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At (Her) World's End

by Pandora

Scuffling. Screaming.

Give her back to me! Don't do this to her!

Back against the wall.

Fuck you!

I won't turn around. I want them to look at me. See my face. Watch me shout my curses.


Cheek to stone. Arms at my back.

My baby! We lost her father, don't make me leave her, too!


Blood in my nasal passages. In my mouth. On my tongue. Slicked to my teeth. Spat on concrete.


This can't be where it ends!

Trying to twist around. Trying to duck free of grasping hands and pinning limbs.



Unborn Hope

by Pandora

Blue eyes stare at me as if questioning my desires. Inside me there's a flutter that has nothing to do with my own emotions. It's like the child knows. I'm not like that, am I? I would never hate you. But I would be afraid for you. Every single day of my life. Without your father to protect us.

And he couldn't protect himself.

If he sacrificed himself just so you could be persecuted, I don't know what I'll do. I will love you and protect you all the days of my life, but please don't be one of them.

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