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Challenge Drabble for October 2018's the topic is Books.

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by Anonymous

The tart fruit are protected by gossamer-fine cases that are more fun to peel away than the prizes inside are tasty. It's why she lets him help, with the kitchen counter as high as his chin and hands reaching to shuck the gooseberries clean. They'd go well in a pie, she had said. He'd wondered how old you'd have to be, to know things like that.

She smacks his shoulder when she catches him sneaking a couple to eat, but he sees her pretend not to see just as many times. One day, he wishes he had paid more attention.

Aged Men

by Anonymous

They say the end justifies the means, and after seeing the way she died, I call bullshit. That wasn't no heroes death, but that's what she was, it's what she tried to be, and hell. Girls can be heroes too, shit kicking gun toting cowboys. I can introduce you to some, but I can't promise they'll like you — they probably don't even like me.

And I dunno who 'they' is anyway. 'They' need to go to hell. 'They' probably never got their fuckin' hands dirty and 'they' probably weren't around for the beginning anyway.

'They' didn't watch her die.

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