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by Corbin

Your dark hair made the sky as you moved over me. Your dark eyes shined, paler than they should be, nearly golden, then darker than the space between the stars. Your pale skin all the light in the world. Everything but us would melt away.

Sometimes you would say my name, others only whispered, breathy, unintelligible sounds.

In the dreams, you said my beard was too scratchy; when I shaved it off, went to work, you laughed and said I looked too young.

I never knew if the dreams were my own, you, or some reflection of your fractured self.

Shooting Star

by Corbin

She was always bright and fast, like a shooting star. Always moving, always running, always shining. Even when she tried to hide away her light, he could still see it. Even when she tried to run away, he still found it. Even when the sickness took her, she still had it.

But now he's the one hiding. He doesn't want her to see what he's becoming; the light of the Star he once was is failing.

A star that dies collapses on itself, swallowing all nearby light. And the last thing he wants to do is steal her light away.

The Key

by Corbin

The necklace has been a twice-given gift. First to him, then back to her. In the beginning it was just the key to the store, a birthday present from a trickster, to let him know he was still welcome. When the key became useless, due to changed locks, he had it painted in dark blue lacquer and silver stars and returned it to her for her birthday on a chain. He'd thought it was classy, a cunning idea. Now he wears it around his neck, close to his heart, while her body is prepared to be placed in the ground.

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