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Challenge Drabble for October 2018's the topic is Books.

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As Your Dog

by Gabriel

The lady might admit it herself, just as one princess in Shakespearean works proudly proclaimed: I am your spaniel. That he does not have to lose Odessa, does not have to neglect, beat or spurn her. Doesn't mean she doesn't do this on her own through chemical, a change of mind and master before she brings herself to heel. She's an excerpt on a midsummer night.

There are no happy endings in this city, but there are as many tragedies as there are comedies. Do I not in plainest truth tell you, I do not, nor I cannot love you?


by Gabriel

She's porcelain; white, brittle always cool to touch. Fingers as delicate as this material, with glass fingernails ending in milky crescents, knuckles making hard angles. She turns into it when mad, mouth pinched and features bleached, a threat in her make that she'll splinter apart if you don't handle with caution, split into stinging fragments in all that she is perfectly still, composed, together. It isn't big eyes and small body that make her into the doll people think she is, but the fact that when she breaks, she'll slice you to ribbons going down, that turns her into china.


by Gabriel

Happy endings only exist in fiction, and that isn't because Gabriel has a cynical outlook on life. He does know that endings are quick and unexpected. He's orchestrated enough of them. So when he looks at her, he doesn't see a happy ending, no matter what the time travelers have to say about the matter. When he looks at her, he sees grey eyes, soft mouth, tiny hands, and challenge.

The bad guys aren't supposed to get the girl and psychopaths aren't supposed to know what love is. But in the words of the ghost of a friend: fuck permission.

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