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Early Draft

by Francois

As fast as a blink, this latest petty disagreement is ended, because Francois impatiently steals the few pages of manuscript out of Teo's hand and leaves a thin red line scored between thumb and forefinger.

They both curse about it in staggered order. Francois is very sorry, mumbling apology against Teo's hand, which he'd gathered to himself immediately. Typed sheets on the ground, now.

They don't talk about it. Little healing kisses turn to teeth nipping the ends of fingers, knees pushed aside for kneeling.

In the final draft, Teo notes that the troublesome paragraph in question has been cut.

Early Blight

by Teo

The first year, Teo sucks at farming. He rants about quitting. Francois takes no pleasure in his husband's frustration, but he just— doesn't share Teo's despair.

Then Spring turns over. When Francois drives in, Teo comes out running. He shouts: "Wanna see something amazing?"

He does.

It's a baby goat, newborn. White legs, black eyepatch. Hooves that go, badok!

Afterward, Teo's so playful. He climbs Francois' back with kisses, slow, sucking on each harder than the last. He lifts Francois' hair to place the final one; it tickles. Francois has to wonder how much of this joy is for him.

Every Night

by Kaylee

Every night that she is home, it’s the same.
Night, Mom.
“Night, Emmy”

Every night, she’s never really thought about it.
“Night Kaylee.”
“Night, baby.”

Every night wasn’t like tonight.
“Night, mommy.”
“Night, sweetie.”

Every night she’s done what had been expected of her, but then it all changed. Tonight felt different.

She still loved them so much, but…

Standing in the doorway of her room, with tears of guilt and pain in her eyes, looking at the man she’s loved for almost a decade, she utters the words she never thought she’d ever say:

“I can’t do this anymore.”

Eight To Five Friendship

by Asi

"«I called you as a friend.»"

"«Asi, I don't know what you want me to do.»"

"«Keep track of what I've told you, on paper how you do. If something … happens, bring the information to light then. They'll undoubtedly escape, but at least they'll be outed.»"

As a friend, I'd rather do something before it gets that dangerous.»"

"«Gen-chan, who is that?»" It's a groggy, female voice in the background. Asi stills, waiting for his response to it.

"… 行かなきゃ,テツヤマくん."

She looks off, out the window. "«Go, then.»"

Friendship was more of an 8 to 5 gig with Genki, anyway.

Glass Heart

by Huruma

"One more, pretty please?" Pippa turns a page in the book of folktales Huruma has between them. Bundled under blankets, her mouth widens with a peeping yawn.

"You should be sleeping, malalany…" Huruma gently guides the book away.

"Huruma?" Blue eyes peek past the quilt that the dark woman has started tucking in, hands going to the heavy cat that flops in beside.


"I love you. Goodnight."

Simple words, gripping her like nothing else. A shimmer moves to shadowed eyes, and she leans in to place a kiss to blonde curls, caught in a smile.

"I love you too."

Message Saved

by Emily

Curled up on a well-worn recliner, Emily stares down at her phone, eyes out of focus. Her thumb brushes the center of the screen, the message reflecting off her irises.

She takes in half a breath several times, like she's preparing to talk herself through the situation, only to lapse back into silence each time. Turning the phone on its side, she scratches her forehead with one corner, displaying its message briefly to the world.

«to: 212-200-7307»

I'm sorry.

With a palm swipe across one side of her face, she backs out of the prompt.

«Message saved as draft»

Pretend Not to Hear

By Kaylee

I stand at the front of the room; slides clicking by.

Before me, people in crisps suits stare at me while I talk. Potential investors.

But they don't see me, they only see what I am.

A telepath…

I pretend not to hear. The doubt and the distrust.

Oh God, what if she hears me?

I wonder how many others she manipulated?

Never once does it show that I can hear their fear. That it calls to me.

Whispers dark secrets to me.

All they see is my smile, while I struggle within.

«You could make them love you.» No!

Right Side Of History

by Huruma

Typically popular releases collect at Prufrock's, yet there are titles which find themselves pooled at the Red Hook Market jumble. Huruma prefers this adventure of looking among the rows of used books under lamplight.

Now, it includes stumbling upon a stack of crisp books in white, black, and red. She picks a copy from the pile, peering back at the cover. Pages flip open, brushing soft over the pad of her thumb. Movement stops at 'Madagascar', dark fingers against paper. There are a few photos.

One day, she will shove this in the face of the people who abandoned her.

The Taste Of Ashes

by Delilah


"Yes?" Delilah turns in her seat, pausing the sewing machine. Walter stands at her shoulder, clutching a tattered paperback.

"Lukas said Phoenix hurt people. You guys saved them, though?" The dismay in Delilah's face has Walter shying away. "Right?"

"Honey? of course we did… But," Walter's brow furrows, and Delilah looks briefly away from incoming disappointment. She hates these moments. "Sometimes… it wasn't as simple as that."

"Did? you kill anybody?" His voice is small. Her heart sinks and pounds before she is silent a moment too long.

"Walter- -!"

The slam of feet on stairs carry him away.

Spin of a Penny

By Ryans

He is certain if he reached back, he'd find a knife embedded there. Buried deep between his shoulder blades for decades. Placed there by people he once called friends. By someone he fought in a war with.

He never knew it was there.

Forgotten long ago with the spin of a penny.

He was a loyal attack dog. Did as he was told, rarely questioned what was asked of him. Yet, now he knows they made him. Tore him apart, stole away what he had been, and put him back together.

Created long ago with the spin of a penny.

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