Dream Of The Future


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Scene Title Dream of the Future
Synopsis Quinn finds Kaylee, and the two discuss the recent pattern of dreams.
Date March 30, 2011

Pollepel Island: Kaylee's Room

Normally, when Robyn Quinn wakes up in the morning, it with wide eyes and a smile on her face, even if looks tired. But she's never adjusted to sleeping on Pollepel, and it's been some time since she actually dead. So this morning, as she walks down the castle's stone halls, her expression is a bit droopy and flat, eyes carrying that sense of tiredness. But the two cups of coffee she carries in hand, that should help, right? One would think, but that would be if both were for her.

They aren't.

There was one central thing that the musician has come to Pollepel Island for. Or, well, one person. Kaylee Thatcher had come to her the first time these dreams appeared, and now it was Quinn's turn to come to her, with information and worries. Maybe since the last time they had talked, Kaylee had figured somethign out. Maybe not. BUt that hope that she can help is what brings Quinn to her door in Bannerman, the Irishwoman kncking gentley against it, trying not to spill her cup as she waits for a response.

There is some movement within the room, before Kaylee opens the door. First only enough to let her squint out, before the door opens to the room she shares with Joseph. "Hey!" Her smile, bright but tired and her eyes still showing signs of having been crying, even though there are no tears at the moment. Behind her the bed is made, but there is papers and a notebook scattered across it. When Kaylee steps aside and says, "Come on in," Quinn can see a big slab of plywood propped against the brick wall. A length of red string cutting across half of it and a few index card pinned to it.

"Wasn't expecting anyone. So this is a pleasant surprise." Kaylee glances inside the room and adds with a touch of amusement, "Unless your looking for Joseph, then you just missed him."

"I should see Joseph. At least say hello," Quinn muses as she steps into the room, a smile offered over to Kaylee. "I brought you some coffee, if you'd like. Don't have t', I could probably use both glasses, but…" She trails off a bit, ees moving to the plywood against the back wall, eyes narrowing a bit. "I'm glad t' see you're here, though. Kinda sucks you're not around the city. I guess it's just another reason for me t' come around here more, though!"

Gaze turning back to Kaylee, her smile returns. "I did actually kinda come out here t' talk to you, though. Well, an' Lynette. An'- okay, a few people. But, um…" Her eyes close, and she lets out a sigh. "I wanted t' talk t' you about the dreams."

"Ooo." Her hands reach for the mug and takes it gratefully. "Thank you, I've been a touch focused." Hand moving to the room in general. She blows on the coffee and takes a sip before moving further into the small room. "And… I'm sorry I haven't been in the city, it's just with all the people dying…" Kaylee trails off and shakes her head. "Joseph's been needed out here. We've —- we've been doing a lot of digging lately. I need to go back to the city in a bit anyhow. Kinda missing Grand Central anyhow." She gives Quinn and sad glance before moving to sit at the edge of the bed.

Transferring to mug to one hand she picks up a grouping of pages and moves them aside for Quinn to sit as well. "Heard about me taking on this little project?" There is a bit of a lopsided smirk from Kaylee.

"Yeah…" Is a sad response from Quinn, her heanging a bit. "Yeah, I heard. I… stopped by the infirmary last night, it's where Lynette was. Such a terroble thing, what's happened. I'm sorry you guys are having t' do so much digging. If there's more… I can help, while I'm here." QUinn rolls her shoulders a bit, before looking back at the wall.

"Is that what that's all about?" Quinn inquires, tilting her head a bit. "I had no idea. I actually came t' see you, because… well. You were the one who came t' me originally. I thought I should come tell you what I've heard. And seen. I though maybe you'd heard more too." A soft chuckle escapes her lips, Quinn shaking her head just a little bit. "I guess that was god tinkin' on my part, then?"

A glance goes to the board and then a nod of her head. "That's temporary if the dreams keep up… but so far I only have like 3 know dreams and a possible on it." Kaylee glances at Quinn and gives her a small smile. "Since I had talk to you and Delilah, I got approached by Griffin and Nadira. That's kinda when I decided to start keeping track."

Reaching behind her on the bed she pulls a notebook close, flipping it open to her notes. "Details going here… or at least what I've observed when viewing these dream. Them.. then Joseph has a dream of his daughter coming to live with him… and I also think I figured out that Hannah Kirby… I think she had one too. A bombed out New York." Frowning, Kaylee looks down at the notebook, "Or it seemed like that."

Quinn rubs her face as she takes a step forward, looking at the piece of string and notecards. "This reminds me of what Hiro had at that palce of his, just way less complicated t' look at," she muses, flashing a smile back at Kaylee. "I know of… three more t' share with you. Two of them my own, an'… one them shared between Elaine, Lynette, an' a few other people, if she hasn't come t' you yet." The mention of Hannah makes Quinn look off to the side a bit. Not someone she knows, but yet another person she saw in a coma at the infirmary.

"Mine weren't… exactly happy," Quinn remarks quietly. "Nor was Elaine an' Lynette's. Or the one I heard from Nadira. It makes me nervous, thinkin' about all of these things. But now I'm glad I came t' you. I've been trying t' get information on them, t' bring t' you. Funny how that worked out, isn;t it?"

"The string map is next if they start to pile up." Kaylee's tone is bland enough she sounds like she's isn't exactly happy of the thought. "It's a method my own father utilized when he was trying to find those points in the future that needed to be avoided. It has it's uses, though. "

Pushing to her feet, Kaylee move to stand front of the timeline with it's only few cards. "It's sounding like the same people are having dreams, with a few others tossed in. Even in the dreams Just in these.. I've seen repeats. Like Joseph's daughter." She points to two of the four.

"Anyhow… So." Taking a deep breaths she lets it out in a huffed sigh, as she somewhat changes gears. "You've have two more personally, which I'd love to get a look at." Curiosty and all. "And you're telling me Nadira had another? Already starting to pile up." Lip press together briefly.

"I could really use the help. So thank you." Kaylee admits softly, with a soft smile for the woman. "Things, like collecting data, pointing people my way if you think it needs a look at. Detailed written accounts would be great."

"Nadira was, uh, in one of my dreams," Quinn says as she draws in a deep breath. My first dream was… me, Sable, Magnes, and Lance." Which, Quinn is hoping that Kaylee knows the Lighthouse Kids well enough. "My second was… me, Nadira, Sable, some woman I've never seen before, Nicole Nichols… and her daughter, one she doesn't have." A hand raises, rubbing at her chin. "The one I heard about from Elaine an' Lynette was the two of them, Nicole, Eileen, some guy named Francois, um…" she pauses, thinking for a moment before she snaps her fingers, "Nicole said someone named Jessca Sadners, and… Elisabeth Harrison."

"Lance?" Kaylee looks intrigued, moving to pick up her notebook and jot a few notes down. Mainly a list of people as Quinn says them. Looking up from her list, Kaylee gives her a lop sided smirk, a touch uncertain. "Still willing to let me look?" Brows tick up a little as she asks, flipping the book closed again and hooking her mechanical pencil on it.

The curiosity seeming to burn in those blue eyes of her's.

"This is is getting more and more complicated as time goes on. I may need to go to the mainland to visit some of them." She gives the book a bit of a wave. "I sent a message back into the city for Cardinal and Elisabeth, so I got to go back for that at least."

"Lance," Quinn reaffirms. "And I swear he looked like he could be in highschool or older," which in and of iself is telling. "I wouldn't be sure, but… we called him Lance in the dream. An' he had Lance's ability, so…" Quinn rols her shoulders a bit, looking around for a scene. "And I heard… from Ygraine that Harrison ahd one about her bein' on teh run because she was a pregnant evolved, an' apparently that was illegal. She was pregnant too in Elaine's dream, so…" trailing off again, Quinn takes a seat, quirking an eyebrow at Kaylee. "I don't mind you looking. Feel free t' ull me talkin' with people too, you know? Get details from their mouths, in a way." The mention of Cardinal and Elisabeth makes her wince a little. Her opinions on Cardinal aside, Harrison coming up again is met with a quirking of ehr eyebrow. "Clearly there's something about the head of FRONTLINE I don't know. Everyone seems to know her, and… that seems okay. WHich is weird t' think about."

"I only really know her through Richard. He's… family…. sorta." Kaylee quirks a bit of a smile, but it fades. "So… high school or older you said?" She moves to the small desk in the room, she removes an index card from a small pile there. This she has in hand as she crouches in front of the time line. A tack is carefully pried from it.

She considers what she has there and sticks the card between two events. "Roughly eight to ten years, you think?"

Standing up Kaylee turns, her gaze drifting up to Quinn's forehead. "We'll start there. The dream with Lance and we'll see what we can put on this board accurately." Then she meets her friend's gaze. "This has to work… figuring out all this. More heads are better then just mine. " Fingers wiggle as she lifts her hands, "Shall we?" Her tone bright, but it's somewhat forced.

"I guess it would ahve t' be? I can't remember offhand how old lance is. Nine or ten, I think?" She rolls her shoulders a bit in a shrug, settling into her seat as Kaylee's hands settle on to her forehead. She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes.

What Kaylee sees over the next several minutes is a series of visions, all covering numerous events - her dream of Sable, Magnes, and Lance. Of FRONTLINE catching up to them despite their attempts to escape, and of Magnes' fate at the end of the matter. Of Quinn talking with Elaine, and then with her and Lynette, and later with Niccole, alla bout teh dream they shared about Elisabeth Harrison. With Ygraine about what she head of Liz's dream, and finally the harrowing dream she experianced just nights ago, of four women - and Nadira's son - working together to rescue Nicole Nichols, saving her from being raped and her little girl from being harmed, and Quinn shooting a man in the head.

All in all, a pretty grim thing to behold. And bringing it all back to mind, by the end there's another tear sliding down Quinn's cheek.

"Eleven." Is offered about Lances age by Kaylee as she lets her finger tips press against temples and blue eyes slide shut. Quinn of course can feel with woman within her mind, a gentle presences. Can almost see Kaylee viewing the memories, films of it running before her. This is how Kaylee works. The memories will sharpen some gain some clarity for a short time.

When all is said and done, and eyes open again… Kaylee lets out a whoosh of breath trying to calm her own emotions even as she take a moment to brush that tear from her friends cheek. "That…. " There are no words for it, Kaylee turns to the board. "That's the worst dreams I've seen, beyond Joseph's funeral." The telepath's voice is strained, fighting her own emotions.

She moves to pick up cards and a sharpie, the sharp smell assaulting noises as Kaylee writes on the cards. 'Magnes' Death' and 'Nicole's Rescue.' Then she regards her board in though, Quinn can see her eyes unfocus. Dreams reviewed. First Magnes death is placed with Joseph's funeral, eyes narrowing a little. "Lance was in his twenties…" There is a pause and she adds,"I think…" Then shifting it to sit before the funeral. "So about possibly ten or more years in the future.

"This tho'" Kaylee holds up the card with Nicole's rescue. "Further down… the line." She glances at Quinn. "This dream looked like Hannah Kirby's bombed out New York. Amazing how far things will fall."

"I hope it's a long, long way off," Quinn remarks quietly, shaking her head slowly. Blinking her eyes once - mostly because it feels like images linger in her mind, even though they don't and her vision is clear - she rises up from her seat, moving up alongside Kaylee as she looks at the cards and such. "The dream that Lynette and Elaine had, I'm willing t' bet that that was sooner rather than just because… Nicole had a daughter in ours." She pauses, glancing over towards Kaylee. "Nothin' like that in the dream they shared. She said she'd had a dream with her daughter before, too, now that I think about it."

Tapping her foot, she looks across the line, clicking her tongue. "Christ. This is way more full than I'd like. Ygraine thinks someone's deliberately sendin' us a message or somethin'. I… don't know about that, but it's a better explaination than I have at the moment, really. Can't say I blame them, this shit is…" Awful goes unsaid. Mostly because she doesn't really feel it needs to be said. The dreams, they speak for themselves

"Yeah…" Another card is posted for Liz's capture. "That's what? Four more just from you." Kaylee takes a deep breath and lets it out. "I'm not sure I can view all of them. If you can get written accounts, that could be just as good. Joseph wrote his up for me and it was pretty detailed." There is a fondness as always when she talks about the pastor, glancing back at the papers on the bed.

"Tho'… with a dream like that one," she turns back and points at Magnes' demise, "I'd like to see it. On that one, I'd like to get it from him… if he was a dreamer. Could you check?" Brows lift a bit, knowing that Magnes is a band mate. "Maybe we can get together with him when I'm on the mainland."

"Yeah… I plan t' see him when I get home t'night. I've been meaning t' get with him an' Sable we could talk about it, but it just hasn't worked out yet." Quinn rolls her shoulders a bit, ahand moving to her chin. "Alright. I know you can't talk t' everyone, so I'll do what I can. I can get Elaine to write hers up, if nothin' else. Nicole too. Beyond that…"

Another shrug. "Magnes, though, shouldn't be too hard t' set up. Be… careful with him, though. I hate t' say it, but we shouldn't talk anythin' Ferry around him. Apparently he's working on some project with Institute types, I'm already wary enough of hanging out with him at the moment. So… just keep that in mind."

Picking up her notebook and dropping to sit on the edge of the bed again, Kaylee sighs, "Beyond that, we can only hope people will step forward about their dreams."

"And I know all about Magnes. His mind is…. yeah." Kaylee huffs out with a 'you know what I mean' look. "I didn't know about the Institute thing… so I'll keep that in mind." Her gaze drops to the notebook and she flips through it a bit.

"Oh!" She looks up at Quinn with a bit of a smile. "If you talk to Sable, see if she can ask Delilah if she had a dream about Hannah coming to live with Joseph in Grand Central?" The telepath picks up the pages and shows them to Quinn. "Joseph mentions her and Walter in his. Since we know not everyone dreams the same memories."

"Delilah? Yeah, I can do that. She an' Sable just got moved to Staten Island, though, so I don't know when I can do it." Which again has a frown sitting on Quinn's face. "I'll keep my ear t' the ground about things. Seems like a lotta people I know know other people I didn't expect. Ygraine was the one who told me that Harrison had been having dreams, even though Ygraine herself hasn't had one. "I'd talk t' her myself, but the idea of gettin' in contact with the woman in charge of FRONTLINE… it makes me really, really nervous. But I'll let you know if I hear about anythin' else.

A hand touches Quinn's arm and Kaylee gives her a bright smile. "Thank you. You are going to be a life saver. Don't do more than you’re comfortable with or talk to anyone that will compromise the network, we don't need these dreams that desperately," she points out, standing from the bed to hunt out where she put down that coffee.

"Not that I think you would," She adds quickly, picking up her mug again. Kaylee gives Quinn a confident smile. "I think two heads will be better than one on this."

"Christ, no. The network comes first, definitely," Quinn remarks with a bit of a laugh and a shake of her head. "That's why I'm being careful with Magnes. That's the closest I'm getting t' screwing the network, and even that makes me uncomfortable. But he's not actually working with the Institute, at least. I hope. If he is, that's a whole new thing we need t' talk about…"

Trailing off a bit, there's a moment as Quinn looks over the note cards, before she smirks and looks back over at Kaylee. "I agree, though. Workin' t'gether on this is going t' be better. I just hope all a' this doesn't give me too bad of a headache."

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