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Challenge Drabble for October 2018's the topic is Books.

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A Little More

by Sable

Lord, I know you ain't there. This is just me talkin' to myself. Only, as I don't wanna sound crazy, I'll address You with this particular fuckin' request.

Understand, Lord, that I ain't askin' to be dealt a better hand. I've never asked f'r that, as You well know A man c'n win with whatever goddamn (beggin' Your pardon) whatever set of rags he's given. He wins on wits 'n' grit.

But I'm askin' (not You, since You ain't there), just this once, f'r somethin' a little more than wits 'n' grit.

Lord, I humbly fuckin' request some luck.


A Delicate Thought

by Sable

Yeah, some songs make me cry. I think that's fuckin' healthy as a musician.

Some songs cheat, y'know? Like, some chord progressions give you shivers like… y'know. Those kinda shivers. And some just make your eyes prick somehow, put a weight in your chest. But that doesn't count. It's like an onion, it's just what it does.

There's a saying on this Alan Parson album. How music and a pleasurable idea together are poetry. That's not the whole thing, but I like that first part.

But songs that make me cry, the idea's gotta give pleasure and pain.

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