c'mon…where's my hug?" He flashes a grin, laughing softly and shaking his head. "You know you worry me sick when I think ya'll have something like a wall between you two…and no honey, Steve can have the day off."

"Steve was nice for the party, but not necessary right now, I don't think," Melissa says, shaking her head and giving Raquelle a one-armed hug.

"Oh good, I was kinda afraid of how my imagination would make Santa's elves look like the rest of the year." Kendall nods, then awkwardly moves closer to Raquelle. If Raquelle wants a hug from him, he'll have to initiate. The food is eyed in the process.

Raquelle chuckles and squeezes Melissa before pointing towards the table and the kitchen. "Help yourself, fix your plate honey or I can do it for you." Then he initiates his hug, squeezing Kendall and ruffling his hair before pointing in the same direction. "There you go honey, go get your eat on, you're still a growing little man…might get as tall as me by the time you pass 19." And so…a lovely dinner is began. Dr. Phil eat your heart out.

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