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by Cardinal

"You're dead tomorrow," they told me.

I knew they were right.

I'd seen the knife meant for my heart, my brother of sharpened mirror-glass. I'd seen the payment, slipped to the guards to look the other way.

I stayed up all night staring out between bars. "There's a way out," I told myself, but I couldn't see one.

It wasn't until I looked inside to the dark there that I found it.

I killed him in my sleep, before he could kill me. He was my first.

It scares me sometimes, but they were right.

It gets easier every time.

When We're Done

by Cardinal

She wants to get away, I know. Escape, leave this behind, go to a tropical island, watch our kids splash in the surf, happy. Sometimes I think we should.

Then I remember the thirty-six. I remember my conscience with her tongue cut out. I remember what Pinehearst kept in their labs, and what they did to Red in Madagascar. I remember the seer's paintings, the singer's songs. I know what'd happen to my kids if I ran away, if I didn't stop this.

We could disappear, but someone has to stop the future.

So we can rest when we're done.

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