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Every Night

by Kaylee

Every night that she is home, it’s the same.
Night, Mom.
“Night, Emmy”

Every night, she’s never really thought about it.
“Night Kaylee.”
“Night, baby.”

Every night wasn’t like tonight.
“Night, mommy.”
“Night, sweetie.”

Every night she’s done what had been expected of her, but then it all changed. Tonight felt different.

She still loved them so much, but…

Standing in the doorway of her room, with tears of guilt and pain in her eyes, looking at the man she’s loved for almost a decade, she utters the words she never thought she’d ever say:

“I can’t do this anymore.”

Pretend Not to Hear

By Kaylee

I stand at the front of the room; slides clicking by.

Before me, people in crisps suits stare at me while I talk. Potential investors.

But they don't see me, they only see what I am.

A telepath…

I pretend not to hear. The doubt and the distrust.

Oh God, what if she hears me?

I wonder how many others she manipulated?

Never once does it show that I can hear their fear. That it calls to me.

Whispers dark secrets to me.

All they see is my smile, while I struggle within.

«You could make them love you.» No!

Story Time

by Kaylee

"Read it to me again, Momma!"

Climbing into my lap, his little hands create new wrinkles in the pages of the picture book, as he pushes them aside to reveal the next scene. Revealing the colorful pictures and crisp lettered words. Bright round eyes new and full of wonder wait to hear his favorite tale.

About a dragon that beats the horrible knight and saves the princess. He said it showed that not all monsters were bad.

Sometimes he seems far too wise for his young age.

How does he always seem to know when I need this story most?


by Kaylee

Tiny hand red from cold is held out to her, snow clings to fingers, shaken in a gesture of 'hurry!' She kneels to brush the clinging ice crystals away and then presses her own hands over tiny ones to warm them.

"I told you it was cold," she chides softly, with deep affection. The older blonde suddenly remembers her father echoing those words.

Pale eyes only stare up to her, no voice to offer comment. Only thoughts of how it felt when picking up the snow.

She wonders what her family would think seeing her caring for a child?

New and Familiar

by Kaylee

It was almost like the first time all over again.

Each touch of his work roughened hands and brush of lips on her body was new again. Yet each brings a lingering sense of familiarity and knowing. Sense of something she missed and longed for. Too many years had faded and blurred the memories of their bodies twined together in the darkness. Intimate moments lost to time.

She marveled at how she had forgotten the texture and warmth of his skin under her fingertips or the sensation of unspoken words or thoughts passed between them.

How could she have forgotten?

Empty Room

by Kaylee

Pain washes over me, pulling me from the darkness of unconsciousness. Reaching carefully, I touch the bandages, IV line tugs at my hand. My eyes blink open wearily, focusing on a clear bag of fluid above me. I feel relief.

I lived.

How long had I been out? I feel worn and my head fuzzy.

Looking around, the room is small and run down. A safe house, no doubt. It's so dark with the window boarded up and I am alone. I don't want to be alone. So I close my eyes and allow the darkness to swallow me again.

Skip of My Heart

by Kaylee

You were found missing again, my heart skipped a beat. All those memories hitting me at once. I worried that this time we had lost you for good. You were taken by someone that was much too powerful to stand up too.

Then the phone rang. On the other end your voice spoke my name. My world stilled and my heart skipped a beat. Emotions and feelings, I thought I had gotten past, bubbled back to the surface to haunt me.

And though the call was cut short, I was left with a smile. You were not lost after all.

A Missed Moment

by Kaylee

"Yeah, Ray?"
"We should meet. Today for lunch. I— I want to see you. I— want to tell you about your siblings. You've got two, I'm sure they would like to meet you, too. Maybe… maybe we can do the holidays as a family."
"I dunno… I have class…."
"I need to talk to you, Kaylee. It's important."
Sigh. "Fine… I'll meet you at one.

A chance to meet him, I took it for granted and the Midtown Man blew it away. Now, I may never get that chance again.

Can't Turn My Back

by Kaylee

Why can't I turn my back on them?

They never turn their back on me. They took me in, sheltered me and protected me at my weakest. They didn't look at me as a bad person, showed me that there was much more important things in life.

I owe them for lifting me up and teaching me to be someone better. Who knows what I would be doing, if they hadn't taken me in or if I would even still be alive. I owe them for the second chance I've been given.

More importantly, Peter… I owe them for you.

River Pebbles

by Kaylee

The waters of time push me along, tumbling along to my fate.

It erodes at my surface, constantly changing me.

I am forced along, not really knowing where I am going, not having complete control.

This way and that, rolling across the bottom of the river.

Failing again, I tumble through the rapids, wishing for the calm again.

Hoping I can find a peaceful place to lay for a time.

But when I finally do, the river waters tug at me and pull me along again.

Changing me… Changing us all.

How will my journey end?

Only the river knows.


by Kaylee

Delicate white petals of a dozen roses are like silk against my fingers.

No one has given me flowers before.

My nose is to stopped up to catch the delicate scent.

I wish I could smell them.

The cellophane crinkles in my hand as my arms tighten around them.

Their so beautiful. So thoughtful.

I cradle them close and give a content sigh.

I've never felt this way about someone.
No, one other, just not as deeply.

I close my eyes and a tear slides down my cheek.

It's going to hurt when he sees the truth and walks away.

The Remnant

by Kaylee

When I am around them there is no good girl, as they tend to bring out the dark side in me. I have so much respect for them, even if Raith wouldn't hesitate to kill me, if given the right reason. Despite knowing that, they are the ones I turn to when I need people that can get the job done. I can only hope that I can learn from them, to be better then I really am. Even if misguided, a part of me thinks, learning from them, fighting by them, will help me protect those I care about.

Morning After

by Kaylee

As the copper colors of the morning sun filter in, specks of dust glint and sparkle as they float through the light, I wake up with your arms around me. Body curled up along my back, keeping the chill at bay. Warm breath stirring the hair at the back of my neck.

A smile touches my lips, a soft sigh escaping. For once, I don't feel disgust in myself. I don't hate myself the morning after. I feel content and even happy.

I don't want it to end, I want to stay there in that moment just a little longer.

The Dance

by Kaylee

Your hand on the small of my back, other clasped in mine, my fingers play lightly with the hair at the base of you neck. Nervous smiles shared and shy glances.

Only a single spill of light to illuminate us, as we turn across hardwood floors, in the privacy of your home. You guide me along in familiar footsteps, pulling me closer.

While Sinatra croons about the blue moon, we look into each others eyes, blue to brown, realizing for a moment there might be something more.

A tender kiss, a gentle sigh.

So this is what it is like.

The Gift

by Kaylee

What is in this box, has stood the test of time. It once belonged to my great-grandfather, it supposedly saved his life. It has been in the thick of war and it has endure the furies of mother nature. It has witnessed everything; love and hate, Joy and sadness, birth and death. And despite everything, it has endured. It might not be shiny new, and it has quite a few dents and chips, but it still continues to give meaning to so many people.

Reminds me of some one… and so I think he needs this crucifix more then me.


by Kaylee

I looked for you, I fought to find you and bring you home. I tried to give you hope, when things seemed so bleak, and to give you an shoulder to lean on.

All because you said I was a good person.

I wanted to prove you right, to be what you thought you saw in me. It forced me to look at myself and see just how truly misguided I was.

You were my salvation.

Then I told you everything about me. Spilled out all my sins.

Do you still see the good in me?

Do you see me?

Parental Lies

by Kaylee

My mother lied about who he was.

How bad did he hurt you, mom, that you would let your daughter think he never cared?

I had to find out from strangers, who my father really was.

Only to find my father lied to me and let me think he was dead.

Why do they continue to lie to me, instead telling me the truth?

I want to know the truth, I want to see my father. I want them to quit lying to me, and thinking its for the best. I am not a little girl anymore to be protected.


by Kaylee

A well placed suggestive word, a subtle use of my ability, and they would be all mine.

Mine to hold.

Mine to use.

Mine to toss away.

They would love me and never hurt me.

With each persuasive word the black coils of temptation would tighten their hold on me. Whisper to me sweetly of what I could have and make me want more.

Then I learned how truly happy I could be if I let those men stay free. Learned what love truly is.

Now the black coils of temptation holds no sway over me.

But for how long?

The Puppet Man and Me

by Kaylee

They tell me he is a bad and that I should stay away, but when you look inside we are not much different.

The Puppet man and I have both killed with our power. Made people do what we want with a flick of our wrists, and found satisfaction in it.

Yet, we would do what we can to protect the Ferrymen kids and our friends.

That's why I consider him one of my best friends, because we are alike.

I know one day he could turn on me, but till then, he'll be my friend, someone I will trust.

Their Future

by Kaylee

I want normal and a family. To have my own child.

You want me to stay out of the conflict, to leave it to others.

How can I face my future children if I act like a coward?

I watch the children of today struggle, hiding cause of what they are. Hated and shunned. Taken away from their parents for having abilities.

How can I bring a child into that?

That's why I can't have normal just yet, I need to fight for a better future.

Then I can hold my head up high, knowing I did it for them.

Happiness: The Ferrymen

by Kaylee

Happiness is the look on peoples faces when you hand them a warm meal and a change of clothing, something they may have not seen for a time.

It's the look of awe on little faces as puppets dance on strings bringing to life stories told by a portly man, when the world around them is so dangerous and scary.

It is knowing the ones you care for and love are safe and sound, because you fought so hard and sacrificed so much to get them there.

Happiness is for me the satisfaction I get from working within the Ferrymen.

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