Dreams Of Futures Not To Be


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Scene Title Dreams of Futures Not To Be
Synopsis Graeme comes to Liz to tell her of a dream.
Date Aug 11, 2011

Endgame Safehouse, Skinny Brickfront

Something's up when Graeme gets to the safehouse a little after lunch. For one, Odin's with him — and Graeme rarely if ever brings the dog to the safehouse — the big lumbering Great Dane as quiet as ever and sticking to Graeme's side, but making whining and concerned noises. And for two, instead of just sitting down or whatever, Graeme's been pacing the common room for the past several minutes, a plain white envelope in hand, occasionally fussing with his tie or whatever else. "Liz?" He doesn't have to call very loudly to know that the audiokinetic will hear him, wherever she might be in the house, and he sits down to wait in one of the camp chairs, arms around Odin, envelope still held tightly in one hand.

Liz and Jaiden, along with Ygraine and Trask, had lunch out today. It's a rare treat that was almost a necessity — Elisabeth was dying for Piccoli's. Graeme's call through the house, though, brings her from wherever she was. It looks like she may be prepping to go out for a run. "Hey there," she greets him with a smile. Odin… Lord, he's a big dog. "What's up?" Because he doesn't usually bring the dog, and that worries her.

Graeme sits up a bit straighter, and with a simple motion, Odin lays down at his feet. At the least, he's a well behaved dog, and it probably wouldn't be a problem if Graeme brought him more often. He just doesn't. "You might want to sit," he says, half awkwardly and then unfolding the paper tucked into the envelope to read it again, as if to make sure it says the same thing, though he's read it a hundred times so far. "I had one of those dreams. The future ones." Then he pauses, folds the paper, tucks it next to the envelope. "And I got the results, from the company. It's been in my mailbox for a month or something, that Ryans is my uncle and all."

"Oh God," Elisabeth breathes softly. Because future dreams are…. things she dislikes. Immensely. She moves to lower herself into one of the chairs slowly. "How bad?" The news about Ryans is damn near anticlimactic. "Ryans is a good man. I'm sure he'll be glad to know that you're related," she adds absently.

"It could have been, I don't know," Graeme starts. "Jaiden, Monica, myself, and JJ — but he was little — were being released from the prison camp where we were. We were on a drive to what was supposed to be one of the ghettos, but the Ferry rescued us," he says. A faint smile lights his face. "Monica was awesome, kicked serious ass when we ran into trouble after while we were walking towards the river." There's a pause. "Ryans was one of the people who rescued us, in the dream, it's what made me think to check my mail on waking, too. Because I was certain, an' all."

It doesn't sound so bad. Not… really. Elisabeth murmurs softly, "I had one the other night too. I… " She trails off and shakes her head. "It doesn't matter. It isn't something that will happen now."

Graeme nods. "No, things are different now anyway. And the more we know, I guess." There's a grimace. "It… I don't know why I was in prison, specifically, but I remember something about the evolved communities, and not being able to keep my mouth shut or my temper under control." How typical of him, anyway.

"But I mean, it was happy, we were rescued, we were free, but it was still really weird. And I could still half feel/remember the negation for hours after waking." The instinctive shudder is repressed, lip only bitten slightly as Graeme reaches down to pet Odin. The Great Dane's sense of when Graeme's not entirely happy is uncanny, as is common with animals.

"Most likely you were picked up because you were Registered and it was a round-up of some kind. If you were there with Monica and Jaiden, it would have had to have been being moved from one prison camp to another." Elisabeth shrugs a little. "Does it matter what you were picked up for in the end?"

There's a pause, and Graeme thinks for a long moment, though he stops petting Odin, who takes the opportunity to go nose at Liz's knee instead. Attention, after all, is one of the great goals of domesticated animals. "Not really, no. It just bothers me, on principle. The whole thing. Even if it won't happen now." The envelope is turned over in his hand. "I dunno. I'm nervous about the whole having a family thing. It's bleeding over." Graeme grins a bit, one hand to his forehead. "Gah, and I've been forgetting to get my haircut."

That makes her smile. "It looks cute," Elisabeth tells him softly. "As to the family thing, well….. seems like rebellion's a family business." She chuckles. "You should let him know. It… might be a good thing. To have family." It was something Richard always wished for and something that Liz misses these days.

"Thanks," Graeme says, a hint of red spreading across his cheeks. He blushes easily when complimented, really. "Seems like it. Or at the very least, like 'normal life' doesn't really run in the family." There's a grin. "Not that I'd trade all of this for anything." Graeme pauses. "I'll tell him, though, I think I'll wait a day or so. Just … in case he had that dream too. I mean, he was in it. It would be too weird to call right after it."

Elisabeth chuckles. "Actually, it would make a whole lot of sense to call right after a shared dream." She won't call on the woman who may have shared hers, but that's a whole other story.

Graeme tilts his head to one side. "It would?" There's a pause, as he considers this. "I'm not too up on the shared-dream-etiquette. 'Fraid it wasn't covered at the expensive private school. I mean, we were taught ballroom dancing, but nothing about shared dreams," he finishes with a grin.

"Meh," Elisabeth replies. "If he did share the dream…. heck, you could check with Monica and Jaiden to see if they did…. then he may already know about you," she points out. "And he already knows you don't have family, so…" She shrugs. "I'm about to head out on a run with Jaiden. Are you… going to be here later?"

After he nods, Elisabeth squeezes his shoulder lightly and drops a kiss on his cheek. "I'll see you in a while." And then she's gone.

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