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Chase Fear With Love

by Tasha

When the shadows grow too menacing, when the settling of the building sounds too much like a door creeping ajar or footsteps approaching, when the nightmares— no, the memories— seem too real, too close, she shakes me awake.

I kiss wet cheeks and hold her trembling form, my own quivering with the startle of three a.m. awakening. I murmur promises that it will be okay. I kiss salty lips and try to chase away fear with love.

It works, sometimes. But it's temporary. The nightmares return.

I hope, someday, my love will be enough to chase them away forever.


by Tasha

Your power doesn't surprise me- not one bit.

When I was a kid, you were there: solid and sturdy, someone I could look up to. Someone that made me proud. Someone that I wanted to make proud of me.

But you slipped away slowly, fading until I could no longer feel you there for me. My small hand grasping for yours came away empty. Eventually I stopped reaching- I could not feel you, though your voice claimed you were there.

Now I push you away.

The memories of what we once had are just vapor trails left in your wake.


by Tasha

She is all startle and leap.

Too long, too thin limbs flail and quake. Too large eyes widen and roll. Kinetic, frenetic, and hyper-energetic, she's like a colt that has not yet been broken. Not quite tame and not quite wild, she frolics somewhere in the in-between. She will never fully belong to the manmade world.

Sometimes she grows still, a statue. For the most minute of moments, before something throws her into motion once more, she stands regal - beautiful and powerful in ways she does not yet own.

But not today. Today, she's all startle and leap.

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