Dragons Smagons


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Scene Title Dragons Smagons
Synopsis Magnes stops by to check on Keagan. The both of them try to convince Yana of the existence of the ice dragon, but the scientist believes the cake is a lie. Roll to disbelieve.
Date January 4

Dorchester Apartments - Yana's Apartment

Having called ahead to make sure he wouldn't be imposing, Magnes made a quick flight over to Dorchester, getting buzzed up, and finally knocking on Yana and Keagan's door. He's in a zipped up black fleece jacket, neatly fitting blue jeans, and a pair of plain black leather shoes. Casual, but not skater boy casual. "It's Magnes."

Keagan is…doing something. His laptop is open, but who knows what these kids are doing on those things these days. He seems to have several programs open, with different things happening on each program. He isn't wearing anything fancy. Just a plain white A-frame and navy sweat pants. Actively, he's playing Call of Duty on his PS3, blowing away his competition and likewise getting blown away. Unfortunately, he's the closest to the door. After a helicopter mows him down, he pulls his feet off the coffee table, and squats on the fancy sofa. With a spring of his legs, he leaps over the back of the couch, controller in hand, and his bare feet can be heard from the other side clumping carelessly to the door. He unlocks it, and pulls on the knob to reveal Magnes. "Hey," he says. "Aunt Yana! Magnes is here," he calls out over his shoulder, his voice ringing through the apartment. He turns back to the game, spawning again. Bullets are already hailing around him. He takes the controller in both hands and starts controlling his character as he starts walking back to the couch. He doesn't know Magnes is here to see him.

"Keagan, how many times do I have to tell you, we do not yell in the house." Comes Yana's scolding voice, as she comes stepping out of her study, where she had been working on going through the information she gathered regarding Bella Sheridan and her work with Project Icarus. The woman is still wearing the dress she had on earlier in the car, as she is always rather pristine, difficult to catch off her game. "The proper thing to do is to ask your guest to wait, and then come and fetch me." She instructs, before looking to Magnes. "How unexpected Magnes. People are going to start making assumptions about your many returns to this apartment. In any case, what brings you here this evening?"

"I don't think anyone will confuse me for anything unsavory." Magnes snickers and shakes his head, glancing over at Keagan and nodding in that direction. "I came to see how he's doing today, since I know he went through a lot yesterday." He reaches over and grabs a black backpack from the floor, holding it up. "I brought a few things, do you mind if I speak to him? You'd be a great help, since you know him much better."

Keagan continues to play the game, flopping back onto the couch. He doesn't respond to Yana's scolding, he finds that to just let her say it tends to be a better course of action than try to argue about it. As Keagan hears Magnes indicate that he's referring to him, the boy's head pops back up over the couch. "She thinks I'm making the dragon up," he comments to Magnes, as if he could solve the problem. He doesn't look at the bag, though. There's people shooting at him! Blam blam! He takes down two enemies and dives across the field for cover to avoid a grenade from a third. He comes back over a wall, and drops the third. Not a bad move.

"Of course." Yana nods, gesturing over to the living area. "Please.." The woman nods and heads that direction. Yana will more than likely have something to say about Keagan's attention the the video game, since there is a guest for him. Her expectations for proper behavior dictate that Keagan should turn off the game and be respectful of their guest. She looks at her nephew on the couch, and her face starts to shift to a chastising express, not wanting to actually have to say it. She does speak up about something,

"Keagan.. There are no such things as dragons, unless they are komodo. This notion that you two seem to share about Puff the magic ice dragon is a highly egregious notion, and I'm starting to feel like you're trying to insult my intelligence. You're not tricking me into believing such a thing. You probably saw some Evolve manifested illusion that was made to scare you away from the area."

"Well, it certainly wasn't a dragon. I've actually seen this Evolved before. He showed up on the 8th and seemed to be attacking people out in the open. Though in all of the chaos, I'm not sure if anything even made it to the news." Magnes heads over to the couch, taking a seat next to Keagan and sitting the backpack inbetween his feet. "I know someone who can turn their entire mass into pure fire, it's one of the reasons for me wanting to do that research. This person is likely the same, except with ice. His body seemed to be kind of unstable, but he did seem dragon-like, I think he was just trying to scare us. He's definitely not an illusionist, all of the ice that covered Keagan here was because that man froze the water."

Unfortunately, Keagan doesn't even know that Yana is giving him a look. Such is life with an ADHD kid. Trying to get his undivided attention on anything is difficult. "Sure looked like a dragon to me," he comments, meeting his fate again as somebody shoots him from behind. "Gah, stupid campers." The game ends, and he puts the controller down. "Maybe dragons in old stories were really ancient evolved people?" he suggests, actually looking in Magnes' direction now. "But I think they were probably dinosaurs. Did you know that they found a human hand inside of an Allasaurus skeleton in Texas, proving that dinosaurs and humans actually walked the earth at the same time? Crazy." Yes, he just made that whole conversation progression all by himself.

"Of course. A construct made to look like a dragon." Yana takes it completely in another direction. "Obviously, this Evolved person has detailed control over ice, and they made a giant ice sculpture of a dragon as a prop. That makes sense." the woman nods, having given up on pushing Keagan in what she insists is the polite thing to be doing. "But he isn't around now, so that is just one less thing to worry about. Besides, if Keagan were covered in ice, it could be because of his ability." Yana peers at Keagan, wondering if the boy's ability had something to do with the state of his clothes. Seeing as how Keagan is registered, it isn't that big of a deal for Yana.

"Your ability is very interesting, but I wasn't sure what it was. I assumed you turned into stone." Magnes tilts his head, a little curious, then unzips his backpack and pulls out a red helmet with yellow Flash lightning symbols on the side, offering it over, then pulls out similar elbow and kneepads. "Not only were you and Anna skating around in a washout, but you weren't wearing any sort of protective gear. I just wanted to make sure you had some you'd like wearing." He holds up a finger, nodding in a very PSA-like tone. "You should always remember that there's nothing uncool about safety."

Keagan gives Yana a look. He doesn't talk about his ability. He would've stayed registered as a non-evolved if he had his way. "Yeah, well, thanks." The boy examines the helmet. "I'm the Flash." He waits for a moment that Magnes isn't looking for him to give Yana a glance that says 'seriously?'. "Right, safety first." He wraps on the helmet with the edge of the controller in his other hand lightly.

He may be right, but there is for sure something uncool about Magnes' statement. Even Yana know that. She can't believe how incredibly white he is, having said that. But she doesn't let on about it. It wouldn't do to poke fun at him for it. "Yes, of course.. safety." she says a little halfheartedly. She herself has never really participated in activies which require her to wear a helmet and knee pads, so she isn't the best judge. She just offers Keagan a simple shrug, at a loss of a response to what Magnes had just said. "Well it is at least very nice of you to be concerned for his safety."

"I just don't want him getting hurt. Most teenagers haven't had proper instruction on skating. The first thing you're supposed to learn is how to fall, or you can really hurt yourself." Magnes looks around the apartment for a few seconds, then up at Yana. "So everything is alright with you two? Sorry for calling so soon, I just wanted to make sure everything was fine. When you see your first very strange thing, I know it can shake you up and make you feel as if reality's been turned upside down."

"You realize I've lived here my whole life," Keagan answers Magnes. "I've seen a lot of weird things." Most of which Yana never hears about. She'd just overreact. Are things fine? He doesn't answer that one. He sets the helmet to the side, and sifts through the game menu, re-equipping his character with new gear and weapons idly.

"Keagan, Magnes is just trying to help, no need to be rude." She can't fault him when his attempts are real, and not half thought out. "Oh, we're doing just fine." the woman assures him, "We had a talk, and came to an understanding about behavior. We shouldn't have any more incidents like the one yesterday. Keagan is going to be more responsible with his decisions from now on."

Magnes doesn't seem to mind the boy's attitude, simply nodding and continuing. "There are stranger things you could see than an Evolved ability, that's why being safe is so important. You can never be prepared for absolutely everything, but if you're cautious and mindful, you always have an upperhand in the world." He begins zipping his backpack up, offering his hand to Keagan. "I'd love to give you skating lessons, if your aunt approves." Then, up to Yana. "And, speaking of those stranger things one could see, I've decided that I have a few things to tell you about later."

"Yep, we are both going to work hard at being more responsible with our decisions," Keagan gives a slightly backhanded confirmation to Yana's statement. Skating lessons? That gets Keagan's attention. Not that he cares so much about the skating. He cares about the other person Magnes has been giving lessons to. "Sure, that'd be great!" he answers Magnes eagerly, taking the offered hand. "I've always wanted to learn to do those cool moves you see in the X-games."

Stranger things… Yana still has a difficult time believing that they saw a dragon like creature in the sewers. As the whole thing sounds far too much like a comic book to her. "Yes, of course." she says to Magnes' words. Both to the ones mentioned about Keagan and to her. "We can discuss it at some point soon. Though for now, it is almost time for dinner I believe, and I have some papers I would like to get read before that. And I'm sure that Keagan is eager to return to his game. You two can work out when it would be best to go for the skating lessons."

"Alright, here…" Magnes reaches into his pocket for a plain white card with his name and number on it, offering it over to Keagan. "Call me when you're done with your game and we'll discuss things." He stands up and slips his backpack on again, holding a hand out to Yana. "Tomorrow I have a lot of sensitive things to tell you, so dinner in a public setting won't quite cut it. But I'll figure something out, if tomorrow works for you, that is."

Keagan reaches out and takes the card between his forefinger and middle finger. He gives a mock salue with the card, and then his fingers adjusts, and the card…just disappears. Just like the magicians do. He listens as Magnes tells Yana that he has sensitive things to tell her, and arches his brow. What could that be all about?

"Tomorrow.." Yana has to think for a few moments, getting her schedule straight in her head, "It is possible. Perhaps.. I do have a meeting tomorrow, but there may be time after the fact. I cannot say that I'd be able to make dinner for sure just yet. But in any event, we'll see what comes of tomorrow, and just go from there." she nods to him, reaching to take his hand. "Just.. contact me here, or on my cell."

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