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At the Dinner Table

by Anonymous

Watching them, it's hard to believe they had their own lives before, independent and autonomous. A life before me. There’s an easiness between them now, kinship and understanding. They’re comfortable. They’re best friends. They’re not in love.

I don’t think they’ve ever been in love. Not with each other.

They could split up now. I’m old enough. But Life has worn ruts and grooves into their hearts that make it hard to fathom a life apart. A life without.

There’s more than one kind of love. They’ve found one. They’ve made a life of it.

Hopefully it’s one without regrets.

Stories from the Past

by Anonymous

You’d think beach or mountains, right? Maybe a treehouse I’d had as a kid (if I didn’t live in a slum)? Wrong.

My favorite place? Antique shops.

Every antique has a story waiting for the right person, someone who isn’t just looking for knickknacks to fill space on a shelf. Someone who isn’t trying to strike it rich like those people who find a Ming vase for $1.

Someone who can tell, although the people who owned a particular object wanted a different one, they loved it eventually, because it belonged to them…

…that being loved trumps being wanted.

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