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The Tip of the Iceberg

by Bao-Wei

It's not like sleep, though I think that I dream. Then again, much of this has been like an endless one. I'd like to dream about somewhere that isn't so cold. Though to me, it's always warm.

I go places that I could never have, and it isn't as bad. When you're normal, you can't experience the things that I do now. More than once I've gone as far as I can, though never south- north, or east.

I would never see myself here if I weren't like this.

I would not have thought twice.

Whalesong is so very beautiful.


by Bao-Wei

Freezing, from the inside out- feeling my skin splinter with crystal, feeling my muscles rigid with ice. The pain- oh- the pain- The pain was unbearable. When I tried to stop it-

The pain left and was replaced by the feeling of nothing.

To not feel the weight of your own shoulders, to not feel the prickle of nerves under your flesh when honing points from stone.

To not be able to touch another, for fear of penalty of death, to remain capable of making human connection behind a crag of face.

For me-


Another, colder form of hell.

Kick in the Head

by Bao-Wei

Martin was quite on the game.

Chang, the children- the dragons- after a time I simply came about to leave things to happen. For that the ghosts- in all senses- leave me be. Then the nightmares came- and frankly- honestly- they were like nothing I had ever experienced before. I do miss them. Even though it was painful, it was certainly revealing.

Now the reason for it is gone, just like everything else that comes too close. I suspect that I should stop trying to reconnect to the world where it provides me opportunity to do so.

It never works.

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