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Challenge Drabble for October 2018's the topic is Books.

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Laws of Inertia

by Lynette

An object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an outside force.

Fingers slide over the red fabric. It's not soft. It's not cashmere. But as far as symbols go, it works pretty well…

An object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force.

Those fingers wrap the scarf around a delicate, pale neck. It's never carried a symbol like this before.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Lynette doesn't aim for equal reaction, though. She aims for extremely disproportionate reaction.

With apologies to Newton, of course.

Skewed Perspective

by Lynette

She started to sweat and shake only hours later. Wasn't so bad this time. Wasn't bad at all. She liked it. She… wanted it again. Reliving the best times over again with just one… little… shot… It was all she could do not to bang on the door and demand another turn. Their tests, their prodding and poking… she didn't care, she just wanted that little blue vial. God, how she wanted it. But this would pass. This feeling, this desire, this hunger, this desperation. It would pass. It can't last forever.

Dear god don't let this last forever…

Fight or Flight

by Lynette

It all started with burnt sheets and fear. My father's gentle acceptance, his firm protection, that all came after. It made it easier. But it all started with burnt sheets and waking up from a nightmare. I hate that moment. That… dream. It's just a dream. That it still frightens me at thirty-two… it's humiliating. A grown woman crying because her father isn't there to hold her… Jesus. These people have taken my clothes, my hair, my blood and now my dignity, too. Have they taken your fight, too, Lynette? Did you ever have any?

Maybe I do now.

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