Drowning in the Dark


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Scene Title Drowning in the Dark
Synopsis Eve and Gillian are reunited. And Eve is dreaming again.
Date November 20, 2011

Pollepel Island

Getting back to the island took some time, with the state of Cambridge and New York and everything in between. Gillian caught up on what had happened, but she focused on what was most important, getting her daughter home. And the new friend they'd picked up as well. Home, unfortunately, might not be the safest place, but still she went there. The island was, after all, the closest thing to home they had.

Newly arrived on the island, she's moving about the castle, dropping off the supplies that she brought on the boat with her and trying to catch up on everything that happened. There's not a lot of information. Her forehead is twisted with worry, but she made it back in one piece. That might be far better than most expected the last time they saw her.

Though she does have a silvery streak in her hair. She just hopes it grows out. Not that anything would stop her from coloring it if it didn't.

Arriving maybe just a few days earlier than Gillian herself Eve came because honestly she has nowhere else to go. Living as a street rat isn't an option with the current climate in the city. Not even with Eve's ability, plus she knows she has friends here. Friends that she has been very anxious about seeing. As Gillian comes down the hall one way, Eve Mas comes from the other. Head down as she seems to be examining her arms, muttering to herself she scratches at her wrist and peers down even closer nose to wrist. "Where did he go?" she whispers to her wrist dark hair falling into her face, she is so bent over as she walks that she doesn't notice when she bumps into Gillian.

"Watch it! Can't you see I'm trying to investigate my veins her-," Eve blinks as she takes in the sight of her best friend. Eyes go wide as well as her mouth splitting into a wide grin freshly cleaned white teeth gleaming. "Gilly!"

The prophet leaps towards Gillian to embrace her in a hug, despite her having an armful of stuff. "I was so worried. My dreams are back but sometimes they can be even.. More confusing. I saw you and Chicken.. And that fearless one. Just your faces, never locations. Drove me a little mad." Eve stops her rant to close her eyes breathing Gillian's scent in. She has missed her.

She smells like the river. It reminds her of a dream, a dream of the river.

Gillian returns the hug, hard and fierce, happy to see that her friend had also made it out all right. She hadn't been so sure, either. "And you're okay too! That place was fucked up— for a while I didn't think any of us were getting out of there." But here they were— alive and well. For the most part, anyway.

Pushing back, she looked the tall woman over and then pulled her into that hug all over again. "Hopefully we won't have to do that again." Forever.

"Lene's good. She's getting some rest, probably checking on her future buddies— and so's the girl. She's definitely getting some rest." Or so she hopes. The other girl might well wander off, but last she left her, she was sleeping once they found beds that didn't have any bodies already in them.

Hugging Gillian back tightly and closing her eyes again Eve almost gets a little emotional. No matter what these two always find their way back to each other. Squeezing the mother's shoulder she looks sheepish. "I would be very much into never having to do.. That again." she shrugs a shoulder and looks at the ceiling dragging her toe on the stone. "All the loud HEE-HONS and red lighting did nothing for my mood." she wrinkles her nose at the memory. "Knox.. Dick really fucked us all." said with a grimace Eve starts to hum swinging her arms left to right. "Wow who would have thought. Gilly, Chicken is a serious badass. She is primal." The oracle sounds so proud. "I have to say sorry to her about the Doc dying he was-," she stops as if the topic of death has stirred a memory. She gives Gillian a look and looks over her shoulder before leaning forward.

"I died."

"Me and Angel Face were trying to bust outta that joint because we knew it was going to pizza! So I hot wired the car and then Debbie threw me aside and commandeered my stolen vehicle. Basically she can't drive and she crashed the car and.." Eve tilts her head and gives her friend a worried look. "I woke up with some docs sticking me with needles and asking me my name, they said I died."

Wringing her hands she hunches her shoulder forward. "I went bye by birdy."

"The red lightning part was pretty awesome," Gillian responds at first, defending her shining moment. It had been the first time she'd actually been really proud of herself on one of these life and death situations. But then her friend explains in more detail what happened to her. "Oh."

As someone who has felt herself die, she harkens back to that feeling and looks her friend over. Still alive. "I'm glad it didn't stick." The death thing.

It doesn't seem to with some people. Peter, Gabriel, Cardinal— so many came back from the dead, but Eve? "You are okay, right? No residual pain or anything? Do we need to get you back to a hospital?"

"Well at first I thought your shiny new light had swapied me and Claire which by the way," Eve flaps her hands around as if she isn't recounting her death. "You were magicificent! I was like AHHHH PEWPEWPEW DIE!! And you were like THE GODDESS HAS ARRIVED. You looked so shiny Gilly." a confused frown crossing her features though as she continues. "I thought I didn't have my dreams anymore but then Hellllooo Nurse goes that a blonde british man had brought me in.. that he had left right as I died.."

"Do you remember a man named Adam Monroe Gilly?"

"It sounds familiar," Gillian admits, but at the same time, she isn't Cat. While she had a great memory at one point, she doesn't quite recall much about the man… And she no longer has access to the Catabase to figure out exactly where she recognizes the name from. "You'll have to refresh my memory. Is this an ex boyfriend or something?"

She says it in a 'that seems unlikely' way, cause she actually can not recall her friend ever actually having a boyfriend. Even if Eve dating an Adam would probably make her laugh a little.

"Ha ha very funny Gilly." sticking her tongue out Eve turns her heel and starts walking the other way. Clearly she expects Gillian to follow. Come come. "He's like ten thousand years old or something. He's just like Claire! Never dying he stopped aging I think, like a mummy with really good skin. I thought he was gay when I first met him but he's just flashy."

"People might be scared of the Blonde Zombie. He use to run a real scary crime syndicate, all sorts of stab and steal and kill all over." She rubs her pale hands over her face, she looks great in the sense that she is totally uninjured. Not a blemish on her, her skin having a healthy glow to it. "Chicken is not allowed to meet him." her boots clunk on the stone floor.

Huh. A male version of Claire, only older and potentially evil.

Gillian follows along as her friend moves, keeping up, but not quite understanding where they are going. Perhaps she wishes to talk more in private. Not that they're really in the middle of a crowd— the island is packed, but no one seemed to be listening in on their reunion, either.

"I think Lene can handle herself, but I'm not planning to introduce them." She's not even sure she remembers who this man she's talking about is, exactly. It really does seem familiar.

"So he can survive a long time and dropped you off at the hospital? He must have been in the Insititute too. What about Tyler and his sister? Were they there?"


Is said in a singsong voice as they near Eve's destination. "Debbie and Angel Face were gone, I haven't seen them anywhere. Maybe they hitched a ride with the man who dares to have flair." Eve shrugs her shoulders. "You know Angel Face seemed really grateful to be rescued, Debbie was just a bitch. Poor thing couldn't keep it together." A light frown as Eve stops at a door and then looks over her shoulder. "They gave me my own room, I think they thought I'd give a roomie the hibbygibbies."

The room that Eve lets Gillian into is a mess of a few fresh paintings and tons of sketches, they litter the floor as Eve walks in and starts to shove the pages over to make a path to a pair of beat up chairs. A mat with a red blanket is in the corner. "The maid hasn't come yet." As Eve makes her way to one of the chairs to lounge in throwing her feet out in front of her she smiles at Gillian. "But welcome to my humble home. I miss my dad's place.. I blew it up and then found an ice dragon." The memory makes her think of Liz and she bites her lip looking away.

The painting uncovered sits in the corner of the room lit by the candles that Eve has lit and left lit as she went to wander the halls or to bump into Gillian. You really never know with her.

The painting is of a bar, presumably from a club, mirrors reflecting unseen red and yellow lights behind the standing bar, bottles lined up in either direction. Empty stools like the bar in either direction, giving the impression that the club is almost empty - except at the center, where a man dressed in out-of-place yellow arctic gear with a furred hood sits facing away from the viewer. Black drips from the coat, spilling like blood into a shadowy pool beneath him. On the stools to either side of the man sit two blonde women, identical, draped in black robes - the black slid down the shoulder of one, revealing the Symbol marked on her skin.

Sometimes it is hard for Gillian to follow the her friend's eccentric stories. This would be one of those times, but she follows along physically, until they reach the place that the maid hasn't gotten around to yet. She leaves out the fact she doesn't think the castle has a maid. Yes, she leaves that out.

"If they weren't brought into the hospital with you they are probably okay," or so she'll hope. She had kind of wanted to talk to the two of them again, but just knowing they might be okay made her feel better. Especially Tyler. She'd made a big risk trying to save him, and luckily it worked out.

"New painting?" she asks, nodding toward it. But then she realized something else her friend said and… "Wait did you say ice dragon?"

"It looks like Niki and Jessica are getting a visit from the shadow." Eve scratches the back of her head and looks towards the painting. "I haven't spoken to him." said simply as she places her hands on her knees and leans forward in excitement. "Oh Gilly it was the craziest thing. Falcor came and rescued Lizzie and I when we were getting chased through the catacombs. We coulda taken them but he added some much needed assistance!"

Eve throws her hands into the air in excitement. "Then we asked him to help at the Ark and I'm pretty sure he was there." Nodding Eve tilts her head, "You know Falcor?!" She's always thought Gillian was cool but her best friends is friends with an ice dragon no freaking way. She claps her hands in excitement.

"So maybe Cardinal or… there was a woman who saved me and Lene, she seemed to have a Cardinal like power," Gillian responds, though sthe figure appears male. She won't speculate too much on it cause, well, she has no idea really who Niki and Jessica are. Eve seems to know everyone.

And Falcor is the topic of discussion, as well. An ice dragon.

There's a long pause before she shakes her head. "I'm sure it's a different guy. Especially if he was saving you." She can't picture the man who experimented on her saving people. And she's not sure ice dragon fits, anyway. Ice monster, more like.

"I'm glad you're dreaming again."

"Female shadow?" That earns a look to Gillian she slowly nods her head while looking at the painting. Next to it stands the painting, the rescued painting from the Institute, the Three Mothers staring intently ahead. "How.. fitting." she flicks a strand of dark hair out of her light gray eyes a glimmer of mischief entering her eyes.

"Oh yea he's a Eureka most likely not who you're thinking. You should meet one day!'" The oracle beams as she nods her head at Gillian and gestures to the painting of the Three Mothers, "My painting I got back from the Ark, held a gun to Simon's cranium but he wasn't in the mood to debate on ownership." she waggles her eyebrows at the other woman and leans back in her chair again, her booted feet grazing over a few pages, faces of various people Gillian may or may not know lay before her. Her own face peeks out next to that of Lene and their new small companion. Only their faces visible the rest shaded in charcoal.

"My dreams are back.. But sometimes they can be wonky. Even more so than before." Eve looks wistful as she trails a hand down the back of her reclaimed painting. "Maybe.. Gilly do you wanna have some fun?" she leans forward in her chair and slowly extends her hand. Wigging each finger in a beckoning motion, "Let's.. What did Chicken say? Right, chalk. Can we be chalk and see what you push out of my brainpan?"

"I think it was be chalk, I don't really remember. She followed it up with be cool, though," Gillian responds, tilting her head at her friend in curiousity. The first time that they'd met she'd actually pushed some stuff out of her brainpan and that had been by accident. This time it's much different. She's got much better control. Even more than she'd had a year ago. She hasn't had an accident in— a long time.

But this wouldn't be an accident.

"Sit down, last time did this you passed out on me." And she's not sure she can catch her very well, so she takes her hand and moves her toward the bed to sit down and only once she is seated does she start to consentrate on that knot in the back of her head.

That grip holding back her energy, an energy she feels echoed in her friend. Her eyes start to glow, her hand starts to glow— and that energy pushes against the precogs, expanding it, growing it.

"How fun was that? Petey was so mad." she chuckles for a moment remembering Gillian, Eve and Kent's misadventure into a DHS holding facility to deliver a message to the scarred man that turns into a frown. "He.." she doesn't finish as she gets sat on the bed. Eve grows quiet as her friend starts to glow and then Eve is grinning as the energy washes over her matching her and sending it higher.

"Ah Gilly.. This is.. lovely." Her mouth hangs open as her light gray eyes milk over and they flick back and forth as if she is sleeping though with eyes wide open.

The water is high.

A firefly tries to swim, struggling fruitlessly against the wet. Everything smells like blood, gunpowder and water. So much water.

Eve's hand reaches out, cups water, cups the firefly, pulls it to safety. The water is like ice. Cold. Prickling skin like tiny needles.

The firefly flickers, glowing fading. She pulls her cupped hands to her mouth and breaths, breathing warm, breathing life. The glow returns, warm, strong.

The firefly flutters away, safe, unharmed.

A flash of purple lightning and darkness splits the sky, the air shuttering, wind blowing past her. The sound of waves, the gnashing of invisible teeth, a roar of a fire.

And then it stops.

Gillian still holds her hand, but now she's sitting on the bed next to her, supporting some of her weight so she didn't fall back.

As the vision envelopes her and her senses she freezes up in Gillian's grasp. A light gasp escapes her as her eyelids flicker and her mouth hangs open even more. Eve's legs tighten and then relax as she the vision plays for her.


As the vision comes to an end Eve sags into Gillian and then back on the bed. Her breathing deep but her eyes shut and flicker open as the milkyness fades back to her normal light gray. A deep woosh noise is made from the singer and she stares at the ceiling. "We've both gotten better." is said quietly as she grips Gillian's hand. "There was a firefly.. It was dying.. So much water.. Blood hits your nose and before you know little firefly is sputtering out.." Eve continues to lay on the bed with her face turned upwards.

"Little guy came back though. But.. you flashed.. Purple lightning.. Fire.." Eve grips her forehead and grips the blankets tightly. "Firefly lived to fly." she whispers.

Even when she closes her eyes again, she can still see it. The black gash in the sky, surrounded by lightning. It seems deeper, darker, the longer she looks at it, like it pulls in all the light.

She can still hear the roar, like the sound ocean, like the gnashing of teeth, like the roar of a fire. It lingers, like a sickly oil on her skin, like something weighing her down.

"Do I need to leave you to get some rest— or paint?" Gillian asks as she glances toward the paintings. She also feels tired, worn out just from the use of her power. But she'd also had a long day. A long week. A long month. A long freaking life, honestly.

She too could use a nap.

That deep dark hole burns itself in Eve's mind and she sits forward with energy as she nods her head and moves forward dragging an unused canvas forward. Her paints and brushes within reach she reaches without looking and dips her brush into the deep blue color. Her eyes milk over again as she shakes her head, "Don't leave Gilly, not so soon. Let me paint.. You sleep in my bed." Eve's voice is flat as the sensation of painting her vision washes over her the memory of that firefly in the water.. The hole.. That purple light.

The oracle's head tilts to the side as she paints broad strokes on the canvas covering the whole bottom half with blue. She wouldn't notice if Gillian stayed or decided to sleep.

At her request, Gillian moved to the bed and laid down, smelling the paints and letting the sound of brush against canvus lull her into sleep.

All the while, Eve works to perfect the picture, to catch the delicate shifts of the lightning on the edges, the way the darkness seemed to solidify toward the end, as if water itself.

And even then she doesn't feel the canvas fully captured it.

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