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by Bella

Dad, it's me. I'm fine, I'm fine! Tell Mom I'm fine.



No, Dad, really, it's important that I stay here.

Yes for my job, Dad. Yes, I understand.


Christmas? I- I'll have to-


I'm sorry, Dad. No, I just-

Okay. Okay. I'll be there at Christmas. Even though we're not Christian.


Solstice rite, fine.

I- what? Um- no. No, I don't think so.

No, I- really, it's just-

I'm not going to lie, but I don't have to say.

Yes, a father has a right to ask, and a daughter has a right not to answer.



I promise you, I'm okay.

Untitled III

by Bella

The real problem comes with the 'What next?' It may be that the feeling summed up in those two little words is precisely what gets her in so much trouble. There must always be… something else. And if it's not something she wants, it's something she doesn't want and thus she wants to get away from it. A push, a pull, some new worry or regret or wish or desire. And all of it just… 'what next?' Both fearful in anticipation, and hungry for more.

The present painful, unless you obliterate concern for the future, and thought of the past.

First Death

by Bella

You've heard the saying, about 21 grams?

The weight of the human soul.

Horseshit, of course. Actually, that's unfair to horseshit, which is very real and is maybe useful as fertilizer, I don't know.

The first death I saw was a coronary victim. Shouting and fast chatter from the EMTs. Made me want to hide behind a crash cart, tiny med student that I was. But the crash cart is what they needed, so I wheeled it over.

They couldn't revive him.

I knew it was a first. I felt him get cold.

Man to carcass. A matter of degrees.

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