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Scene Title Dustface
Synopsis It's the ungodliest hours of the morning when Brian decides to visit the Garden's resident guest.
Date December, 19, 2010

The Garden

You know that kind of sleep where you've been in such a deep sleep that you think the things that you're actively hearing are a part of your sleep? Like your dream? So you're part awake, but you're pretty convinced that you're asleep?

That's happening to Koshka right now.

"More than wooooOOoords~" The lyrics to the old song dance across Koshka's cute little sleeping face as the sound of shuffling emits from below. A clang and a bang every now and then. But eventually the ruckus ends and is epilogued by the sound of slap slap slap against the stairs.

And then Koshka will cross the line of part-awake to all-awake. Because there's a shoe poking itself into her side. Reclaiming his foot, Brian stares down at the young girl with a facefullof toast.

"Get up." He mumbles over his mouthful.

"I made you eggs." The plate is lowered some to reveal two omelettes, a large smile forming around his big bite of bread. "Get up!" He calls out, turning his back on her and going to set the plate on the window sill.

The sun hasn't risen yet. No one has any business being up yet. But Brian is. He's been scouring New York for a dreamwalker.. So sleeping in different places where he can find a bed has been his bag lately. And with his loose ties with Sable, he was able to come over and stay a day or two. And apparently he wants to get acquainted with his former patient.

Oh what the hell. It was such an interesting almost dreaming where it wasn't quite so chilly and things once again made sense. And it was comfortable. And now it's all ruined by a shoe jabbing into her side. Koshka grumbles a protest before blearingly staring up at Brian. What's he doing here?

With a sigh, the youth kicks free of her blankets. Dressing takes no time at all despite the clinging haze of sleep, pulling on jeans and hoodie while she glowers at the eggs. "Why'd he make eggs," she wonders aloud before grabbing the plate. Her shoes are stamped into and she turns for the door. Her eyes catch the lack of light outside and she groans. "It's still dark out." She could still be sleeping!

Koshka tromps down the stairs, eating, or inhaling the omlettes, as she goes. Coming into the living room, her fork is pointed in Brian's direction. "Don't you know kids need sleep, 'Doctor Cox'," she asks in false grumping.

"Kids need exercise." Doctor Cox protests as she follows him down, down, down. Sitting at a small table, Brian himself is working on his own omelette. He smiles gently as she walks down. "We never got to meet properly. I'm Brian." He gives a bob of his head to her. "I'm with the Ferry. I told Sable I'd be coming to stay a few days and.." He splays his hands out. "Here I am. Figure'd I'd take you and do something. Go for a walk or something.. I donno. Go fishing." He gives a big shrug. "I've been awake for a long time and I couldn't wait anymore. This place is boring!"

He glares at the surrounding walls as if it is all their fault. Another bite is taken as he leans in and grins at the girl. "You drink coffee? I can get you coffee?" And with that, a stir from another part of the kitchen and a man is walking towards Koshka with a mug.

A mug full of coffee. Oh yeah, the man is completely identical to Brian. Both of their dress casual, but warm for the still dark morning. The Brian with the coffee now grins slightly. "I'm a replicator. Welcome to the care of the Ferrymen. But I'm sure you've gotten that a lot by now." The coffe is sat down on the counter.

"Sugar or milk?" Comes the voice from the Brian at the table.

Koshka eyes the first Brian, fork still pointed at him, then looks at the other. "..Am I still dreaming?" Her question comes with a shake of her head and a grin at the explanation. She takes the coffee, nose scrunching in distaste. It's warm, though, and like or not she'll figure a way of getting use to the dark and bitter drink.

"Yeah, Quinn kinda said who you were," the youth continues as she moves to sit at the table. A wary, wondering look is passed to the coffee-bringing-Brian. She's not quite sure which one is the real one. Just a couple of seconds later, Koshka dismisses the confusion and rests her plate on the table to resume eating. "You're right about there not being much here," she says around a mouthful of eggs. "Mostly cleaning up and hauling wood."

With a pause to sniff contemptuously at her mug, the girl looks up at Brian number two. "I'm Koshka. And mostly I've gotten a lot of why'm I here and how'd I get here."

"Aww Koshka." Brian tilts his head, giving a little smile. "Two of me is your dream? That's sweet. I already have a girlfriend sorry. And I haven't dipped into pedophilia in quite some time." Another spear of a bite from his omelette. And over his mouthful. "Kidding." He grins a little at her menial tasks.

"If you want I could take you out for a bit, or at least bring you something to do." Winters gives a bit of a shrug. Brian number two takes his own coffee and goes to set it in front of Brian number one. "We're both real." They say in unison. "My power is different from the classical view of replication."

Brian number two is going to lean against the counter as he speaks. And the other Brian eats. "I make copies that are one hundred percent me. We have the same mind, same everything. Same thoughts. Right now I can see through these eyes… And through those eyes.. Right in my brain. I'm a great multi-tasker…" He waves a dismissive hand. "I get asked that every time someone finds out about my power, so I was just assuming you were going to ask eventually."

"I know your name, Koshka." He grins. "And I know why you're here and how you got here. So we can skip those three things altogether."

Koshka rolls her eyes, smirking. Just like a guy to take it in that direction. "Yeah," she says, brows raising. "Thanks, but no thanks." She risks a taste of the coffee, wincing at the bitter un-flavor and quickly snarfing up another bite of omlette. Taste removal in progress, the mug is nudged aside.

"Take me where," the teen asks, a still mildly disgusted look on her face. No one's told her specifically to stay, but the impression has been she stays put. "I mean.. There's not really many places to go here." Plus it's cold. She glances toward Brian Two then back to Brian One. If not that he'd already said he was using his ability, she might think her eggs were hosting some mind altering substance.

She might still believe it anyway.

"Figured you knew why I was here and who I am." Koshka pauses long enough to finish off the eggs. "All I know is jumping on a Humanis First guy and refusing to speak to anyone got some guy interested enough to tell you all about it."

Finishing his eggs, Brian goes to pop up from his seat. "I don't know. Wherever, figured you might want to get out of the bush-house. But if you want to stay and chop wood. Be my guest." Taking a step over to Brian number two, the first Brian reaches up to touch the second on the forehead. And the second promptly disappears, his clothes landing in a heap on the ground.

Half turning to face Koshka he gives a little shrug. "Yeah, I'm guessing you have something of an anger problem. Were you raised on the streets with a chip on your shoulder? Won't let nobody tie you down, won't take an order from no man." He pauses bringing his coffee cup to his lips. "Something like that?"

Koshka rises and gathers the plates, dutiful as ever. But the disappearing clone gives her pause. Blue eyes drop from the remaining Brian to the clothes on the floor. "..Huh. So does that mean you replicate naked?"

Without waiting for an answer, the teen totes the dishes to the sink, giving them a rinse and a wipe to make washing a bit easier. "Anger problem," she repeats with a hint of a laugh. "What makes you think I got an anger problem? I got ran into and wasn't even going to do anything until he went to blind side some other woman. She, whoever she is, has anger problems." Koshka turns to look up at Brian, wiping her hands off on her pants.

"Me, I got raised by a strict dad who made me work for what I wanted," Koshka explains levely. "No chip on my shoulder and only order I won't take is the order to get registered. Anyone thinks to tell me otherwise can bend over and kiss it."

"Yup." Brian answers succinctly. He does replicate nakedly. But he's grown very secure having his dangle out in the open now. Being publically naked doesn't really bother him anymore. Folding his arms on the counter, he grins lightly at Koshka. "I just assumed you're like fourteen. You don't smile often. I was just guessing you were one of those 'wrong side of the tracks' girls." Winters gives a little smirk over at her coffee cup she's abandoned.

Bringing one hand up to rest his chin in. "My parents were killed when I was a baby." He answers gently, they're having a chat now. "So.. You got a plan? Or you just hanging out with Sable until the world falls in on itself?"

"Fifteen," Koshka states, as though that extra year were extremely important. "I was adopted out of a bad situation then ran away because of an argument. And I smile, you just haven't been here to see it." Let's not mention the fact that it's unjustly early, but she grins, amused, to prove the point.

Still with an easy grin, Koshka leans against the counter. "My plan." That's a good question. "Well, I was hoping to be useful somehow. Ferry's got some good ideas I can agree with, from what I've heard so far. Maybe find where I belong with all that."

"Fifteen." Brian corrects, giving a little nod. "Sorry. That's a lot different from fourteen. But I'm really serious, that's not sarcasm. I feel like fourteen year olds are the dregs of society. As soon as you turn fifteen you are on your way out of annoyingville and headed towards becoming a real human being." He scrubs his chin lightly. "I was fifteen once." Grinning back at her, he tilts his head. "What's your ability?"

"I have some ties outside of the Ferry. Same goals.. different people." He gives a light shrug. "Loose ties to the Ferry. If you got some useful talents. We always have room to help and try clean up this city." Winters murmurs gently, making eye contact briefly.

Koshka almost laughs at Brian's correction. There's a snicker of sorts, and she's certainly grinning. It's a silly game, and she might be a little old for it, but who cares? "You were fifteen? Psh, right," she says in teasing disbelief. "Anyway. I …manipulate dust. And things like that, sand or ash. You know, allergen type things."

The teen pauses, leaving off further explanation. Brian can ask questions about it if he wants, but she's curious about his statement. She meets his gaze, arms folding across her chest. "Like what," she asks, her tone and even expression sobering slightly.

"First rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club." Brian grins a little bit, pushing away from the counter. "And I already broke rule two. So.. Damnit. If there's something that you can help out with. I will most definitely talk to you." Though even as he says that, his eyes knit for a moment as if thinking deeply.

"Well.. Are we going to hang out or what, Dustface?"

First rule of… Koskha doesn't try to mask any disappointment. She nods, settling for the if's and maybe's. "Sure, I'll be here unless they decide to put me out or something." Then she waves a hand toward the door. "Let's go. We can hike the woods and I can smile and nod and explain the wonderful world of being able to throw dust around."

With that, Koshka heads for the doorway, snagging a blanket to keep over her hoodie. A look is sent back for Brian to follow, and out to the cold and pre-dawn she leads.

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