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Scene Title Dumpstered
Synopsis Tracy who?
Date August 22, 2009

Financial District

Sometimes you just have to take things in your hands. Jessica is doing a little recon this morning. The weather has been extremely warm this morning as she walks down the Financial District towards the Linderman building. A fine sheen of sweat is already forming, even in her state of dress which consists primarily of a a white tank top and tan cargo pants and sandals. Her hair is pulled back tight into a ponytail.

The buildings and the crowd of folks that walk through on this Saturday morning keep her from standing out. Unless of course, you're looking at her from above. She doesn't fear much as she ditches the crowd and turns down an alley to cut through to the next street over. She walks past dumpsters and the occasional shortcutter walking past her.

Often flying through the Financial District to get to the academy, Magnes, wearing his white loose-fitting Squirrel Girl t-shirt with her building a sandcastle, comfortably fitting blue jeans, and a pair of his inline skates as his hair starts to curl after drying from a shower, begins to quickly descend down into the alley.

Normally, occasionally seeing Tracy Strauss walking down the street from above isn't too strange, but her state of dress, it's just… off. He starts to roll towards her from behind, though doesn't get too close, stopping at about ten feet. "Tracy? Why are you dressed like that?"

It's not often that Jessica is swooped down on from above. Okay, so maybe it isn't that uncommon of an occurance, but lately she's not been subject to such a thing. She is a tad startled when he sneaks up behind her, and she turns around. A huff of air escapes her lips as she just rolls her eyes. She's expecting Logan to jump her at any time, but instead she gets this.. boy."

"Get lost, kid." she says before turning around and continuing her way down the sidewalk. She doesn't have time to babysit, it seems.

"Did I do something to upset you?" Magnes asks, sounding a tad concerned as he keeps a good pace skating next to her. "I mean, I know I insisted a lot about the tickets, but I promised I'd be on my best behavior."

She stops and pauses for a moment before turning around and giving Magnes another look. It's quite possible she's met him before and just doesn't recall. But with the way he's flying around, she's certain she'd remember something like that. Jessica scrutinizes him for a moment. "Who sent you over here? Have you been following me?"

She's taking a glance at the ground for something to throw at him, just in case he is following her. She doesn't need a tail right about now and if he works for Linderman, this could be some sort of trap.

"Uh, Tracy?" Magnes' eyes suddenly widen, then his previous conversation with Tracy rushes to the front of his mind. "Oh god, did they memory wipe you? Crap, alright, maybe someone can fix it, I mean, I know people…"

"I don't know who Tracy is. I've never gone by that name, so you are obviously confusing me with someone else. Now, if you don't want to get hurt, I suggest you get your scrawny ass out of my line of sight before I ruin your day."

Jessica determines that the kid is probably just a whack job, but harmless so she turns and starts back down the alley. Surprisingly, it's not the first time that someone has called her Tracy, but she's getting a tad annoyed with it. Being a former Company agent, however, she pauses as he speaks of mind wipe. She turns around. "Who are you?"

"My name's Magnes J. Varlane, Tracy." Magnes insists on calling her Tracy, this woman is clearly Tracy. "Don't you remember, last night? I said I don't remember those people I used to work for, but you said you remembered. So, maybe they erased your memories too, so you wouldn't remind me."

He takes a deep breath, staring at her seriously. "I can't let you just walk around like this, you work for the freakin' President, there's no way I'm letting whoever they are take that all away from you! I'm gonna take you to some people who can maybe fix your memories."

So, now Jessica has elevated the kid to psycho status. Either he's the distraction and someone's going to try and get her from behind, or this kid is serious dense. "You're a nut job, kid. Whoever sent you after me, you give them a little message from me."

She pulls the dumpster out into the middle of the alleyway and lifts it up and hurls it towards Magnes as if it were a toy.

On one hand, there's a dumpster flying right at him, on the other, if he simply flies out of the way, people outside of the alley might get seriously hurt. Magnes does the only thing he can think of, he flies above the dumpster, then descends like an anvil, slamming his feet on top of the dumpster to plant it on the ground again.

He seems a bit rattled, leaning down to rapidly rub his legs. He's certainly not used to using that much force without at least having some time to prepare. And, by now, it's likely clear that flying isn't his ability. "Wait, since when can you throw dumpsters? What's going on?" he asks, extremely confused, legs still shaking, ears ringing a bit from the loudness of the dumpster's fall.

Of course, there's the contents of the dumpster to deal with, but Magnes seems rattled enough for the moment that Jessica starts on her way down the alley. "I don't know who this Tracy is, but if you ever bother me again, bring your own body bag, kid."

As she slips out of the alley and turns to the left, if he were to gain his bearings enough to follow, she'd be gone, deciding to find a different manner in which to do what she needs to do in regards to Linderman.

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