Dropping Bombs By The Boatload


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Scene Title Dropping Bombs By The Boatload
Synopsis Magnes pays a visit to Abigail above the bar, dropping surprise after surprise on the brunette.
Date February 1, 2010

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

A lot's been going on lately. The world almost ending again, more untimely deaths, and more personal issues than a soap opera edited by Joe Quesada. But Magnes has been very excited to see Abby, something that's more somber than anything right now, considering the circumstances, but he's knocking on her door after getting sent up. He's wearing that red t-shirt with the black Spider-Man symbol on it, under an unbuttoned black denim jacket, blue jeans, and black sneakers. Of course, she'll notice a few differences than the last time she saw him. He's a bit better built, his left eye is clearly blind, and he's wearing a white medical bandage around his head. "It's Magnes."

Most of the morning has been spent getting stuff in order in light of the night before and Tanya's death. So there's shadow under eyes and hair is back in a braid for lack of wanting to take much more care of it. Slippers, jeans, purple sweater, Abigail unlocks the door to the upper apartment after peeking through the peephole. This was not the Magnes that she last saw and the milky white eye leaves an expression of consternation on her face when the door is open.

"Hey, Abby." Magnes, as he said he would, moves forward for a brief hug. "Wasn't really home without you." he says with a warm smile, seeming rather exhausted himself, at least emotionally.

The hug is more than a bit stiff, tolerated since it's coming from Magnes and he needs it likely, more than she's willing to tell him to not touch her. "It's uhh, I would say it's good to be home but.." The police line that flaps outside the alley and the fact that the bar is closed to customers would indicate otherwise. "I see you made it out of Antartica fairly safe and sound"

"Yeah, even when you save the world, it's still… well… the world." Magnes sounds more than a bit disillusioned when he breaks the hug, and reaches down to pick up a long rectancular case. It's about the size of a keyboard instrument, and he holds the strap over his back. "I always feel kind of ungrateful, after antarctica. After everything that happened there, the entire victory felt empty. We had to lose so much to do what we needed to do. I made friends there, and I'm never gonna see some of those people again."

"Francois is alive" If that's any consolation. One person alive out of the many who died. "I admit, I'm not sorry i get sent home. No place for a woman with a broken ankle saving the world. Uh.. come in Magnes, I'm being rude, I'm sorry" The door opened all the way and she steps to the side. She's been cleaning her EMT equipment, getting ready for class later and otherwise getting through the day little bit at a time. "You want anything to drink? I haven't really gone grocery shopping or anything, I got stuff for sandwhiches"

"Nah, you don't have to get me anything, I just really wanted to see you. I needed it to be real to me, that you're alive. I know it sounds stupid, but…" Magnes enters, and closes the door behind him, looking around for a place to sit after propping his case against a wall. "Francois is alive? Thank God for that, seriously. I was one of the only people still down there when he decided he wasn't coming up with us. I saw him and Teo kiss, I know Teo didn't wanna leave him there. Francois is a freakin' hero, I'll punch anyone in the face who says otherwise."

Back up. Wait a moment. Yes, she heard that Francois decided he wasn't going back with then, and that he's a hero. It's the part about him and Teo kissing. She almost swears she didn't hear it, she heard wrong, something and the look she throws Magnes over her shoulder as she walks through the livingroom towards the kitchen is one of puzzlement again. She doesn't know what to make of it.

'No, he's uhm, he's alive. He was in Mexico last I left" She's not going to say much more of Mexico and what went on down there. "But uh, he's very much alive. He had some things to do down there too. What's in the case? You're not taking to carrying around your comic books now are you?"

Magnes goes back for the case then flops down on the couch as he unzips it. "It's my keyboard. I'm getting back into playing piano. I figure I need to occupy myself, and not dwell so much on Claire's memory thing. I'm helping my friend Sable start a band, it's basically a gigantic dream for her, so I figure, why not?" He shrugs, pulling the keyboard out completely, with the wires and such still in the bag.

"PLease don't tell me you're gonna play Magnes, I'm afraid I'm not in the mood to listen to you play Magnes. Not in the mood for much. So you're back and you're gonna start a band, what else are you doing? How's the uhh, cop thing going?" Abby comes back out with a glass of coca cola for her guest.

"Oh, nah, I'm not gonna play. I'd have to plug it in and all that. I'll play for you some other time." Magnes smiles and offers a polite nod, and, deciding to finally show her what he learned to do with his ability, he holds a finger up as if telling the can to 'come here', and it floats from her hand to his. "Thanks. And um, I resigned, Kershner said I wasn't cut out to be a cop anyway. On the upside, I got a hundred thousand dollars, plus a scholarship. I'm not sure what I'm going to school for yet."

"Careful about Kershner. She's a psychometrist. She can tell everything about you from a touch" Not that Magnes had much to worry about. "Teo told me that. But that's good. You should see to investing that money Magnes, using that scholarship and getting a job. If you invest it good enough you can at least make sure you have it later on if you need it" Abby points out, watching the new trick with a mix of longing and surprise.

"Kershner reminds me of a mentor I used to have, except a lot meaner. I mean, she basically dropped the bombshell of my parents abandoning me as if she were telling me I had something on my face." Magnes shakes his head, popping the cap of his soda. He's already slid the keyboard back into its case, so now he's showing her more of his ability. He tilts the soda over, above his free hand, and gradually it floats weightlessly, forming a wobbly baseball sized sphere."Not sure what to invest the money in, but after a few gifts to myself, since my birthday is in seven days, I decided to put it all away for now."

Looking from the liquid sphere in his hand, then to her, he adds, "I know Kazimir is a bad guy, and I know all this stuff is his fault, but I went through a lot with him in Argentina. He's the one who taught me how to do this, and he taught me to be a better person. But he also taught me that I should always hate him, and never forget what he's done and the people he's killed."

"Magnes, the Kazimir that was Peter, is not the Kazimir that was in Kazimir or Gabriel. Same as the ability that was in me was not the same that was in Flint" Abigail points out. She takes up a seat opposite him leaning forward with her elbow on her knee's. "You don't have to worry about them anymore though, no one will. As for your money, I can send you to my accountant for the bar, they can help you figure out how to invest it, invest it better than just letting it sit in a bank account"

Magnes simply offers a nod, not much for the subject of Kazimir anyway. He's not coming back. "An accountant would be nice, I didn't think about that. Man, I have no idea what I could possibly do, could be an interesting meeting." Then, something pokes at the back of his mind, and he looks over at her with some concern after taking a sip of his floating sphere. "Speaking of Flint, not Flint Deckard, but, the one you were dating. How'd that turn out?"

Different topic, lets switch that one entirely. "It turned out. Have you seriously given no thought to what you want to do with your scholarship and your parents. They found your parents? Where have they been? Have you gone to visit them Magnes" She can't believe that he'd drop that little bomb again or that his parents would abandon him. "How do you know they abandoned you?"

"I've given it some thought, and, I'm just honestly not sure what I wanna do with my scholarship. I always wanted to save the world, y'know? But nothing hurt more in my entire life than Claire just… forgetting me, completely. I can't handle the kind of loss that comes with being a hero." Magnes and his disillusionment again, just takes another sip and relaxes back against the couch. "Kershner had the deed for a house or something, in I think Ohio. It was from 2008, I wasn't listed as a dependent. I'm on TV, the radio, the freakin' internet. They know I'm alive, but, they just up and left me. I don't even know what I would say to them, I don't feel like I can face them."

Abigail just looks at Magnes, if she had glasses she'd be looking over the top of them.

"really, you're stringing me that line of horse manure Magnes. Ever occur to you that they think you died? That you're just someone else?" Okay, farfetched, maybe. "Or you know, maybe you're just being a whole bunch of yellow bellied and too afraid to go down there and see them and ask for yourself? Not like you can't fly there Magnes" SHe points out. "You can either just sit here and mope about it, or you can get your pants back up around your waist and go visit. You're Magnes J. Varlane, saved the world, afraid to go to Ohio"

"Delilah did say she'd go with me…" Magnes takes a deep breath, giving that a few moments of thought before really coming to a decision. "You're right, I should probably see what's going on down there. I'd ask you to come, but, you've got stuff." After he's done drinking that sphere of liquid, he switches the can into that hand, and almost reaches over to place a hand on her shoulder… until the no touching thing finally hits him, and he pulls back before it reaches her. "I should go before my birthday, in case this does totally bomb."

"I have class, and I don't think the letter from the president is going to get me a pardon this time around and a chance to easeback in to do my last few weeks. Take Delilah with you, and go down there with an open heart Magnes and know that no matter what they say, you're still you and you're a good guy and you've done good. You understand?"

"I understand, and it means a lot, coming from you. All it takes to win Abigail Beauchamp's approval is saving the world from total destruction." Magnes genuinely laughs at that, laying his head back to stare up at the ceiling. There's a lot of pain behind his gaze, despite the relaxed smile, but he seems truly content in this moment. "I should really make an appointment with Bella, she's probably wondering where I've been for three months."

Wait, what? Bella. "Bella Sheridan?" Abigail's brows furrow making her look even more tired than she really is.

"Yeah." Magnes looks over with sudden concern again. Something happen to Bella?! "My therapist. Red hair, snarky at times. You know her? I'd be an absolute mess without her… probably why I'm an absolute mess right now."

'Company agent shrink magnes" There's a soft sigh. "She works for the company"

"Seriously?" Magnes scratches his head, thinking very hard, shifting through those redacted memories of his. "Wait, I started seeing her while I was with the Company… why didn't they erase her too?"

"I dunno Magnes, I'm not the company" Abigail sighs again, rising from the couch while her palms smoothed down her jeans. "Listen, just be careful with her and go see your parents, get an an answer either way. I need to get going, I have to get over to the school and deal with some paperwork there and stuff. You let me know how it goes in Ohio okay?"

"I will, Abby." Magnes answers to everything, pulling the case back on to his back as he stands with the can. "Thanks for being here, Abby. I'm learning not to take people for granted, and some days I just wish I had more time with you, to make the best of it…" He sounds as if he's expecting her and everyone else to die at any moment, but offers one last smile and heads for the door.

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