Dreams To Come



Scene Title Dreams To Come
Synopsis Eve reflects on the dreams she has had of recent events.
Date November 5, 2009

Mas Mechanics

It’s the sound of a piano being played that echo throughout Mas Mechanics. An dark and eerie tone is played, candles are lit throughout the whole room, Eve’s room. Her head is tilted back, eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Her fingers come down hard onto the keys and her head moves from left to right, lost in the music.

The animals that she has are no where in sight, except for Nanai that slithers on the top of the piano as the dark haired woman plays. Her head tilts forward and then when she opens her mouth,

“Through the night.. the darkness lives..” Her voice echoes off of the walls. Her eyes close and she continues to play the piano, her feet trembling from the power coming from her music.

“The earth shakes.. the blue takes over..” Behind Eve are a series of paintings, on easels and leaning against various things in her room, it’s obvious she has been at work. The woman looking tired but still playing on, lost in the music, “Spirits from the past.. they come and haunt..”

A painting of Gabriel and Peter is seen, the two standing in a graveyard. A shadowy face, that of Kazimir hovers in the shadows between the two. The gravestones have various names inscribed on them.

The next painting, one of a blonde woman and a man standing at a door, beginning to shut it. A vial of Refrain on the ground, Helena’s hair hangs in her face as she looks at her father. “The forces of fate collide.. so tragic and in the end it all be undone.” The moon shines through her window and adds even more light into the already candlelit room.

The faces of Shard and Norman White can be seen in another painting, both twisted into anger. Clouds dark and the wind blows White’s hair into his face. The next shows like a comic book, showing each of the Remnant members, the King of Swords can be seen looking out, surrounding by rain.

“Leave my dreams.. don’t come near.. stay away.. please beware..” her tone that was soft, growing harder and darker, rising with the rising of the piano.

The woman’s eyes snap open and she looks towards the window where the moon shines in. Her lips open into a wide grin. A paining of two Gillian’s talking can be seen. Another one.. of Deckard and Peter standing opposite of each other can be seen and in the middle of the room.. separated from the rest of the paintings is a huge canvas painted all black. There appears to be a dark figure within the darkness but you cannot really tell.

“Leave my dreams.. don’t come near.. I want to run.. from what’s to come.” She says and stops her playing, spinning around to face the paintings of her dreams as of late. The dark haired woman stands and begins to leave the room..

“The balance must be preserved.”

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