Drunk's Eye for the Straight Guy


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Scene Title Drunk Eye for the Straight Guy
Synopsis It started as a few folks drinking in Old Lucy's, then ended with a drunk girl giving a drunk guy some fashion advice!
Date January 27, 2010

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the black and cream risque wallpapered walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar.

Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the back room and owner's office and a stairwell that leads teh residence above the floor above the bar.

Rachel looks over at Donna, before she nods her head slightly and then looks over at the bartender, "A Bud for me, please." She smiles, her eyes still going over the patrons, before she manages to see Buck, and her eyebrows knit together, she knows that man from somewhere!

Julius comes into the bar, bringing a hand up to rub through his hair lightly as his eyes adjust to the difference in lighting from outside. After a moment he moves towards the bar and sits down, gesturing for the bartender's attention, "Scotch on the rocks, if you don't mind."

"Well, shit, that's me!" Buck exclaims when he hears Donna order a round for the house. "Bingo, man. Yeah, I'll take that drink, thanks. He picks up his Jack and Coke with a broad grin. At last he notices Rachel's frequent glances and looks in her direction. "Evenin', ma'am," he offers.

Donna laughs merrily at all the good reactions to the announcement of free drinks. When her daquiri is delivered she holds it up and salutes everyone then settles in to drink, looking over at Rachel and Buck. "Celebrating!" she announces, then she turns to Julius, who just so happened to sit down in this unlocky bit of bar, "Hi! Celebrating!"

"Celebrating what," comes the question from Rachel as she takes her beer and tips it back. Her eyes looking over at Buck and saying, "Hi there. You know, you look awfully familiar, I just can't place where I might have seen you."

Julius's eyebrows lift just a touch when he's informed that his drink is being paid for and he turns towards Donna to lift it in gratitude, "To celebrations, eh?" He takes a sip from the glass and proceeds to lean back against the bar so he can gaze at his fellow patrons.

"Whatcha celebratin'?" Buck wants to know, echoing Rachel. Then he smiles a bit ruefully when she says he looks familiar. "Well, hey, maybe we know each other," he says. "R'fresh my mem'ry. Where do you think we met?" He lifts his glass at Donna, meanwhile.

Donna offers Julius a mammoth smile and a salute of her red fruit slushy which just happens to have some booze in it. "To celebrations." Then she flips around to Rachel and Buck, "I'm celebrating having enough money to celebrate and enough health to enjoy it! And deciding that I am totally over Matt Frenzel. He is totally beneath me."

Rachel grins lightly before she says, "Well, that is something to celebrate." She chuckles and then looks back at Buck before saying, "Well, about the only places I have been in the past, shit, almost eight years is the Middle East." She froget it'd been that long out there.

"Sounds like he must be," Buck says to Donna, then looks back at Rachel. "Damn," he says. "You a reporter, or in the services? That's a long haul f'r anybody." He gives that sheepish smile. "We mighta met there," he allows. "I…I can't remember any of it too good."

Julius nods, "Always great to have the cash to celebrate. Figured I'd come in for pretty much the same reason. I sold a few sculptures this past week so I got enough to have a bit of fun." He smirks, gesturing to the bartender to go ahead and bring him another round before taking another long sip of his scotch. He glances over to Racher, arching an eyebrow, "You in the military, I suppose?" He shakes his head, smirking ruefully and going back to his drink, "I'd never make it in the military. Authority issues, ya know."

Donna grins at Rachel, "I know! He is such a douche. He was always going on about how he thought I had the perfect tits! He loved small tits best. Said it was great I didn't have to wear a bra. How my tits would still look good when I got old and then I run into him today and he's hanging all over this girl with /Eeeenormous/ hooters! I mean, tits that milk cows would be jealous of! I mean, I totally wanted to get out a milking stool for him!" She then turns to Julius and says, "Awesome! What do you work in? Stone? Or something more modern? I'm Donna!" Then back to Rachel, "Fuck! That's a long time! I would never go to the middle east! It's so dangerous!"

"Marine on the ground," Rachel responds to Buck, before she looks back at Donna and replies, "Oh? Is that so? That's… something, I suppose. Guess people change what they like." She offers a smile, before she adds to Donna, "Well, was two terms in the military, due up for renewal later this year. Gotta figure out how I want to answer."
Buck smiles at Donna's story, then looks back to Rachel. "Aw, I'd go back," he says. "I'd be right back there in a second. Helpin' people? Savin' lives? You better believe it," he enthuses. He looks over to Julius. "Aw, they'd knock those issues outta ya."

Julius almost chokes on his drink at Donna's lengthy diatribe on breasts, tits, gazongas, melons, ta-tas.. Where was I? Oh, right, her diatribe. Yes, poor Julius almost chokes for a moment, coughing and spluttering as he sets his drink down for a moment. He picks up a napkin and wipes his mouth before responding, "Ah, clay mostly. Though I've done some work in metal-sculpting. I do a bit of everything, but people tend to enjoy my sculptures best."

Donna nods to Julius, "Clay is awesome! I love the way it moves in your fingers. I could totally get into that as my medium of choice, but stone..wow. That takes so much patience and vision. Totally not my style. Where do you sell your pieces out of?" Then back to Rachel and Buck, "Well, saving people that would be great. Helping out and all that. But I mean…bullets! Have you ever been shot at? I would totally piss myself if I was shot at. Well, maybe not if I had like…a tank on my side."

Rachel looks over at Donna and says, "Yeah, I've been shot at. More times than I can count." A roll of her shoulders occurs once more, before her attention goes back to Buck and she says, "I don't know, might be nice to hang around the place that I've spent most of my adult life protecting."

"Well, it ain't against th' law t' piss yourself," Buck points out. "I bet people do." He shrugs at Rachel. "Well, that's your call," he tells her. "You sure did your duty, nobody's sayin' you gotta do more. But /man/, if it was me…" He shakes his head and heaves a sigh, then sips his drink.

Julius nods, seeming almost wistful for a moment, "Yes, clay is a wonderful medium. It lets me create images that sometimes take even my breath away, and I created them." He blinks for a moment, shaking his head as if drawing himself back to the moment. Clay wasn't what he had been thinking about, "One day I hope to truly capture the essence of perfection in my work. Something that people will look on and it will simply drop them to their knees in awe. Something that will go down in the annals of history as the finest piece ever made." He smirks, running a hand through his hair again before taking his drink to lift it to his lips, "Everyone has to have a dream. I guess that's mine." He shrugs and finishes off the first glass before setting it down and taking up his second. He looks over at Rachel, arching an eyebrow a bit, "I'm happy to say that I've never been shot at. Hope it stays that way as well."

"Wow. You are that wound up to go over there? To get shot at and stuff? You know, you could go in the Peace Corps if you want to help. Less shooting that way." She then pats Rachel on the back like they are old time friends, "I'm glad you made it through all the shooting, and I would like to say on behalf of everyone here in the non-shooty bits of the world that we're glad to have you back!" She slurps at her dacquiri like she's afraid it's going to run away from her and while she works at it diligently she looks over at Julius and grins broadly, "Yeah? Where did you study? You totally sound like the kids I used to dorm with. Visual arts are always like that. Permanence. I mean, don't get me wrong, some performers get the same thing going in their head, but really, the magic is all in the moment."

Rachel shrugs her shoulders and says, "I dunno, we'll just see what the future has in store." Her eyes looking over everyone for a moment or three before she finally says, "Well, can't say I've ever been much of an artsy person, other than the occasional sketch or three."

Buck laughs and shakes his head at Donna. "Already been over there," he tells her, "Already been shot at, already left part o' my brains in the sand." He smiles, shrugging at Rachel's concluding words on the subject.

Julius shrugs a bit at Donna's question, "Self-taught, mostly. I mean, I had some classes in high school and what-not, but for the most part I taught myself." He regards both Rachel and Buck for a moment, pursing his lips slightly, "Indeed, we should all be grateful for those who put themselves in harm's way so that we don't have to. I was lucky enough to-" He catches himself and speaks anew, "But yet, thank you for your service." He raises his glass again, then takes a long sip from it.

Donna looks at Rachel then Buck, "Wow. Two heroes." She squints at Julius then from behind her glasses, "Maybe three. And me. Well, I set the standards low so people can really tell you guys apart. That's my public service." Then it's time to lean on the bar and smile at the pretty girl serving nearby, "Hiiii. Can I get a umm…Margarita on the rocks please. Oh…strawberry if you got it?"

Rachel grins faintly before she shrugs her shoulders and says, "Ordinary citizens are heroes all the time." She finally finishes her beer and sets it down on the table while looking around, perhaps pondering what she wants to do at this point.

Buck smiles broadly at Julius and lifts his glass before glugging in kind. "I ain't a hero, though," he tells Donna seriously. "Didn't do anything special, an' I didn't serve near as long as this lady," he says with a nod at Rachel, "'fore I got my brains blown out. I'd be a hero if I could, though. That counts for somethin', right?" He smiles at Rachel, then jumps when his phone vibrates. "Oh, shit," he says when he's pulled it out to look at it. "I better get over t' /my/ bar in a minute. My bartender said the president was talkin' 'bout gettin' rid of DADT in his speech." He puts his drink down to text a reply. "I reckon there might be some celebration over there, too."

Julius shakes his head, waving off Donna's suspicions, "No, no. I've never been in the military." He shrugs a bit at Rachel and Buck, "That may be, but most ordinary citizens don't put themselves in the line of fire intentionally. It's a spur of the moment thing. Soldiers have devoted their lives to facing down people that want to kill us normal citizens." He peers ovet to buck, "DADT? That some fancy gun or something?"

Donna thanks the bartender and slides her a healthy tip along the way. Then she takes a fwe quick drinks just to make sure the margarita is alright. Apparently it is. "Well, sure. Like, when there are emergencies and they are forced into it. You went and served out of choice, putting yourself in harms way to make the world better. That is pretty amazing really." She eyes Buck over her glass, "You got shot in the head? Really? That is crazy." She turns to grin at Julius and clap him on the back, "That's what I was thinking! Like BOOM! DADT! WMD!"

Rachel shakes her head a little and replies to Donna, "No, Don't Ask Don't Tell. Its the military's policy on homosexuals." She says the word with no ill intent behind it, just like she's quoting from a hand book, really. "So, other than having boyfriend troubles, what do you do," Rachel asks Donna.

Buck laughs at Julius's question as he stands up and pays his tab. "Hell, no. I don't run a firin' range!" He grins. "Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell, ain't you heard of it? Means gays get to go in th' army without pretendin they ain't gay." Somehow his explanation is not as polished as Rachel's. He smiles at Donna, "No, I didn't get shot in the head. Basically, shit exploded an' pieces o' metal got launched into my head." He shrugs at that, because you have to punctuate a remark like that somehow.

Julius grins at Donna, "Exactly. Ka-kow! Ka-kow!" Seems her exuberance has rubbed off on him a bit. He then looks to Rachel and Buck as they explain, "Oh. That's nowhere near as exciting as some fancy high-tech gun." He shrugs and takes another gulp from his drink, "Man, that hits the spot." This last is softer, probably speaking to himself.

"Holy shit. Shrapnel in your brain. You are super lucky. And…I bet you are super tired of people saying stupid things like that when they hear. And why would Obama get rid of that policy? Like…gays got him elected and like, who cares if gay people are in the military and why would that make you have to run for your bar? Like, is it a gay military bar?"

"Yup," Buck tells Donna. "People tell me I'm lucky. I run a bar, yeah. Kinda a gay bar, I guess. Not so much military." He laughs. "DADT keeps gays /out/, not in! Well. Doesn't keep 'em /out/, but keeps 'em from /coming/ out?" With that, he waves and hits the road.

Rachel looks over at Donna and wrinkles her eyebrows for a moment before she asks, "Whose Obama?"

"Oops..wow. Where did Obama come from. I meant President Petrelli. He seems pretty okay to me. Not the president that Rickham would have been. I'd buy him a drink if he came in, but I'd have bought Rickham like, a few drinks."

Julius arches an eyebrow at Donna, "Obama.. Obama.. Isn't he that newbie senator from Chicago or something? I think I remember reading something about him. Didn't seem to be anything that special about him." He shrugs, waving a hand dismissively, "But I don't really follow politics that much. Unless one of those presidents wants to hire me to paint their presidential portrait, I typically could care less." He shrugs again, "Nothing they've ever done has affected me that much." Of course, he usually keeps a pretty low profile.

Rachel pats Donna a couple of times before she replies, "Welp, sounds like you've had a bit much to drink." She winks a little, before standing up and saying, "I think I need to head out."

Donna pouts at Rachel, "You leaving so soon? Damn." She hoists her glass, "Well, it was nice meeting you soldier! Welcome back to the good old U.S. of A. Semper Fi and all that!" Then she takes a big slug of her drink before saluting Rachel and turning to Julius, "Oh gosh. Just think of your civil liberties and all that. And wars! I mean, war war war!"

Julius raises his drink to Rachel once more, "Have a pleasant evening, ma'am." He then takes a sip before looking to Donna, "I keep a low profile. None of that stuff has ever had any effect on me. We go to war, we leave war, gays can marry, gays can't marry.. None of it has affected me one way or another. I still have my place, I still make my art, I still sell it to whomever wants to own a piece of my work."

Rachel smiles at Donna and replies, "Feat not, I shall be back. Or something like that." She shrugs her shoulders a little and says, "You all take care." With that, the marine heads out of the bar to head to where ever it is she needs to be.

Donna shrugs her broad shoulders at Julius, "Hey! Did you tell me your name? Cause I know I told you mine. You got any pics of your art on you? I'd like to see it. And like…what about abortion and health care and taxes and Petrelli sleeping with big business without a condom?"

Julius extends a hand to the woman, "Julius Amadeus Reinheldt. It's a pleasure." To her question, he shakes his head, "No, I decided long ago that I wasn't going to give my work the 'new father' treatment. So I don't carry around pictures of it." He smirks a bit, canting his head to the side slightly, "But, if you'd like a demonstration, I could sketch you?"

She smiles and takes his hand in hers. She gives his hand a good squeeze but not much of a shake. She's got a strong grip for a woman, especially as thin of one as she is. "Nice to meet you Julius! That is an awesome name? Do people call you Julie? I think that's an awesome nickname for a guy." She releases his hand so she can pick up her drink and gulp at it, "Mmm…so, like. A sketch? Sure! Sketch away. THat is so totally 1920s. Sketching in a saloon."

He gives the hand a slight shake, smiriking a bit and shaking his head, "No, most people just call me Julius. Some call me Mr. Reinheldt, but I prefer Julius." He looks to the bartender, waving her over, "Can I get a sheet of paper and a pencil? Thanks. Oh, and another scotch on the rocks." He looks back to Donna, "People still do sketchings sometimes. I like to sit in Central Park and offer sketches to the tourists. You'd be surprised at what they'll pay for one."

She laughs and when he orders a scotch on the rocks she orders a gin and tonic. "Sure. I bet you can make a haul in the park doing that. I mean, I've paid my rent off a couple good days in the park with my guitar. Though there is like, a whole mafia of performers. They will totally kick your ass for the good spots." When the curvy bartender delivers the paper and pencil Donna looks at the tools of the trade then says, "Okay, want me to make a face or something?"

Julius nods, knowing well the competition for spots in the park. Luckily, Julius tended to have his pick of spots thanks to the rumors that went around regarding bad things happening to people who gave him too much trouble, "Yes, I'm quite familiar with the constant jockeying for the best spots." He takes a napkin and makes sure a good spot on the bartop is dry before smoothing the paper out atop it and looking to Donna, "Whatever you want me to sketch. Oh, and do you want me just to do your head and shoulders or a full body sketch?"

"You're the artist Julius. Whatever works. But I'm not a fan of portraits really. I mean, like, faces. They are good for famous people. But normal people look better when you do like…the whole thing. Catching a moment in time. Dirty hands, big feet, all that."

Julius nods and begins sketching, looking up at Donna from time to time as he does, "Too true. And like I said, clay is my favorite medium, so forgive me if this isn't the greatest thing in the world." Despite his words, even his sketches tended to be quite good. He definitely had a knack for artistry of all sorts.

Donna tries not to watch, acting all casual as she sips at her drink, looking at a spot she's chosen behind the bar when not casting sidelong glances, "Well, I dabble a bit you know. What art school dropout doesn't? Like, always trying out ideas for album covers and posters for gigs that I haven't played."

Julius's hand moves quickly as he guides the pencil across the paper with practiced ease. His gaze continues to drift back and forth from Donna to page and back again as he draws, "I've often wondered what art school would be like. So you're a musician? What do you play?"

Donna continues to pose without posing, trying to sit naturally and not watch Julius at work. "Oh…guitar is what I got into school for. I mean, I have a base of knowledge in lots of instruments. You have to play piano to be a music major, but you know, guitar is my love."

Julius looks up, arching an eyebrow at Donna, "Why would they make you learn piano if you want to play the guitar? That just sounds absolutely idiotic." He looks back to his sketch, working to put the finishing touches upon it.

"Because the piano is the best instrument for the science behind music. Like, the building blocks. They don't make everyone excell at it, you just need to be able to play passably. I already played piano before school though. I could play by like, age 4."

Julius purses his lips a bit as he examines his work, tilting his head first to one side, then the other, "I suppose I can understand that a bit. Still seems ridiculous to force someone with no interest in piano to learn to play it." He nods a bit, seemingly satisfied with the sketch and lifts up the sheet to show it off, "What do you think?" The picture is an excellent representation of Donna, especially given that he wasn't using any of his professional grade supplies.

"It's the fundamental instrument of music training. You have to be able to play. I mean, you have to learn drawing even if you want to do painting." When asked how she likes his work she turns to look, "Wow! Really nice. And that's on bar paper and shit." She spins and leans close to study it, "Really nice!"
Public> Julius head-desk.

Julius sets the paper back on the bartop again so he can sign his name in the lower right corner along with the date, "I guess that makes some sense. I never really thought of it that way, but I can see the parallels." The signature done, he hands the drawing over to Donna, "Here, enjoy. Maybe it'll be worth something someday."

Donna takes the drawing and examines it once more, grinning, "You did a great job! Thanks for faking it and trying to make me look prettier than I am." She stands up and gives him a kiss to the cheek before sitting back down. "I forgot to bring a portfolio to carry it."

Julius actually blushes a touch at the kiss on the cheek, "I.. I wasn't faking anything. I just drew what I saw." He quickly lifts his drink to his lips, taking a long draw while waiting for the feeling of warmth to leave his face. He typically wasn't the most socially adept person in the world, and it was beginning to show a bit.

Donna looks down at the picture then back at him. "Well, it's prettier than me. I don't look as sharp and pinched. You make me look pretty." She laughs and rolls the picture up carefully, putting it into her coat in the form of a tube.

Julius shakes his head, "No really, you're pretty cute." He again hides his face behind his glass, drinking it down while signalling at the bartender to bring another. At this rate he just might end up more than a little buzzed. Ah, girls and the nervousness they inspire in the less socially adept of the male gender.

She smiles broadly, her big mouth spreading out far and wide, "Cute. Well, that's a start right?" She sips at her own drink, her cheeks red from drinking and perhaps from the picture as well. "Thanks Julius. You're a sexy stud. You pick up lots of girls by drawing them?"
It's a good thing the bartender brought by a fresh drink for Julius, otherwise he'd look really stupid trying to hide behind an empty glass, "I don't think I've ever been called that before, but thank you." As for her last question, well, he tended to be somewhat socially inept, "Actually, I tend to end up making a fool of myself."

"Oh…fuck that." She reaches out and gives him a push in the shoulder, "Girl's are a sucker for artists." She eyes him carefully then shrugs, "Were you fat in high school or something? I mean, you're good looking, and the kind of good looking lots of girls adore. A fixer upper. Fix your hair, fix your clothes…boom, hottie who is talented."

Lucky for Julius, he was turned and leaning against the bar, or the girl's push might have sent him off balance. Alcohol does that to a person. He brings his free hand up to nervously run it through his messy hair as he looks down at his clothes, "Is my hair and clothes really that bad?" Yeah, he totally missed the whole hottie part and zero'd in on the comments about his hair and clothes.

She laughs and drains her glass before waving it at the bartender for another. Then she turns to look at him critically. Hopping off her stool she wobbles a bit then pushes his hands out of the way so she can play with his hair. "Not bad. I mean, it looks messy, but you could trim it just a bit and then mess it up where it looks like you did it on purpose. Not like you woke up." Then she shakes her head looking at the shirt, "This is awful though. Like…" she unbuttons the wrists and rolls them back, "If your shirt is going to look dirty or ragged like this, then you got to roll you sleeves back." And then she unbuttons it some more, "And show some chest here. If you don't, it just looks sloppy." Then she looks down at the tennis shoes and shrugs, "Well…you aren't a jock. You shouldn't wear those. You need real grown up shoes. Not boy shoes."

Julius tries to be calm as Donna begins to work him over, "Ah, well, I don't really wear nice clothes in my studio because they get dirty from the paints and clays and stuff." He looks down at his shoes, "Same for my shoes. And these are comfortable.." He looks back up at her, looking more than a bit nervous, "You, ah.. really think I'm uh.. hot?" He looks away, "I was kind of geeky in high school, an art nerd. So.. I've never really had a cute girl tell me I was a hottie before." Of course, high school was a fair bit longer ago than Donna probably realizes.

"Heh! I knew it. You had high school issues." She grabs the waistband of his jeans, fingers slipping inside it as she tugs at his slacks, "I mean…slacks? If you want to rock the dirty artist thing you got to wear jeans. You can wear them till they are about to fall off and they still look good on the artist. But slacks can only be crisp and clean or they make you look scruffy and unwashed." She giggles, "Besides, a girl wants to see the package. And sure. You've got good looks hidden under all these bad clothes. See, you cant use the comfortable bullshit either. Are you in your studio working? No. You're at a bar and you want hot girls to get wet when you smile at them right?"

Julius just nods nervously. He wasn't used to having a girl paying this much attention to him, let alone adjusting his clothes and.. oh wow, her hands were still on his slacks. Well, nothing ventured nothing gained, right? He decided to try and make a move. That's what a guy should do with a cute girl, right? After all, she'd already said he was hot and kissed him on the cheek. He moves his free hand up to touch the collar of the jacket Donna wears, "I guess I need to find me a girl to fix me up and whatnot, huh?" He cocks an eyebrow and cants his head a bit.

She grins and says, "Well, some girls like fixer uppers. Well, honestly most girls love fixer uppers. But you if you want to go that route you still got to fix yourself up some. Enough so that they can notice the potential." She digs her fingers into his pants, trying to find the waistband of his underwear so she can haul them up enough to see past the waistband of his slacks.

Julius's eyes go wide as he feels the waistband of his boxers being tugged up. They were just a simple affair of light blue boxers, but having them tugged up like that was a surprise, "I've got a few pairs of jeans, I guess. And I can get some kinda dress shoes for going out, I guess?" He's definitely interested in the girl who is showing so much interest in him. He chews his lip for a second, "So, ah.. think you'd be up to the task of making me presentable? Fixing me up, so to say?"

She checks out his underwear then wipes her brow with a sigh of relief. "Phew! Boxers." She turns and reaches for her glass, deciding not to climb back onto her seat. Instead she just stays next to him while she drinks, "Hmm? Oh. Gosh. I guess I could help you out. It's kind of fun. Like playing with Ken doll. Who doesn't like playing dressup?"

That wasn't exactly the response he had been hoping for, "Ah.. right.." Julius arches an eyebrow, "But wait, why would any woman like a Ken doll? He doesn't have any.. you know." He gestures down towards his pants a bit, "That's got to kind of defeat the whole purpose, right?" Playing dressup hadn't exactly been his intention with that question.

She giggles and follows it up with a snort, which makes her giggle again, "Oh fuck. Dressing up is fun. And dressing someone else is almost more fun that dressing up yourself. Besides, nobody wants to look at a man's junk except in bed. So, it doesn't effect dressing up other than you want it to show enough to attract attention." She looks at his pants then starts giggling again, "I need another drink." She of course already has one in her hand.

Julius is getting a fair bit drunk himself now. This was what, his fourth scotch? He smirks, shaking his head a bit, "True, I don't really like looking at guy stuff myself. Good thing I'm not gay, I suppose." Okay, that was a pretty stupid thing to say. Quick! Change the subject, "So, ah.. You're pretty cute and you said I'm hot.. so.. Stop me if this is stupid, but I'd like to kiss you." Yep, he was a nerd.

She laughs and grabs him by the hair with one of her hands. She pulls her mouth down towards his and says, "So why don't you kiss me then?" she breathes boozily against his lips.

Well, that was all the invitation Julius needed. He wrapped his free arm around Donna's waist and pulled her against him, pressing his lips against hers and letting his eyes slide closed a bit. This wasn't that bad at all. He lets his mouth slide open so his tongue can probe hers should she reciprocate in kind.

She kisses him back long and hard, pressing her body tight up against his. When she comes up gasping for air she pushes herself back off of him and digs into her purse, grabbing his hand. With the cap of her pen between her teeth she writes "555 555-1234" on his hand, except of course it's a real phone number. "Call me. We can do this when I'm not too drunk." Then she is off like a rocket, making her way out of the saloon.

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