Dreaming In An Impala


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Scene Title Dreaming in an Impala
Synopsis When Alia needs an unexpected transportation, she calls the last person anyone would expect
Date February 13, 2011

New Jersey

Alia picked the location of… a non-descript out-of-business convenience store in New Jersey, a good ways from NYC proper. She leans against one of the walls, on the side away from the road, trying to be small and out of sight… the ill fitting clothing, and lack of shoes, doesn't really make her look the best… and frankly, she's amazed there isn't a rather hostile search party out looking for her. Still, she has a smile on her face, despite a migrane and the other problems. She's free. And there will be hell to pay before she gives that up again.

Pulling up in front of the store, Magnes honks the horn of his Impala a few times, wearing a black suit jacket over a white buttoned up shirt, blue jeans, and red Chucks. Then, remembering the shoes, he steps out of the car and heads into the store, holding up a pair of yellow Chucks for her when he opens the door. "It really is you."

Alia pushes off the wall, nodding, as she walks up and pulls the shoes on. She looks tired. Actually, she looks worse then tired, and it seems she's trying not to wince at every motion. "Need back to Midtown. no ID. and migrane." Her voice is low. "Never saw me." She sighs. "DoEa…and maybe HF, going to be hunting for me."

Magnes immediately dips down, trying to lift her with one arm under her knees, and the other supporting her back, seemingly intent on just carrying her. "I can keep a secret. And you're tired, let me carry you to the car."

It seems Alia is either in no condition to argue, even as she winces a little, reflexively. Being hypersensitive to touch makes the world a scary place. She pulls out a sealed envelope from in her sleeve. Likely she found it hiding in one of the back rooms. It has a red-inked bird in the address field, as well as what looks like a queen playing peice. "One other favor. Need this dropped off. At REdbird Securities. Battery City. Could you?" She knows she's asking a lot.

"Yeah, sure, if it helps you out. I'm not asking any questions, but it's hard to say no when someone needs help." Magnes carefully sits her in the passenger side after opening the door with his ability, then takes the letter and gently closes the door. He walks around to his side, slams his door, then starts to drive off. "It figures, day before Valentine's Day, and the only letter I get is a delivery." he smiles slightly, then shakes his head.

Smiling ever so briefly, Alia speaks "Magnes? Be thankful." She shudders and does buckle herself in. "It might get worse before better." She half-closes her eyes. "… owe you one. Big time."

"I'm surprised you called me for something this important." Magnes reaches into the glove compartment, opening it to reveal a bottle of tea and some pretty delicious sandwiches that happen to have ranch dressing on pepper ham and such. "So where am I taking you, again?"

Alia shakes her head. "Midtown. Or as close as you can get me." She sighs. "Yes, surprising. Last person I'd normally ask. Thus why." She passes the sandwhich but opens the bottle and drinks about a quarter of it in one shot. "a name. Georgia Mayes. Know it?"

"Doesn't ring a bell. Will you really be safe in Midtown?" Magnes asks as they start driving down a pretty long but relatively baron road surrounded by trees and forest. "I mean, I just don't want you to get hurt, you don't seem like you're in the best shape."

Alia laughs. "I'm more threat to midtown, then midtown to me." She closes her eyes. "I'm… alright. Just… oversensitive. hurts so good?" Alia giggles a little, then nods. "If you hear name, be worried. Higher up. DoEA. Think she's also Humanis First." Alia frowns. "Kept me locked up. Tried to use me as security software. Some new penitentary in Delaware."

"You'll be fine, but if you need anything else, just ask, alright? I'll keep all of this to myself unless you say otherwise." Magnes raises an eyebrow when she mentions being oversensitive, then snickers lightly. "You sure you have plans on Valentine's Day?" he asks, jokingly.

Alia winces. "Sleeping. For first time in week." She states this very blandly, even as she nods. "Thank you, Magnes…" There's a pause, then an impish grin. "Maybe I will get to show you Green Goblin impersonation, later."

"Sounds like you had a hard time. I know what it's like to be locked up against your will." Magnes looks over at her briefly, this earning a smirk that's mixed with amusement and confusion. "I'm not sure what that means exactly, but, kinky."

Alia twitches. "I'll 'splain. Some other time." She shivers and tries to supress the migrane that is still haunting her every move. "Locked up is… kind way of saying it." She notes dryly. "More like… mind not in body. Since Winter Solistice."

"Really? That… I'm not even sure how to comprehend that experience. Is that why you're super sensitive?" Magnes reaches over to lightly tap her arm, mostly a gesture of curiosity. "So it doesn't hurt, it's like, when your foot falls asleep and the feeling comes back?"

Alia winces from the touch. "It's.. coming out of dark, into light. But for all senses." It DOES hurt, but it's a good hurt. It means she's alive.

"I hope you're going somewhere that people can take care of you." Magnes sighs, resting his head back against the seat. "Maybe you should get some sleep now, we've got a way to go. You'll be safe."

Alia nods. "I am." She says, even as she tilts the seat back to take that advice… it is barely a few moments before she's out like a light, perchance, dreaming.

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