Dreaming's Rescue


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Scene Title Dreaming's Rescue
Synopsis When she fell off the bridge, Gillian should have died, or been captured. Things intervene to make sure that didn't happen, thanks at most to a dreamer.
Date January 28, 2009

Bank of the Hudson


The explosions are deafening. The cold almost numbing. Yet still, Gillian can feel the warmth of his hand, against her own, his breath when he whispers to her, and even hear the words he says. So soft under the roar of fire and the after-burn of the lightning in the air. The words are almost more clear than anything else. Even when he gets louder and tells her to go.


He turns away and leaves her. Gillian doesn't even move at first, staring as he goes toward the danger to rescue someone. That's what it is. Now she hears the screams for help. What he'd told her says she should turn around and leave, and at the same time that she should stay and wait— which is what she does, gripping the oversized coat that she borrowed from him.

In some ways, it's better that she did. Homeland Security clenches down at the end of the bridge, where she could have been running toward.

The next moments pass almost without coherance. Everything shakes. Gabriel never makes it back to her. She doesn't even see him fall. Next thing she knows, she's tumbling off the edge, reaching out for something, anything— and her hand briefly finds that of a blonde angel who destroyed the demon that possessed the man she loves. The hold is brief, because they both crash toward the water within moments. The hand slips out of her grip.

Her long coat, so precious in the past, becomes a burden. The bullet proof vest that proved unnecessary, does everything it can to pull her down. The rapids of the river drag her along.

After everything, it looks like she may just drown. Her sister's ability to manipulate water once threatened to do the same. But this is different. Water might just be unforgiving. The man she loves killed her sister. It had ever reason to be venegeful. If the water itself didn't kill her, the freezing might.


How Gillian managed to get up onto the shore is a mystery that may never be answered. The coat she held so dear has a large tear on one side, a sleeve has been ripped off, and her hair is layered in snow crystals. Shaking, she lays on the edge of the river, on the Brooklyn side.

"Messy.. messy.. /messy./" A voice says as a figure in white can be see walking around the shore and looking around. She steps over debris and shakes her head at it like it has done something wrong to her. Where is she? Everything else happened exactly like her dream so she should be.. oh there she is. "G?" Eve's soft voice rings, pressing her hand to the laser cut on her shoulder again. The woman begins to walk closer as she spots the woman. "

The cold hasn't gone over well. The shaking is violent. Gillian's face is very pale, as the surface blood has retracted in an attempt to save internal warmth. The one hand still visible on the snow has a blueish tinge where the fingers are. As Eve approaches, she's trying to push herself up, drag herself away. Avoiding Homeland Security won't be easy, but she got washed down river far enough that they have a little time. Not much— but enough. If Eve hadn't found her, it probably wouldn't have been enough.

"Come, come." Eve says with a dark look behind her. The seer's eyes follow things up above and then out towards the water. "Things are happening, we can't be here." The woman crouches down to give Gillian a helping hand. Her eyes are wide at Gillian's condition. "I saw it all, you did a phenomenal job G." Eve's hand is curled under Gillian's arm.

"B…b..but— Gabrrriii…el…el…" Gillian says, voice racked in the shivers, really unable to do much to fight against being helped up. Her muscles lack in coordination, she can barely feel her fingers or feet. Her shoes somehow remained on in all of this. The glock that she stole from Gabriel ended up in the water somewhere. Never to be seen from again.

"You know.. I don't know why but that name seems to fit Sylar.. Gabriel. He'd most likely try to kill me for saying the name." Eve counters and holds Gillian up. "We can worry about him later, unless you want to freeze to death. Now come on. You aren't dying on me now." Eve looks at Gillian with sympathy, "I'm sure he will be alright. If he isn't.. I'll kill him." Eve chuckles softly to herself and says, "Oh that was a funny one. I think."

Considering the shivers, it's hard for Gillian to respond to that. She tries, though, but it comes out mostly vowels. "Iiiii goooonnaaaa freeeeezeeee iiifffff iiii staaaay heeere?" She manages to get out as she's pulled along, teeth chattering and snapping heavily. "Wheeeereeee?" she adds on, a question that was supposed to have words after it. Or before it. But the chattering makes that even more difficult.

"Come dear.." Eve says softly and shakes her head, she begins to navigate her away from the water. "Yes you will freeze to death and if you do that.. well I'd be without a friend." The seer looks at Gillian and then sets Gillian on the ground. Gillian's wet jacket is removed and Eve struggles to try and put her relatively warm jacket on the woman.

The jacket is removed. There's little that Gillian can do to fight it, even as the warmer coat is placed over her still damp clothes. Cold shaking fingers reach out, trying to grab the wet cloth, but she doesn't manage to say what she means. Eyes turn to her friend, and they say it all pretty much. Don't leave the coat. Even ripped, torn, and soaked through; she needs it.

Eve finishes putting the jacket on and it would seem she knows what Gillian means as she takes the coat as she helps Gillian back up. "We have to get out of here.. Homesec will be looking."

HomeSec. There was a comment long ago, made by a certain man who dreams the future much like this one. Gillian was supposed to end up in one of those camps, just like Helena. Eve may have just spared her from repeating that future… "Thaa— thank… you." She manages, biting down on her jaw so she can get the words out. Even if part of her wants to wait for Gabriel… he survived Antarctica. He survived a plague destroyed future. He probably has a better chance of surviving the river than she did. Time to go home.

"What are friends for?" Eve simply asks as she leads Gillian to the safety of the shadows. "Couldn't leave you to rot. Someone had to help you." Eve looks at Gillian and smiles softly, "Don't you worry, we'll get through this together." Eve's hand falls over Gillian's shoulder to giver her better support.

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