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If You Lived Here

by Odessa

This place feels alien

though I've stopped stumbling into the night stand in the dark.

I feel like I should pain the walls, put up a poster, make this space my own

but I'll leave it all behind before too long anyway.

I wonder if I made the wrong decision.

I dial your number at night and think to ask you

but I never press send.

I should've been a better girl.

Would you have caused me to do anything different?

In all my foolish yearning, I left behind something I've never been able to reclaim.

Would I be home now?

Cautionary Tales

by Odessa

No name. No address. No connections.

No way back.

The walls are closing in, ready to suffocate me as the walls whisper to me my shortcomings and the edges of my vision grow dark. All the lies I've told cannot undo the things I've tried to do right. Can't make me what I wanted to be.

I'm close now to something true, maybe. It cannot change my past. Paint it a different shade of grey-blue perhaps, but never make it right. The truth is always more disappointing than the fairy tale.

It's the lie that I can live up to.

Happiness: Cicatrix

by Odessa

Happiness isn't the sleepy smile of a lover as sunlight sifts through the blinds. It isn't knowing she's done the right thing. It isn't protecting people who deserve to live. It isn't falling in love for the first time. It isn't in the way snow gently falls, or the stars twinkle up above. It isn't in the way dawn kisses the dew.

It isn't scar across her throat where she allowed him to prove himself. Ones less severe at her wrists where she cut herself free. Faded lines under ribs.

It's tracks on her arms, the absence in her veins.

Christmas Lights

by Odessa

I said, "I'll never leave you," and I meant it. But I lied.

He showed me what Christmas could be. Bought a tree, and we decorated it with lights and tinsel. He put a golden-haired angel atop. "Because it looks like you, Joy," he murmured into my ear as I surveyed the soft glow of our creation. He created a brighter glow in me after dark.

I kissed the dusk of his lips, his dark lids and darker hair. "Last night was the best of my life," I whispered into pre-dawn, "I love you." Told him something true.

I left.

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