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Challenge Drabble for October 2018's the topic is Books.

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Early Blight

by Teo

The first year, Teo sucks at farming. He rants about quitting. Francois takes no pleasure in his husband's frustration, but he just— doesn't share Teo's despair.

Then Spring turns over. When Francois drives in, Teo comes out running. He shouts: "Wanna see something amazing?"

He does.

It's a baby goat, newborn. White legs, black eyepatch. Hooves that go, badok!

Afterward, Teo's so playful. He climbs Francois' back with kisses, slow, sucking on each harder than the last. He lifts Francois' hair to place the final one; it tickles. Francois has to wonder how much of this joy is for him.

Samson Twelve: Lullaby

by Delilah

she has been doing good. i have been doing good too.

she sings to him even though he is not yet. i put my nose by her when she sleeps and i know he is there still. i do not make too many notes these days because-

i want to be here forever but i cant so i try to take what a dog can get. i have the puppies now too so i have been teaching them lots. some of them are not so smart.

she has such a pretty voice when she sings to him.

i love you.

Samson Eleven: Gray

by Delilah

people have told me that i see black and white- i dont know what those care but i havent seen either one of them ever.

i remember the first one to tell me that, it was not long before the snow! he smelled like animals and he had a big coat. he said to me, he said-

"dogs are lucky to see black and white. to you, there is good and bad, it is simple. someone that hurts your human is bad, someone that feeds you is good. i cannot recall ever thinking so simply."

i like black and white.

Samson Ten: Runaway

by Delilah

we had to leave, she had to stay. i am with Dafnee and Koorbinn and-

-there is a cat here. his name is Gayberee-ell and he has eyebrows. it is kind of disturbing. he hisses. he lets me drink his water bowl, and Koorbinn told me not to eat any of his food but i am very hungry! i smell things in the little kitchen.

i can smell other things too i think bad things happened here, there is a little room that i dont like but the books smell interesting.

i hope i see everyone again soon.

Samson Nine: Teeth

by Delilah

i hear them talk about what happened sometimes, they dont always go away from me so i hear a lot. they think i dont know.

there are dogs on The Island that hurt people- they killed babies they said, and came to hurt Dee's people they killed a baby killed a baby a baby.

no no no

we do not no no no

that is not what we do

we are best friends and princes and knights and sisters and brothers

we are man's best friend

if they come i will use my teeth

i will be a good dog.

Jerry: Leather

by Melissa

I didn't mean to make her mad. I was just so lonely and bored! I saw a squirrel outside. It got to play in the snow. Why can't I play? It's fun! It's wet and cold and kicks up nicely when I run through it.

But I didn't mean to make her mad. The leather just smelled so yummy. How could I resist a nibble? And after a nibble, I couldn't resist sitting down for a snack.

Why did she keep leather around anyway? It's meant to be chewed on! Just like that bone. Mmmmm.

Besides. I'm just a dog!

Samson Eight: Upside Down

by Delilah

sometimes i like to lay on my back and watch them. they think that i fall asleep like that! how silly.

i sit and watch them do things when they think i am sleeping. not many of them do interesting things. Franswah comes to check and this time he brought me food. so many of them feel things that i do not think that they notice they are feeling. most of them. guys like Teeoh even have several things!

so i watch them and see what is wrong and then i try to make good! everyone cept Franswah likes kisses.

Samson Seven: Future

by Delilah

i wont last forever, i know that much! but i dont know how long i will be around. i know when i go, Dee will be sad- she calls me her baby, but maybe she will not be alone forever! she makes a good mum for me.

but one day i will die-

but before that i will protect her pup like it was my own, yes- and she and her pup can sit with me when i leave so we can be happy.

for now i will be her baby.

it is a small price to pay for love.


by Abigail

Up goes the cloth and is it him? No. Not all the time. It's her, or the other him. But when it's him, my Sicilian, I give him my fury! Where have you been?! You've been with another! I am your queen! I am your world and I am the one who's newspaper you should be changing! You can leave when I tell you to. Freshen my seed and water boy! But when he stays and his finger is where I am perched. Ahh but my world is complete and I nibble his ear. He is mine and no others.

Samson One: Hope

by Delilah

The Man was very sick- The Man needed me to watch him. then it was the Box. i was there for many days.

many days, many days, i smelt death even though they were very young and very strong and very loyal and there were many. the little ones see me through the wire always cold on my nose when i greet them- i smelled cold but it was hot and dry and summer.

the cold was there when Dahlailah came and took me home. my name is Samsuhn here too and she needs me too. i can do it.

Samson Two: Mascot

by Delilah

i dunno why Dahlailah does this to me. i dont mind but the wool is itchy and it makes me hot when we are inside. she smiles when i dont take it off and we can go out to visit everyone now. Teeoh has tennis balls Ahbee has bones Jessie sits with me and watches but sometimes we run.

i like to see Jhairee and Ahleeceiah and Mugguls and Jupitur and we play but Sandrah does not like it when Mugguls fights.

the people in houses like to pet me i do make them feel better! I DO I DO!

Samson Four: Eyes

by Delilah

when we go to places to visit everyone has animals too. there are dogs and cats and birds and fish but i cant talk to the fish i don't breathe underwater.

Ahbee has Skarrlutt and Peelah at her house. Peelah is Teeoh bird! she tells him lots of things but he doesnt hear them. i watch her when we go because she listens to everything and tells me first so i know.

she has very tiny eyes and mine are very big. Peelah is very tiny. im not supposed to kiss her but i do. tiny kisses for tiny Peelah.

Samson Five: Annoyance

by Delilah

Mugguls likes to bother me all the time. i dont like it much. i put up with him because he is my friend. Dahlailah does that too with her people sometimes i think. i know these things when she wrinkles her nose or licks her teeth on the inside. she is too kind to her people to say when she is really feeling not good or scared or overwhelmed.

i always know though, she will hug me hard and i will sit up for her to put her head on me. i kiss her, she smiles and talks about patience.

Samson Six: Mirror

by Delilah

the smell of her perfume stings my nose when she sprays it, and it makes me sneeze when i see her grooming her reflection! i don't like it, i like her smell when she smells like My Person!

Dee will sit and fidget and look there for a long time- then she goes without me and i wait and wait and wait and waaait for so long! i hate it when she does this! i worry, yes!

when she comes home i am happy but sometimes she shuts me behind a door. i will be a good dog and wait.


by Eileen

The girl needs him more than he needs the girl. He knows this because wisdom comes with age, and nineteen is very old for a raven — especially a wild one. It wasn't always this way; there used to be a Yeoman Warder who kept his belly full, clipped his wing and ensured the metal band around his leg was never too tight.

He loves the girl more than the girl loves him. He knows this because the extra time they used to spend together is time spent with the big man.

Wise as he is, he does not understand.

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