Dream Of Me


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Scene Title Dream Of Me
Synopsis After Abigail's visit, and once food has been cleared away, Coren and Cassidy talk.
Date September 17, 2009

Bellevue Hospital Center

Once the food's been tucked away into the bags and set in a small cooler Coren grabbed from his car, he sits down on the hospital bed next to Cassidy and wraps an arm around her. "How're you doing, luv?" Because he could feel her while he was away, going from docile to frightened, to paranoid.

She was quiet while she was eating, even her mind seemed numb… like she was trying to not think. Cassidy is even quiet as while she watches him put things away, slowly and painfully shifting herself over, so that when he's done there is space on her bed. Red hair catches on the scruff of his chin when she rests the side of her head against his jaw. "Better then I thought I would… but worse then I had hoped." Her words are soft as if she's afraid to talk to loud. "It was like…. once you were gone, I was exposed. And when Abigail walked in… " She doesn't have to say it for him to know that she wondered if it was Azrael, cause she can't feel Abigail like Coren… or even Liz.

And there's a hand that brushes at her hair to keep it out of her eyes. Coren looks down with a sigh. "I'll try not to leave you alone much, but you are going to have to try and get out and about. You know that as well as I do." He kisses the top of her head, "Even though I know neither of us like that idea very much."

"I know." The words are barely above a whisper, the idea makes her stomach twist in a sickening way. "I'll be able to do it. I know I can do it…. just…" ..not yet. She glances down and then her eyes travel to the mess of her legs. Then her hands come around and she looks at her arms. One hand moves to trace one the the more shallow healing cuts. Her voice sounds a bit distant, "You can't always stick around me, especially if I'm going to work again."

Coren's hand reaches for Cassidy's to stop her from picking at her wounds. He then continues stroking the side of her face. "I can and I will," he replies, defiantly, against her fearful statement that he can't always stick around her. "You've already moved into my apartment. While you're on the mend, I'm definitely going to always be there. And when we go back to work, I'll make sure they know just how bad it will be if they prevent us from remaining as partners."

Hands drop to clasp in her lap, her thumb rubs against the palm of her other hand. "No you can't.." Cassidy returns a touch defiant in her own right. "For now yes… and I won't argue that. I need you right now." She turns to look at him, the angle kind of odd where she is. "You're aware they might just think we're a liability and let us go?" She watches him closely as she says that. It's something she thinks about often, mostly cause she's not sure about her ability to get through it all. What would happen to them then? Because of her…. they might lose the job they have dedicated themselves to.

Coren looks down on Cassidy's head and her defiance. "I can and will for as long as I can," he says before he resumes brushing his hand through her hair. "If they decide to let us go, they let us go. There's not much we can do about it, and I certainly wouldn't blame them if they thought that. Not sure what we'd do then, but I'm sure we'll think of something. Could always drag you to London."

"I kind of like that word, 'we'. Seems different then before." Cassidy says with a small smile, her eyes on her hands. "And your right.. I wouldn't blame them either." Her fingers trace along another long cut and sighs. "Though I admit I've always wanted to go outside the country." She glances at him out of the corner of her eye as if afraid to really look at him. "Are… you sure?" About her…. about them. Her fingers still lightly run along the cuts, suddenly self conscious she shakes her head, "Nevermind…"

Coren looks down again, watching her for only a moment before brushing her hands away from the cuts again. Something tells him he'll be doing that for a while. But then he brushes his own hand against one of them, willing her to look up at him. Once she does, one hand at the side of her face, he kisses her. Perhaps it's not filled with the fiery passion she had hoped for before this whole mess, it is filled with the unconditional love he has for her. And really, what more can someone ask for?

There is surprise from the younger detective as his hand brushes over the healing wounds. How can he stand touching them? She turns to look at him, her heart jumping into her throat as he kisses her. No it's not a passionate one, but the emotions passing between them makes up for it. Dashing away dark memories of the last time he kissed her, of course, it wasn't really him then. No, this one… is much better in her mind. When their lips part, there are tears on her cheeks, but she's smiling softly. "I guess that's a yes." She whispers. "You're stuck with me for a very… very long time, Detective Doctor Coren Shelby." She makes sure to make it sound rather ominous, like predicting the end of the word.

The title that will forever be stuck in Coren's mind as that little note left for Liz and Cassidy when they entered the dorm room to find Megan Manning. That's only another reason he told Abby to just cut the Detective part out. It's such a mouthful. "That really is a mouthful," he says as he brushes his hand through Cassidy's hair and gives her another quick kiss. "How could you ever doubt my heart?" He doesn't say words, but heart. For some reason, and it's taken him a while to realize it, he feels more for Cassidy than his first wife, the one he lost to some madman in a diner one day, who died in his arms. And all he can pray is that if that day comes for either of them, they die in each other's arms. Together.

"Sorry.. I thought it was kinda cute.. till you thought that." Cassidy murmurs with a light frown, but is distracted by another kiss and his words. She closes her eyes just allowing herself to feel his emotions, and smiles tearfully, "I can't now. I did though." She chuckles a bit and rubs her hands lightly on her thighs, "I even denied myself.. made stupid decisions… " Mortimer. "When the one thing I hadn't been looking for was right there and it took… " She stops herself, before the memories can hit her, but the twinge of anxiety and fear is there. However, she forces herself to continue, ".. it took this to see clearly." For both of them really and she knows it.

"I'm sorry it took so long," Coren says, holding Cassidy tightly to him now — well, not so much that it hurts beyond a few minor aches, which she's OK with as a trade for his comfort. "I'm going to see you through this, Cass. You're going to be fine. It might take a while — a long while, but you will be OK." Maybe not 100% who she used to be, but she will be OK.

Curled up against him, within the safety of his arms, Cassidy knows it will be. "I am so sorry about Mortimer. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm sorry for everything I put you through." Including, what was still ahead. Head resting against his chest, she listens the soft beat of his heart, eyes and mind starting to feel heavy with her exhaustion. She's almost scared to let herself drift off, he is always there in her nightmares. Stay right here and hold me? Let me sleep?

I will hold you whenever you need me to for as long as you need me to, even if I have to carry you. Coren brushes a hand over Cassidy's hair to get it out of her and then kisses her forehead. "Sleep, my love. Have only peaceful dreams. That bastard can't hurt you anymore. Dream of me." He kisses her forehead again and then gently reclines, allowing Cassidy to get more comfortable. I will always be there for you.

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