Dumplings and Adventures


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Scene Title Dumplings and Adventures
Synopsis Joe stops by with food and offers of shenanigans.
Date March 23, 2017

The Benchmark Center

Joe has found his way to the apartment of Lady Zeus, Sandwoman and Cooldad. First he wandered about the place trying to figure out where they lived. Then he went down to the receptionist to ask where they lived, and now he has arrived. It was an epic quest, a great adventure. He also comes bearing something in a paper bag. An offering of food considering he's here to ask for a favor/invite Silvia on on adventure. So he rings the doorbell, or knocks on the door if there's no door bell, then stands there in the hallway waiting, looking up and down the hallway, walking in little circles and generally just being antsy as he waits for someone to come to the door.

There's the sound of little scurrying feet behind the door followed by Silvia going on her tiptoes to properly see out the peekhole. Always be safe when you're answering the door! Given that it's Joe and not some creeper, the door is unlocked and opened. "You came to visit! No one comes to visit! You're the best." She steps aside to let Joe in—no need to converse in the hallway. "So what brings you by? Did you just want to hang or were you hoping I had more comic pages done?"

Joe is fidgeting when the door opens, rocking from the balls of his feet to his heels, then back to the balls, jostling the paper bag in his right hand. The door opens when he's pushed up pretty much on his tippy toes. There's a wide grin before Joe drops back to the flats of his feet. "Iiiii wanted to come by and see you. Hadn't seen yah for a couple weeks. I also wanted to invite you on an adventure. Aaaaand I wanted to come hang out. I also brought food!" Joe holds the bag up like it's a prize. And it might be considering the foot shortages going on. "Gyoza. From the shop next to Raquelle's." He then blinks and ohs before stepping inside the door and out of the hallway.

"How are yah doing Sil? Sorry I haven't come by before now. Been all sorts of busy with dodging SESA agents while trying to explore sewers and also trying to make a living and organizing stuff to try and start our own version of the Lighthouse and… yeah. Been suuuuper busy. No excuse for being a bad friend though. So… peace offering?" He asks holding out the brown paper bag towards Silvia.

Peace offering of food. There's definitely either some guilt or something wanted. But Silvia doesn't mind. She enjoys having a friend over regardless of the reasoning. "I'm good, haven't really been doing anything exciting, working on the comics mostly. But you said a lot of stuff just now, so what's this about an adventure and what's this about SESA agents and sewers and what about making a living and starting a Lighthouse…" She's exhausted just naming off those things. "So explain some stuff, I hate being out of the loop."

Joe readily admitted to the guilt for being a bad friend and not coming by before now. "Yeah sorry. I this…. I wish I had a cell phone. I wish cell phones worked reliably here. So…" Joe breathes in deep, then lets it out. "I did wanna come hang out. I'd love to see any new comic pages you might have. And yes I'm feeling kinda guilty for not keeping you in the loop. I actually wanted to bring you on the first sewer adventures, but Lance wanted it to be just him and I cuz we have the most training. In case it was super dangerous. Well turns out it is. We went into the sewers trying to see if that's how people were stealing the food. Turns out it is!"

Joe looks for a place to put down the bag of dumplings. Quite a few of them if the weight of the bag is anything to go by. "We went exploring, after some Sesa agent guy told us not to. We ran into him down there. Then we found some poor dead kid. Had been attacked by rats… umm killed by them we think. Then found a lot of food. A LOT of food. And it had all been eaten by rats as well. Oh also the kid's ghost led us to his body. So we want to go back down there and explore further. See if we can figure out what's going on. We are assembling a team. And we think you'd be an awesome part of it. If you're willing. Potentially dangerous, though I'm not terribly worried about rats trying to eat you. Cuz…" He mimes going poof into sand and then shrugs his shoulders with a wide grin.

"I want to help people. Lance and Brynn want to live normalish lives. So I've compromised. We're trying to be like a new Lighthouse. Or like the new Ferrymen sort of deal. We're gonna try to get a place where we can house some of the poor kids on the streets. Especially the evolved kind. Do for them what the Ferry did for us. Been busy trying to do… stuff… to get that done." He flashes her a wide grin. "So I have been a super busy Joe."

"You did dangerous stuff with Lance?" Silvia raises an eyebrow. "But you're both okay, right?" Well, Joe looks okay. "And you're investigating sewers even though a SESA agent told you not to?" For the moment Silvia has a mom tone, sounding a little displeased. But then it changes. "But you're trying to help people and you can take care of yourselves, obviously. If you want my help, I'm in. Just don't let me get wet. Sand form plus water equals hard to stay together and slow to move. I'd only sand if I was wet if it was a real emergency."

Silvia looks to Joe. "Why would anyone try to live a 'normal' life when they have an ability? We are by definition not-normal. It is like hiding from yourself. Why would you want to hide who you are if you can be who you are?"

"Oh yeah we're both fine. I mean I'm reeeeeally hard to hurt. And Lance is a ninja. But you know this. Oh you were just showing concern. Yeah we're fine." Joe flashes a wide grin at Silvia. "And yes. Well the SESA agent heard we were poking our noses around. And we told him about our sewers theory. He told us to stay out of them. Of course we didn't and we actually ran into him in there. Naturally. Cuz that's the way life goes. And then we all found that poor kid's body, and the food. Well the food wrappers and containers. And yeah sand form plus water bad. But sandform girl that can slip through cracks in walls and what not and find hidden rooms that the rest of us can't is good. Also well… rats would choke on you if they tried to eat you. So that's good too. I'm the tank. Lance is burst DPS. You can be our mage. Using magic and stuff to get things done." He winks and opens up the bag, pulling out a couple cheap plastic containers of gyoza. "There's dipping sauce too." He pulls those out and sets them on the counter as well.

"I honestly don't know. I have no desire to live a normal life. Not like… mundane normal. Like in Harry Potter? Why on earth would you be a muggle when you could be a wizard? Or star wars! Why be some guy when you could be a jedi?" Cuz Silvia has seen Star Wars now. Movie night. "But Lance and Brynn are both adamant that they want to be normal. Me? I like who I am, and I like what I am. And if I can help people I'm gonna dang well do it. And I /can/ help people. So I'm gonna." Joe's head nods firmly. "So glad you get me on that. Every time I talk about wanting to help people they cry about wanting to live normal lives."

"That all sounds pretty sad… I can't say I know much about what's going on with the food, but if you're trying to help and avenge that kid, I stand with you." Silvia seems thoughtful. "Well, I don't think rats will eat me but I can certainly slip through cracks. I can see and hear, but I can't talk. So I can sneak in, sneak out, and tell you what is over there." She heads over to poke her nose in with the gyoza. "Mmm… dipping sauce."

"Anyway, I'm sure you can live a life where you make a living and have a relationship and do all those things but you can't just ignore your ability or… stuff. I have an ability that's strong, you do too. They aren't abilities made to just sit around and do nothing, right?"

"Well, his ghost led us to his body. Could be his ghost. Could also be like a telepathic remnant, or maybe he's like a technopath. Well some technopaths and he survived the death of his body. Either way Lance says that's the definition of a ghost. SO his ghost led us to his body. Pretty sure he wants us to figure out what went wrong with him. He's been down there a long time though." Joe's features pull into a frown. "He actually… would be our age. He shoulda been a Lighthouse Kid. But he died down there. He had a LInderman registration card on him so… before the war." Joe's lower lip gets caught in his teeth and chewed on a little bit as he thinks on that, then shakes his head, levering himself out of sudden doldrums and grins. "That would be awesome. Could be like a super stealthy scout type. But also you're capable, adventurous and you can't get eaten by rats. Those all make you super ideal for the mission. Plus you're my friend and I like having friends along for the ride. Makes it a real adventure yah know? Does that sound dumb?"

"They're not. Like I fully intend to have a job… career of some kind? A relationship. Maybe kids some day. But I also fully intend to make use of my ability to help people. I thought about becoming a police officer or something like that. Cuz… I could take bullets all day long and not have to worry about it. And other cops couldn't. I thought about volunteering for Frontline if they ever come back. I dunno if I want to work for the government though. Not after everything in the past. But I also want to… be in the know. So if things do start to go south I can do for others what Lynette and them did for us."

"Going on an adventure with you guys would be cool. If that kid needs to be avenged then we should be the ones to do it," Silvia says, sounding very sure of herself. "My parents can not know about this though, they'd be very worried. Not mad, but worried and that's kind of worse when they give you those sad eyes…"

The suggestion of adult real life things cause Silvia to wrinkle her nose. "I haven't thought too much about what I'll do. Up until this point I just thought about surviving and making comics and hanging out with Mom and Dad. I mean, sure, I'd like a career and a relationship and kids and like a nice house and maybe a dog… but I wouldn't even know where to start with those things. Also I think you'd be a great cop. I'd trust you."

"Don't know if he needs to be avenged or not yet. But if he does? Then we'll do it. We'll make sure there's justice for him. Maybe we'll see his ghost again. And not have a loud SESA agent to scare him off. Maybe get some actual answers from him. If he can communicate that is. Not even sure if he can talk. And nah, we don't have to tell your parents anything. They don't need to know. I mean Lynette would probably be okay with it. Well not okay with it, but I dont' think she'd try to stop you. And your dad is pretty cool. But yeah. Don't need to tell the parents." Joe mimes zipping his lips shut.

"Yeah. I mean I have given it /some/ thought, but not a ton you know? I've just given it some thought about what I could do, not what I will do. I know I want to get into college and I want to help Lance and Brynn get into college. But beyond that I haven't figured it out. Other than the ideas I mentioned that is. But you could totally turn your art into your career no problem. Comics, maybe movies, concept art for studios. You could do all sorts of cool stuff with your art. I'm not a big animal person myself. Except for moose. Moose are awesome." Cuz a moose helped save their lives. Sure it was under Hailey's influence but that is besides the point. "I think I'd make a great coip. Maybe. I'd have to learn to abide by the law though."

"I mean, they'd probably be cool with it if it weren't technically breaking the law. They're both really cool people, they just worry, y'know?" Silvia offers Joe a smile. "So just play it cool and we can tell them later once we save the day."

"I thought about school, if I could get in… Brooklyn College is hard to get into. Even if my art is good, they don't judge based on that. I'd have to have some kind of way in. That's why Lance & Joe Adventures needs to make it big. People need to talk about it. If I have a self-published but popular piece of work I could get in and then people would take me seriously."

"I mean well… I don't think the sewer diving is illegal? I could be wrong though. But I mean really the law is so… tenuous right now that I'm not sure we'd get in any trouble for doing it anyway? But yeah… best if we just keep it our little secret yeah?" Joe winks, that ever present grin dominating his features as he grabs up one of the containers of dumplings and plucks one out, dunking it into the sauce before popping it into his mouth, chewing slowly, enjoying the food. Food like that is a treat right now. "I'm down with that. Keep it secret till after we've been succesful. Then be like… yeah we totally knocked this out of the park so you don't need to worry in the future."

Joe puffs out a cheek at the mention of Brooklyn College. "I get that. They want to make sure the students they take in are capable and are going to actually do something with the education. Or they're just being snooty. Either way I can see how having a succesful comic book run could totally be your way to make it in. Would be awesome if everyone was going to college and stuff." Joe tips his head to the side for a few moments. "Like one of those 90's sitcoms or something about life in high school and then the kids are too old for high school so they have them graduate and move on to college."

"As long as we aren't tampering with anything it's probably not illegal. So there's no need for any parents to worry." Silvia grins after a moment, taking a piece of gyoza and dipping it before chomping down on it. She looks content with the food, nodding in response. "Right! Besides if there was real danger I'd call them in as backup and they'd totally come help me. Because I have the best parents."

Silvia sighs. "Brooklyn College is hard to get into because there are lots of people who have nowhere else to go. Like… there were thousands of colleges in the U.S. and then you have how many now? They want the best of the best and I'm not gonna make the cut unless I can really show myself off." She grins. "That would be so cool if everyone was going to college together. You can do all kinds of things with a college degree!"

"I can't promise the no tampering bit. Like couldn't promise that at all, so won't even try. But yeah, you do have pretty awesome parents. And they'd totally come bail us out. But… you're not going to get cell signal out in the sewers. If we need help you'd have to find your way up out of the sewers and call for help first. By which point we'll have gotten the situation in hand or… it will be very much out of hand." Joe's smirk disappears when he grabs another dumpling and dips it, taking a bit from it, not eating this one whole.

"I honestly don't know what Lance and Brynn want to do with their lives beyond getting into college. Me? I want to help people. That's… what I want to do. If college will help me do that, then awesome. If not though I'd find another way to do good. I just won't turn a blind eye to other people in need. Which is why I was thinking of like becoming a cop or something. Help people. Officer Joe sounds kind of weird though. Maybe like swat or something? But I guess that would pretty much just be Frontline again at this point. That would be cool. But I doubt Frontline would take me. I'd need to join the force and qualify for swat or something first. And given my history. Or lack of official history… they might not be okay with me joining."

"Well, yeah, of course there'd be no cell signal, duh, I meant if like we sneak in close and hear bad guys and back off and need backup. Something like that." Silvia is totally prepared to handle any situation that comes up. "We might have to tamper a bit to get around, sure. Just as long as we don't destroy anything on purpose or anything. We aren't vandalos."

"Maybe Lance and Brynn have plans we don't know about. But it's good you know what you want to do. I'd like to help people too, I just don't know how. I think I would need more training with my ability to know how to use my sand to its fullest." Silvia shakes her head a bit. "I'm sure they'd let you in even with lack of history… they let a lot of things go now adays, they bend the rules a lot because everyone is different. Especially if you can prove yourself to them. Have you thought about SESA? They're supposed to help people."

"Vandals. No o for English. At least I'm guessing you mean vandals. For all I know it could be an entirely different word. Language is funny that way huh?" Joe's head tilts to the side as he ponders that, eating the rest of his second dumpling. "Language is very odd." He nods his head, affirming his own statement, then noms his way through a couple more dumplings, looking surprised at the mention of Lance and Brynn maybe having plans. He swallows his food down and huhs. "I mean… I guess they could? I dont' think they do… we've always shared stuff like that. But I guess they could…"

Joe makes a face at the mention of SESA. "Yeah I thought about it. But they feel too much like the Company or the old DHS agents and DoEA agents. Like it just feels a little tooo…. much? I dunno. Aunt RObyn is SESA and she's pretty awesome so maybe it'd be okay?" Joe's cheeks puff out like a chipmunk as he ponders that. "Well I mean you could help. If the comic makes it big you could like auction off original sketches and stuff from the development for charity and stuff too. And if you learn to use your power you can always help people. You'll find a way I'm sure. Just about… figuring it out. I'll help with that."

"Vandals," Silvia repeats. "I think that is what I mean. People who destroy or deface property that is not theirs. That is vandals, right?" Describing the word feels easier to determine if it's correct. She grabs for another dumpling, dipping it before musing over Brynn and Lance. She bites into the dumpling, eating half of it before looking back at Joe.

"If you all share things, maybe they don't have plans yet. You could ask them what they're thinking. I think communication is key. If you talk things out then everyone is happy." She taps her chin. "Unless they're hiding because they don't want to hurt you. That is a possibility." She tosses the other half of the dumpling into her mouth, chewing it before continuing. "Maybe you could ask your Aunt Robyn how it is, if she likes it or if they have specific jobs in SESA you'd be good at. I mean, aren't they supposed to be the good guys this time?" She leans forward eagerly. "You'll help me figure things out, really? I haven't really had a friend who was helpful before. No one's ever made that kind of offer. Besides my parents, of course."

You say, “That is a vandal yes. So that word is close. Just no O in it in English. Cool. And no we're not vandals. Not going to destroy stuff just cuz. That's not right. Been too much of that going on to keep doing more. Hoping the world can move past senseless destruction and death. I doubt it, but it would be nice." Joe lets out an amused snort, the sound not so soft. "Yeah well… I communicate just fine. Too much I'm told frequently by Lance. But I guess if I'm the one doing all the talking it's hard for them to tell me things like that? Maybe? I mean I'm good at listening, as long as I know… that I need to listen."

"What could they be hiding that would hurt me?" Joe asks, looking more than a little confused by that prospect, face scrunching up with the confusion. "Uhhh yeah. I mean friends are supposed to be helpful… aren't they? I"m pretty sure they are. I'd be happy to help you. You just gotta find your niche. Well first we gotta get you better and more practiced with your power. I can help with that too. Start with like… mazes. Where you gotta sand and find your way through the maze. We'll time you and keep going until you get faster and better. That will work on your fine control, as well as your speed and what not. Yeah I'll build a maze first thing. But like one that I can take apart and put together in different patterns so you can't just memorize one. And I can come up with other activities to help you train your power. And then we can start trying to figure out how it is that you'll help people."”

"Not vandals," Silvia echoes, nodding in satisfaction. Well, if they aren't destroying shit what they're doing is okay in her book. "You do talk a lot. Not that it's a bad thing, Joe, I like your talking. But I wonder if you are scared of silence. Is there something that lurks that troubles you?" She doesn't seem to be joking at the moment, she's quite serious.

"People hide things to prevent people from being hurt all the time. If they planned to do something without you, maybe. A plan where you couldn't come. That kind of thing is why people hide. I don't think they would do that though. You all seem very close." She does get excited as her powers are mentioned. "A maze? That could be fun. I can practice shaping my sand into different things and get more and more detailed." She taps her chin. "But maybe I could be a secret agent, slip under the doorway and listen in to secrets and then slip back. Maybe we could both join SESA and work together. That would be fun."

Joe pauses to think about that, lips pressing together, eyes narrowing as he stares off into space. "No. I don't think so. It's mostly… when we were little, and growing up we had to be quiet and careful a lot of the time. It was only once we were up in Canada that we didn't have to be careful what we said, where we said it, or who we said it around. That's when I started talking more and more. So it's not like… filling in the silence so much as it is… me being me. After so many years of not. I've always been exciteable, outgoing and brash though. So no, not filling the silence I just… tend to talk a lot. But like in the sewers I was a lot quieter. And when in dangerous situations in general I tend to be a lot quieter. I go into like… commando mode."

"Oh… I don't think they'd do that. But I could be wrong. I mean I guess I could be. We're all really close. Like siblings. I mean I refer to Brynn as my sister and Lance as my brother. But I guess some siblings keep secrets from eachother too." He frowns, clearly not liking that idea, that they might be keeping something from him. "Yeah. A maze. Like a smaller maze. Not a huge one. I guess we could start bigger at first. By big and small I mean… the size of a room versus the size of a table or something. It'll help you work on your speed of completion since we'll time you. But also your fine control of yourself. And yeah shapes too. Stuff like that. And… huh. Yeah we could be. That would be fun. Not sure your parents would approve of you being Sesa. Not sure Brian would approve of me being Sesa either. Kinda makes me want to give it a try to be honest." There's a smirk from him at that.

"So your voice was silenced and you have a big voice," Silvia comes the conclusion, nodding a little bit. "But you know how to control it. I respect that a lot. I have a lot of respect for you as a person. You are an awesome person." It's Silvia's way of giving a compliment without really knowing how to properly place it in conversation. She might be a little awkward.

"So the mazes, some shapes, that sort of thing. Could probably build something out of scrap materials, doesn't have to be too sturdy." She chuckles lightly. "I think my parents would approve of me finding something I'm good at and being safe. Plus if I were in SESA I could protect them from other SESA people."

Joe can't help but laugh softly at the awkwardly placed comment. "Well thank you. For the compliment. I mean it. It's encouraging to know that the people around you enjoy your company. You're a pretty primal person yourself Sil. Super chill with whatever comes your way. You blend right in with our group. And not just anyone can do that. We're a special sort of breed of kid." He winks at her, his grin a wide one, maybe a bit sheepish from her compliment. "I do know how to control myself. Brian made sure of that. He… he wanted to know that we could handle ourselves if we ever needed to. Prepared us for life in a world that knows all about the Evolved."

"That was kinda my thinking too about being a cop, or being Sesa, or Frontline or anything like that. I'd know what's coming down the pipe. Could warn people of incoming danger. Keep the people that matter to me safe. And others too. I mean… if there's some kid that needs help I know people that can help them better than the government can. People that understand them and /want/ to help them." Joe ponders the maze and shapes thing. "I could even put like shapes in the maze that you have to fill into and stuff before I lift the door to the next part of the maze. And yeah like… scrap stuff would be fine for the maze. But I really think that would be our best first step in helping you develop your power further, and your control over it."

"My parents keep me safe… my dad saved me when I was little. Someone's always looked after me even when I was…" Silvia's voice hitches a little, like she's thinking to hard about something. She wipes her eye for a moment and then shrugs it off as if nothing happened. If she pretends it's not important, then it won't be. "I'll look after others just like I was looked after. I'm strong, and I can be stronger."

She nods eagerly. "We should build this maze. And we can be pretending to work on the maze when we go investigate the sewers." She beams at him. "I'm actually kind of excited to go down into the sewers. I want to help and I might be able to use my ability to help for once."

Joe knows that pain, he does, very well, and he comes forward to say as much, reaching a hand out to gently take hers, holding it, at least for a few moments. "I understand that pain Silvia. All of us Lighthouse Kids do. If you ever need or want to talk about it… we're here okay? I'm here. I know it's rough. And I know it's not easy. But if you ever need to…" He offers her a tight smile before letting her hand go, and he steps back over to resume his consumption of gyoza. "We are strong. And I am going to use that strength to protect and look after others. Always."

"Oh I'm sure you can use your ability. And yeah we'll work on it. And if they ask we can tell them we were doing research on good mazes. Because well… the sewers are a giant maze. So it won't be a lie persay just an… obfuscation of the truth." He pauses a moment. "Sorry, clouding of the truth. Obfuscation means clouding or hiding… just a fancy way to say hiding."

Silvia blinks away what look like tears. She squeezes Joe's hand before he releases hers. "I just don't talk about it because I don't know how to. I think I've said it twice, once to dad, once to mom. I just don't talk about what things were like before dad came along. I don't like to think about it because it makes me sad. But at the same time it very strongly makes me want to protect others." She wipes her eyes on the back of her hand, regaining her composure.

"And we are, after all, going to practice my ability in a way. Just in a very active way as opposed to something much more passive." Silvia pauses to repeat the word. "Obfuscation. I like it. Now I can impress my parents with fancy words. I'm sure they'll be impressed." She nods. "So we make an obfuscation of the truth and go about our way."

“If you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine Sil. I won’t push you to. I’ve got painful memories too. I have no problem talking about them, but Lance has issues talking about his painful memories. Most of the other Lighthouse Kids do. So I’m more than used to it. I won’t push. It’s not like I have any desire to dredge up your old icky memories.” He winks at Silvia, but his tone is somber, not light. He’s taking it seriously. “So, your past makes you want to protect others. Just like me. That’s enough for me. I want to do for other people what was done for me. And I’m going to. I definitely would like to have help and good friends with me when I’m doing it though.”

“Well, we’re also going to practice your ability in a passive way as well.” Joe comments with a shrug of one shoulder, a wide grin on his face again. “Yes. We obfuscate the truth. We don’t lie. We just… don’t tell them everything. And we hope that Lady Zeus isn’t going to fry me for putting you in harm’s way. Or that your dad isn’t going to portal me to the middle of the desert or the top of a mountain or something like that. Cuz that would be pretty uncool. But… here’s hoping. And I’m willing to take that risk.” Joe smiles wide again. “We’re coming William.” He murmurs, his smile faltering as a determined look crosses his features.

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