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Challenge Drabble for October 2018's the topic is Books.

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Empty Room

by Kaylee

Pain washes over me, pulling me from the darkness of unconsciousness. Reaching carefully, I touch the bandages, IV line tugs at my hand. My eyes blink open wearily, focusing on a clear bag of fluid above me. I feel relief.

I lived.

How long had I been out? I feel worn and my head fuzzy.

Looking around, the room is small and run down. A safe house, no doubt. It's so dark with the window boarded up and I am alone. I don't want to be alone. So I close my eyes and allow the darkness to swallow me again.

Skewed Perspective

by Lynette

She started to sweat and shake only hours later. Wasn't so bad this time. Wasn't bad at all. She liked it. She… wanted it again. Reliving the best times over again with just one… little… shot… It was all she could do not to bang on the door and demand another turn. Their tests, their prodding and poking… she didn't care, she just wanted that little blue vial. God, how she wanted it. But this would pass. This feeling, this desire, this hunger, this desperation. It would pass. It can't last forever.

Dear god don't let this last forever…


by Veronica

Once upon a time, there was a path, seemingly straightforward and well lit, beneath her uncertain feet— as long as she didn't stray, she would make her journey's end safe, a happy ending to her story.

But life is no fairy tale. Forked serpent tongues split the road, with no sign posts to point the right from the wrong, the good from the bad, the just from the unjust.

Brambles and thorns tearing at her legs, the path is long lost. With nothing but wilderness to stumble through in the blinding darkness, she has to make friends with the wolf.

String Theory

by Abigail

Hours, days, weeks and months tapping keys and watching imaginary lives and people take shape on the screen before us. Living lives that we can and do only dream of. An escape from the real world and place to vent real emotions. RP with me? Open scene in the park, all welcome! We need volunteers to have their lives ripped apart so can be cobbled back together. Gala's, fist-fights, mass slaughter and evolved prisons. A handful of people who cater to our whims with little thanks, approval sought and fingers wagged when we err. Refreshing that window every five minutes.

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