Dreams Of Niflheim



Scene Title Dreams Of Niflheim
Synopsis Niflheim, the Norse underworld; land of the dead. All things befitting in this dream.
Date August 18, 2009

It starts with the abrupt appearance of rapid-fire, panting breaths. Eve's eyes snap open, staring up at a jet black sky, small flakes of snow falling down around her. The air is bitterly cold, stinging her skin as the breeze blows across her. Sitting up, snow slides off of Eve's body, as if she'd been buried in the snow by some unsuspecting prankster in the middle of winter.

It's dark, so very deeply dark that she can't see more than a few feet in front of herself, too dark for being outside as she is. Crawling on her hands and knees, because it seems to make the most sense in the dream, Eve feels the change of the ground from crunching snow to concrete under her palms and knees. She's come to enormous hangar bay doors, like an airplane hangar; huge and wide doors that have been pulled open, letting freezing air and snow come drifting in.

"Execute code Niflheim."

A voice rumbles in the dark beyond the hangar door. The voice is familiar — Peter's — but something is wrong. As Eve pulls herself to her feet, she still can only see so many feet in front of herself. Then, the sudden roar of gunfire fill the air, a barrage of automatic weapons and muzzle-flashes in the dark. Eve's feet carry her faster and faster ahead towards the sounds of gunfire, only for her bare feet to begin treading in blood. Her eyes widen, feet slipping in the blood, as she comes to a slippery stop when confronted with bodies.

Laying on her back, shot several times in the chest, Eileen is sprawled out on the concrete floor, with Ethan laying atop her, as if he was trying to shield her from the bullets. An unfamiliar man to Eve, but one others would recognize as Jensen Raith lays nearby, having taken a shot to the head. Gabriel lays on his side nearby to them, clutching a bloody wound to his chest, still alive, trying to paw across the floor towards Eileen, reaching out to her.

A blonde man with a crimson scarf — Amato Salucci — rests in a bloody heap as red as his scarf next to Gabriel, unmoving. Beside him, the shapely curves of Lucrezia Bennati have been disturbed by the blood trickling out of her mouth and the gunshots riddling her torso and abdomen. In the middle of all these bodies, a dark-haired woman stands with her head bowed, both hands out and empty, as if offering them to the corpses. A black blindfold is drawn over her eyes. Hokuto Ichihara.

Scattered around at each of the bodies is a Tarot card of the minor arcana; the Ace of Cups for Eileen, King of Swords for Raith, Knight of Swords for Gabriel, and on and on…

But as Eve sees this strange display, her attention is caught by a voice behind her. "Miss Mas." She turns, recalling the voice from long ago, from a man she does not expect in this dream.

There, standing behind Eve is a small, dark-haired man in a black suit with his hands folded behind his back, overly large blue eyes staring up at her. "All things comes with a price."

And as Edward Ray proclaims those words, there is an enormous, horrifying sound of an explosion as the hangar floods with white light and an explosion shakes the ground and splits the world in two at her feet, allowing Eve to see through the ceiling as it is torn away, the silhouette of the moon beginning to turn black.

And she wakes up screaming.

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