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Breaking Point

by Gillian

If I were going to be rescued, it would have happened already. I'm all alone. He will never let me go. I'm too important to him. Every day this continues, I want it more and more. I started to look forward to the visits, and the injections. Just because it hurt the longer they didn't happen.

I hate him. I hate him for doing this to me. I hate the needle and the black liquid. I hate the power that comes with it.

The chance will come. He will not use me anymore. No one will.

Gillian Childs is dead.


by Gillian

Hailey was gone.

Mind says to wait for backup, to take an army. Heart says to hurry, go now, don't wait.

She'll be cold; she'll be afraid. The tears will freeze to her eyelashes before they fall. Her lips will turn blue as they tear at her flesh.

She can't wait.

So Gillian followed.

A few guns the only back up, no army at her back. Out the door, into the snow. Feet hurried, no waiting.

She's cold; she's afraid. The tears freeze to her eyelashes before falling. Lips turn blue as they tear into her.

She should have waited.


by Gillian


Not have.

There are so many things that I don't have that I wanted. So many things that I have that I didn't ask for. My life is full of give and take, of questioning and being questioned. I feel like a mix of contradictions. Nothing ever goes in just one direction. There's no black, no white. No good, no evil. Everything comes at a price. Nothing is gained without something being lost in the process. Sometimes it feels like I've lost more than I've gained.

It's hard to see what you have through what you do not have.


by Gillian

Three thirty three. That was the moment I realized I loved him. For every touch, every simple word. For all he did for me. Because he was going to leave it all behind and go with me.

Three thirty three. That was the moment I realized I hated him. For every ache, every false word. For all he did to so many others. Because he murdered my sister.

Three thirty three. That moment can never be fixed. The clock will be broken forever. Trapped on that time, unable to move on.

I wonder if I am trapped there, too. Broken.

The Cherub

by Gillian

Statues are not born. They do not age. You can not love the statue. You can only love the image.

It will never love you back.

One of the only things I possess of a child I can never have is the memory of a statue.

A statue in a warped dream. The cherub from a rooftop, which had a bullet in it's heart. A bullet which I fired at the man who would have been his father.

That memory is as fleeting and intangible as he is. Eventually that will disappear. It will be as if he never existed.

A Lighthouse

by Gillian

The place I call home reminds me of you.

A silent sweeping beacon of light in the distance, giving hope and promising comfort.

I wish I'd known that you were leading me straight into the roughest tides, where the fog is thick, the waters freezing, and the wind harsh. Straight into the sharpest rocks. The sweeping light moved on, to shine on someone else, leaving me alone in the dark, to find my own way through the rough and icy waters.

Sometimes I wish I'd never seen that light at all.

But I'm not sure who I'd be without it.


by Gillian

Sexual contact with me must be a curse. I should come with a disclaimer.

Gabriel got shot, sent to the future, shot again, lost his power, shot some more, was "killed", split into pieces.

Cardinal swallowed a nuclear bomb and "died" heroically, only to end up trapped in his shadow form in pieces.

I never even had sex with Peter. A kiss was it. I can't even list all the things that happened to him. The list is too long.

Now Leonardo Maxwell's gone and died in a plane crash.

My next tattoo? A disclaimer.

Enter at your own risk.

Fucking Hypocrite

by Gillian

You said I needed to love myself before I could love anyone else. You should look in a mirror.

You said I didn't belong in Argentina, or any position of authority. I saved our lives and you wouldn't have belonged there if not for a Nazi ghost.

You said we weren't ready to be with anyone until we figured out who we were. Sure figured yourself out fast.

You said you wanted to be my friend and that I wasn't capable of it. From the way you treated me, you wouldn't know friendship if it punched you in the face.

Fuck My Life

by Gillian

The rain fell as you kissed me, soaking through the clothes that you grabbed at. Fueled by envy and desire, the thunder rumbled over the ground, shaking the side of the car that you pinned me against. Deeper and deeper. Your hands grabbed at my body, my hair. I grabbed back. Your mouth went to my neck, slick with rain. I wanted you, I wanted to feel you under the wet clothes. I wanted you to feel me.

But everything went wrong as the touching stopped and you tried to bash my head open with a wrench.

Fuck my life.

I Will

by Gillian

I had a future destroyed; I will rewrite it. My heart was broken; I will put it back together. I lost my family; I will make a new one. My body is scarred; I will heal. I lost myself; I will find out who I am.

Once, I wanted the world to revolve around me, cater to my whims. Now, I will move my own world in any way I can.

A prophet said I would die, I wouldn't live to see my birthday. My body's in the ground, but here I stand.

I will make the most of it.


by Gillian

Who am I now?

I used to know who I was until I met you. Now it feels like each day is a mystery waiting to be solved and that mystery is me.

Do I fight or do I run away? Do I give to those around me or do I only take? Can I hold on to what I am or will it all disappear like you did? Did I truly love you or did I just want you to love me?

And do I even know which one of you I'm talking to?

I don't think I do.

A Beacon

by Gillian

I never wanted a family. I rebelled and acted out. I tried to be the daughter that they'd roll their eyes at and wish would disappear. I treated my brother and sister poorly. I was terrible big sister.

Family was never something I wanted, until I lost it.

And fought to get it back.

A brother in blood. A fragment of a sister living on in the man who killed her. Children that aren't mine.

A lighthouse is a beacon in stormy weather. Now it's my family and my home.

And I don't want to let it down. Not again.

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