Drinking, Dancing, Cursing Baptists


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Scene Title Drinking, Dancing, Cursing Baptists
Synopsis Two baptists converge on the streets of Staten.
Date September 15, 2009

Staten Island - Outside The Garden

Last ferry would have come in not too long ago, or at least one of the last ones. As such, some people are filtering further into the Island hurrying to get back to their respective holes before someone squats and takes it over. Some filtering on back towards the Rookery off in the distance where as others just watch from the decaying homes they've reclaimed or taken over. One of those few hurrying along the way would be the darkly clad yong man making his way along one of the less traveled roads. Hands shoved in his pockets and head down, Scotch seems to have his focus completely on the cracked sidewalk that leads him on past the Garden, he's got a block or more till he gets to the church. And really? its easier to get in the back, that the front these days. Still has to have those old doors repaird so both Open, sinetad of ushering in folks from the fire exit out back.

However as he passes a bit of grumbling and usually stained bricked wall, something catches his eye, causing him to linger around the overrun house. "Ah son of a bitch.." spat out to himself as he is inspecting the newest tagging going on. Some lame ass gang's scribble-stuff he's painted off his own building..And then the ever grim and newer Humanis First shit.

"Language" It's automatic from the braided blonde who's coming out of the over run garden around the safehouse. Jeans, sweater, ballcap, cross at her throat. A backpack that is now empty slung over her throat. The admonition is automatic to her at times. Not that she doesn't swear herself, she's been known to throw a few epithets around when the time is appropriate.

her eyes travel to what could have possibly caused the man to curse and swear and the tagging, well. She can see it. "Someone will paint over it. They always do" She might herself, maybe wash it off. The glance goes from wall to Scotch, looking him over and trying to decide whether he's a safe person, or whether she needs to flee back into the garden with it's safety and people inside. "It's just people being idiots and trying to prove their better than everyone else. Ignore it. Ignore it, and they loose, pay attention to it, and they win"

"What?" A look over slight confused, it seems, but then he's looking right on back to the grafitti, hands moving to just stay at his hips, not real proactive there. "Really?" meaning the language of course "Shit, I've seaid worse an in worse places t' say it." Apparently the admonition did nothing to curb the next curse that came from the man's lips. One hand finally coming up to rub his head. "I was just thinkin I would have to come back here in the morning, really. Ain't my cuppa, but that shit shouldn't be left around anywhere…"

Only then does Scotch really give the girl a look over. "Eh, ignoring can only take you so far. Turn the other cheek and all works..but, so does eye for a fuckin'.."-pause-"Sorry.. Eye." a cough and he is looking on back to the house and the girl. "You live there?" As for a safe person or not, Scotch seems to be chatty. Which could either be good, or bad.

"Just visiting" It's a ferryman safe house, we harbor evolveds on the run, nothing to see here, carry on carry on. Her hand stays on the garden's fence and gate, seeming ready to bolt back in if she needs it. Mage is dead so there's someone new temporarily taking over. She'd come to see if Eileen was there but apparently the young woman had moved on. "Eye for an eye works, in certain situations. Turning the other cheek though, also works. It's a matter of picking your battles. Graffiti seems like.. a strange battle to pick. What are you going to paint over it then with? Or are you thinking about washing it off yourself?"

"I was thinking of, 'quit fucking painting on my wall' as that might get a few laughs. Though I don't own the wall.." A slight nod there, before he's motioning down the street a piece. "I work at the mission down there, based out of the old Lutheran church. Saint Joseph's.." and then it seems manners in some form have dawned on the reverend. "Sorry. Scotch McCoy." hand out as he is watching. Obviously he's not seen the girl here before, but that can come through just missing each other and all that jazz. "So just visiting..Family or friends?" Basically he is making sure his neighborhood is staying..ahh rabble free?

Scotch Mccoy. Whereas Abby's lips had been planted in firm neutral, they were now doing something funny. Like she was trying real hard to not laugh, much less smile. But out comes the hand and she looks down at it. Manners indeed as her own comes out and she takes a step forward then three to shake his hand firmly before letting go quick as she could. "Uhhm, friends. I sometimes stay out here if they need a hand. Cooking, and the like. What with being cut off from Manhattan and the city pretty much.. letting everything run wild here, it's the christian thing to do. Abigail, Abigail Beauchamp" And all the southern that comes with the name and the accent that's been rolling off her tongue.

"A pleasure." said back, as teeth are flashed. The accent is like a soundtrack from home, and that's probably the friendliest bit he's heard since coming here to New York. "Well, if you can't make it out an they need help. They can always come down the street an get me. I don't mind lookin in on folks if it is needed." the Pastor offers, before he's releasing her hand, from that usual hard grip that comes with any hearty southern boy. "Well, Miss Beauchamp, I guess I should apologize for cursin'. My mother would never forgive me if she knew I was talking to a lady like that." And yeah a sheepish smile that dies down, finally. "Last ferries did however just come in. Don't know if the late one will run, just so ya know." a shrug.

"I have a friend with a boat. I don't trust the ferries here, not yet at least" Abigail assures him. "And don't worry, my friend curse all the time. It's habit I picked up from my momma to just say it. Doesn't right stop my friends from doing it, they just look at me and keep on doing it. Or they don't when i'm in earshot." Abigail glances down the road a way in hopes of seeing said Lutheran church. "Missionary work out of the church or taking care of it till they clean up this place?"

"They don't sink, so it works for me. Don't have anyone with a good enough boat, otherwise I could travel out for a bit sometime." Scotch says before nodding, all the same. "Your mother and mine sound a lot a like. Where you from?" After all if she has an ear for accents, he would be easy to pick out. But then, most Texans are. As for the other question there's a faint chuckle before he's looking back to the Church, as if to see if some fire or other was burning. Or perhaps just to make sure it is still there for reference. "Missionary work. Th' convention bought the ground, Lutherans got enough on their hands here, though I am willing to share if folks want it back."

"Just north of the broken levy's. Butte la Rose Louisiana, you're a staghorn though" Because everyone down south can tell the different tricks of the tongue. But lo! The convention bought the church. There's really only once convention. "Baptist?" On Staten Island. "I shall pray that you don't get broken into nightly"

"Ah, I had a roommate in Seminary from around there." A chuckle before he is nodding. "Yeah, I am easy to peg. Though I didn't go to UT like half the damned state." And like that Scotch doesn't seem perhaps as gruff as he might of come off as before. Hard to say. "Yeah, though I am not one of those SBC baptists. I tend to drink and dance a little more than they like." Which means he could be any number of them in Texas, after all Baptists aren't known for staying together for long, unless there is a nice line between em. A grin and McCoy nods "Well, thanks. We've had one break in. But they didn't get far."

"Shotgun does great to ward em off" Drinking, dancing. There's a short sound that amount of probably a half aborted giggle from the young blonde. "Then you'll do perfectly fine in this 'modern babylon' that my dah calls it" Replete with finger quotes and all. Wait a moment. Seminary. "You're a pastor?" That gets a bit of a puzzled look. "You are a brave brave soul doing the lords work out here" She starts to dig into her backpack, bringing out her ever present black notebook and a pen. Her numbers are scribbled down hastily before the sheet is ripped off and handed over.

"I live down the street from the Guiding Light Baptists church in Greenwich. Pastor Sumter and Pastor Ashby run it. They.. they are not the drinking dancing type but Pastor Sumter is an open soul. He welcomes any and all, openly welcomes gifted individuals too. I'm sure if you need help, you can turn there"

"So does a tire iron when they are busy trying to steal a box full of cans." Scotch offers though "Apparently I snagged the wrong thing and was just lucky they didn't have a gun." His Shotgun was safely on the wall and his pistol under his pillow. One of the worst ideas ever was lets go and check with a piece of a metal. "My congregation called it the abyss. But then they are afraid that Times Square is still rampant with porno shops and hookers." Seems Louisiana still has some backwards thoughts. After all he had to work on a few things with his own congregation at the time. "Yup, I am a pastor. Not the best one, but I do what I can." given the fact he just spent time cussing and all. "Ashby…I know of him.." said as he is reaching for the piece of paper "Not met Sumter yet." though the rest of the words cause Scotch to raise a brow right there and there's a nod, numbers tucked in before he's scanning again. "Very good. Ain't a lot of places that do that these days." and then he is rubbing his neck once more "My church bein' one of the few who remembers you're called t' love all men. Regardless, you know?"

"Not just the ones that you love" Abby nods "Did you point out that there is no more time square Pastor McCoy?" There it is again, the suppressed smile that verges on laughter. "It's a good city, and ripe with a chance to do good and show how Christian one can be to your neighbour. I've been here a few years and while, the good parts have been good, there's been some bad parts"

"Exactly." but then Abby would be preaching to the choir there with Scotch. He's one of the few that keeps his doors open to any. Even the rougher sorts from the Rookery. "I thought about that, but given we were also debating carpet colours that night, I figured it safer that I just leave that point alone." A smirk for a second before he's shifting his weight just a little bit. "Yep, same with any city..Some folks just need to head into the bad parts too. They aren't no worse than us in the sight of God, so do what you can."

There Abby and Scotch might differ. There's more than a few of those in the Rookery in which Abby feels that the only place they need to come in is the front doors of hell. "I should go, my boat isn't going to wait for me forever. But it was nice to meet you Pastor McCoy. I don't come here often but if you're ever on the mainland and in my neck of the woods, just look for Old Lucy's and ask for the boss"

There Abby and Scotch might differ. There's more than a few of those in the Rookery in which Abby feels that the only place they need to come in is the front doors of hell. "I should go, my boat isn't going to wait for me forever. But it was nice to meet you Pastor McCoy. I don't come here often but if you're ever on the mainland and in my neck of the woods, just look for Old Lucy's and ask for the boss"

Tomato, tomahto. Still it is part of the calling, and Scotch has been never known for doing things the very easy way. He'll have to learn it out on his own. "Of course." said back before he's nodding and sliding his hands back down into his pockets. "Well I go to the mainland for several things and items. I do believe I will stop on by." a half grin there for Abby as Scotch turns to go "You can hold me to it." And then he begins to walk on off for a bit before turning back "Oh, if your friends ever need anything…I'll do what I can."

"I'll let them know Pastor McCoy" Abby tosses over her own shoulder. "I'll tell em about you and the church" If only to help keep an eye on the place as well. The blonde turns, head down, shoulders in, maneuvering down the street so that she can hurry up to catch her ride to the mainland.

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