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Scene Title E.T.
Synopsis Tahir gets stuck with one annoying ass alien.
Date January 9, 2011

Dorchester Towers

This is the home of Tahir Avery Dunham.

Fellas? Have a Beer. Watch the Game.

Bitches? You know where the bedroom is.


After a few car troubles, I.E. running out of gas, Adisa finally reaches Tahir's place in New York City…with some help from a Not-So-Dead-Dead-Sister and said sister's fiancee. And now, after their parting of ways, which Adisa did reluctantly, she finally reaches Tahir's apartment building, pulling up in front. Taking out her bags, of which there are about four or five full bags, she smiles sweetly to the doorman, hands him a five dollar bill and says, "Be a dear and make sure these bags get up to Tahir Dunham's apartment, won't you? And be careful. Some of them have breakable valuables in them…including nail polish." And with that, she swaggers off to into the building, leaving the doorman with a look of 'Is she serious?'

Taking the elevator up to the appropriate floor, Adisa comes to a full stop at Tahir's door. Adjusting her purse slightly, as it hangs over her shoulder, she brings her tiny fist up to the door and knocks firmly three times. And then to play the waiting game, tapping her foot nearly impatiently as she waits for Tahir to answer. If he's home. And if he is, she hopes he's not with one of his lady friends. She doesn't want to walk into that embarrassing situation!


Tahir Avery Dunham looks up from his position. His face in a grimace and his brow dripping with sweat. He almost looks like he's out of breath. As soon as the knocking is heard, he turns his head and peers at the door. As if thinking he can see through it. "Nngh. Finally!" And standing up, it is revealed that he is wearing an apron and pulling off a pair of gloves! Sending them off to the side! To knock over the Oven Cleanser that he was just attemping to use.

Stepping away from the kitchen, leaving the oven open, he's off towards the door. He has gotten over his dirty oven anger and is now reaching for the handle of the door. "Aw yeah, sweet thang! It's time to get bus—"

The door opens. Tahir stares.

Still staring.

Not stopping the staring any time soon.

"… What."

"Surprise!" Adisa says, rather loudly in fact, as she wraps her arms around her brother in a hug. She sniffs a little bit and takes a step back. "Something don't smell right. Why're you all sweaty? Ewww…I hugged you and you're sweaty." That's Adisa for ya. She shakes her head. "Look, I'm gonna stay with you for a while, 'kay? I don't think I wanna go back to Chicago any time soon, and grandma and grandpa's is…well…it's boring." She shrugs. "I hope you weren't expecting someone else."

Adisa smile sweetly up at Tahir. "You gonna let me in, or are you just just gonna stand there like a geek who just lost his favourite pen? C'mon!" She puts her hands on her hips and just stares back.

"This. Is Not. Happening."

Those are the only words that can come out of Tahir's mouth right now. As he's just still in shock. His body moves with the instincts of a Big Brother as he stands back to allow Adisa to have access to the apartment, whilst he keeps one hand on the door in some crazy attempt figure out why in the hell this is happening to him right now. And how the hell she found his address! Oh wait. Parents. Dammit.

"Um. What? You…" Tahir is trying his hardest to keep up and once Adisa is securely within the apartment, he slams the door closed. Right in the doorman's poor face. WHAM!

"You can't stay here. I'm a bachelor! This is my pad!"

"Of course this is happening, Tahir. It's not like I'm some sorta…you know…figment of your imagination or something." Adisa says as she enters gracefully into Tahir's apartment. As she takes a good look around, the further in she goes, she smiles, finally turning back to look at Tahir. "Nice place you got here, bro. I think I'll like living here. Oh, as soon as the doorman comes arrives with my stuff, you think he'd be willing to park my car? Does he do valet stuff? Can he drive?"

As soon as Tahir says those words, the ones saying that she can't stay here, Adisa pouts, her chin quivering. "Wha…what do you mean I can't stay here? I don't think I can go back home. Daddy's still mad at me, I think. Please? I don't have anywhere else to go.." She sniffles a little. "Please Tahir? You wouldn't put your littlest sister out, would you?"

"Yes. I would."

Tahir is trying to pull the door back open. And it does manage to open a little. Just enough to show that the doorman is recovering from being hit in the face with the door the first time. "… If I was a smart man, that is." WHAM! The doorman gets the door in the face a second time. Ow.

"You have two weeks. Max. To find a job and get your own place or somewhere else to live. I work from home a lot. And I can't have you here cramping my… system." It is explained as well as he possibly can without trying to sound like a complete and total jerkface.

Lowering her gaze, looking as if she's about to cry, Adisa sniffles once more. "Tahir…" But she quickly changes from sad to extremely happy as she positively bounces over to her brother, giving him a great big hug. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" She speaks quickly, making the thank you's sounding like one complete word.

"And uh…umm…hey, there was something else I was wanting to ask you, because you're like…the most awesomest brother in the world. So umm…you wouldn't be willing to hire me on as like…an assistant or something, would you?" Adisa steps back, looking at him with wide eyes. "Or like…if you know of someone else at your work that needs an assistant? I mean…you could totally look at it as a…a…what's the word? Like…an investman or something? A man…or, you know, like totally woman in this case, that you invest in?" She smiles sweetly. "I could totally be an assistant."


Tahir is forced to stare at the wall for the longest time. "I ain't sure about all that now. You'll have to let me ask around. I'm not sure if anyone at the Studio wants to lose their job any faster." Tahir just lets the words flow out of his mouth, not even really thinking or worried about how it might affect his sister's self-esteem or work ethic. He knows her. And he knows she'll mess up the job the moment something she wants to buy goes on sale. "I sure the hell ain't putting my new gig on the line." Tahir then grins. "Actually, I may have someone in mind."


As Tahir continues to grin to himself while thinking of who he's going to ruin with the likes of Adisa, he starts to snicker. Oh, maybe this isn't going to be so bad after all.

Adisa blinks a little. "Lose their jobs any faster?" She puts her hands on her hips once more and frowns, staring at Tahir. "And what exactly is that supposed to mean? I'm a very good worker, don't you know! And I've never lost anyone their job!" Of course, she's only had the one job so far. Well, the one real job, anyway. And when cutbacks happened, she used her father's credit card to buy clothing from the rival store.

"And I'd make a good assistant for you! Family doesn't let family go under!" Adisa says with a firm nod of her head. "Oh? Who do you have in mind? Would it be someone I know of? Or like…a studio person?"

"Don't you worry. I've got just the guy in mind. He's cute too. So you'll be even more lucky." Tahir grins and he's already pulling off the apron and tossing it to the side. "We're gonna' have to go over some ground rules while you're staying with me. For two weeks." Tahir is going to keep saying that and reminding her that she cannot live here. Even while he's going to the fridge to grab a couple of sodas. "So why don't you tell me everything you want do do, so I can say No now and we can move right along to the rules of Planet Tahir."

"Cute? Well, I totally don't mind cute! But…" Adisa eyes her brother. "You're not just saying that he's cute, are you? 'Cause if you are, you're gonna get a firm talking to!" And while Tahir may be limiting her to a two week stay, in her mind, she's not limiting her stay here for two weeks. It'll take however long it takes. "First of all…you know that Sami is alive? Like…why didn't you tell me? I totally like thought that mom and daddy were crazy! And did you like…know that she's engaged to be married? We need to hold a little party for her for that. Even if it's just family."

Grunt. Tahir tosses the soda off in Adisa's direction, before he immediately moves off to where something more important than talking about the sister's engagement is. He just rolls his eyes. "No party. I ain't talkin' to Sami right now." Tahir shrugs and waves his hand around to see if he can't get the subject changed to something more important. Like Not A Wedding. "She's too young to be getting married. And so are you!" Just in case that's the direction this thing was leading in. "Anyway. The guy I have in mind is very cute and very single. So you should stick to him like glue and before you know it, you'll be rising to the top of Studio K like your amazing brother." Tahir is all about the self-stroking of his ego.

Adisa furrows her brow and keeps her hands on her hips. Or she would, if a soda hadn't been thrown to her. Catching it, she asks, "Is this diet soda?" A valid question, of course! "And why aren't you talking to Sami?" She shakes her head and makes a tsking noise. "She is not too young to marry!" Is Adisa's firm statement on the matter. "And even if she is, you like…totally be supporting her, not pushing her away!" She scoffs. "And ewww. Like I'd wanna get married right now? No way, jose!"

"And fine, if the guy is cute, he's cute." There's a pause as Adisa considers what Tahir says. "Are…are you saying there's a possibility that I could get my own show someday too?!"

"I hope not." Tahir spits out as quickly as possible. He can't help but to be rude to his youngest sibling. She's already thinking about trying to show up in the business that he's decided to take on. Stealing his limelight would just not be good for his ego. Which is already frakkin' huge. "Look. Let's just worry about the stupid engagement and family drama later, okay? We've got to get you settled in so we can get you back outta' here as soon as possible. I can't have you cramping my style too much. I work… very hard… around here." Yeah, but it ain't exactly on his show.

Eyeing her older brother, Adisa says, "You know, Tahir, one've these days I'm gonna get so like, totally fed up with your like brash comments, and I'm gonna totally walk out of your life. And you're so very totally gonna regret it. You'll be wondering what you ever, like, did without your littlest sister." She flicks some hair behind her shoulder. "And if we're gonna be living under the same roof, again, you're gonna have to like, totally cut down on your 'tude. 'Cause you don't wanna start a 'tude war, Mister. That's one I'm gonna win. Like…totally, Harry Potter against Voldemort win." Who knew she actually read? "Anyway, do you know what a good thing it is to have your cute lil sister around? I mean, like, I know I'm totally not like, a little kid any more, but when chicks find out you're helping out your little sister through a…a…'rough patch', they'll so totally be all over you like a a model over a pie after performing at a fashion."

Blink. Blink. "You know. You might actually be right." Tahir ends up setting down his soda, suddenly lost in a completely different mindset. He's pondering and smiling at the same time. "Tahir Avery Dunham. Big Brother. Hero." He's standing up at this point, looking off into the distance of the inner workings of his apartment. "Chicks will eat that up. Which means I'll be next." Tahir rubs his hands together and then looks over at his sister. "Okay. You help me up my Cutie Quota and I'll let you stick around. Maybe even longer than I originally said. As long as you pull your weight around here, young lady. No free rides!" He even gets about to pointing and wagging his finger like Dad.

Adisa slowly starts to actually take a sip of the soda that was thrown at her, her free hand on her hip. "Of course I'm right! What, do you think I just sit around all day and stare out the window? Nuh-uh! I'm a smart cookie! Occasionally a sugar-free, vegan cookie, but a cookie still!" She says with an affirmative nod. "And I know the workings of the female mind. Stick with me, bro, and like, you'll totally be actually turning offers down, left, right and centre!" She scoffs at Tahir. "Don't you wag your finger at me. You're not dad!" She shakes her head. "Just as long as I don't like…gotta do the disgusting stuff. And please tell me you've like, totally got a dishwasher. If not, I'm not washing dishes after I get manicures or paint my nails. Okay?"

"Okay, first of all, I have a cleaning lady. Her name is Rosa. So you better be nice. She keeps this place looking awesome and I'm going to have to give her a raise as it is, since you're going to be around for a little while now. And by the way, she WILL tell me if you've been taking advantage of her and if you do, you WILL be back out on the street looking for the next bus back to Mom and Dad." Tahir seems to be too caring about his cleaning lady, but whatever. Loyalty. "And for your future referencing and general information, I would never turn down any offer. Well, as long as she was hot." Tahir frowns, pausing. "And very, very close to 18." Oh boy.

Placing the soda down on the first free surface (and not on a coaster, LE GASP!), Adisa puts both hands on her hips. "I'll have you know that I'm, like, totally a very nice person and would totally, like, never take advantage of the help. You should know that, Tahir Avery Dunham!" And that's final. "And for your information, I've got a car. I wouldn't take the bus!" She rolls her eyes. "You are so not gonna be hitting on any of my friends, okay? No sleeping with them either. Just friendliness. Mild friendliness that a brother gives to his sister's friends, no more."

"It is not my fault if all your friends find me completely and utterly irresistible. They can't help it, the poor girls." Tahir is even in the mirror by now, making sure that his hair is looking right. He grins, "Maybe you should have a housewarming sleepover soon." He watches Adisa through the mirror as he continues to pretend to make sure his hair is looking as epic as it should. He really shouldn't be messing with her right now. But it's just too much fun.

"Taaaaahhhhiiiiiirrrrr! Nooooooo!" Comes Adisa's voice in a whiney tone. "I like, totally do not care how like irresistible they might find you. If you like, totally do anything with any of my friends, I'm totally gonna flip. Like Britney Spears crazy. I'm not kidding, Tahir!" Now it's Adisa's turn to wag her finger at her brother, much like their father is prone to do. "And anyway, even if I were to have like, some sorta…like, totally like…a housewarming sleepover, all of my friends are in Chicago. It's not exactly the cheapest thing to come to New York." She sighs and taps her foot impatiently. "Where's the doorman with my bags? He's taking like, forever!"

"Well maybe you'll just have to hurry up and get a job then!" Tahir is just going to let whatever happen, happen, when it comes to Adisa's friends. Not that he actually cares that much, but it's fun having something to hold over her head. Right now, though, he's shrugging about the doorman. "If you weren't so lazy, Adisa, you'd have your bags by now." Pause and Tahir looks back from the mirror, with a confused expression on his face. "Wait a second. Doorman? This building doesn't have a doorman." That should cause a sufficient enough freak out. Snicker.

"Well, if you hurry up and get me a job with Mr. Cutie, what's his name that I don't know, then maybe I'll have one. Though I'd like, totally have a job so much quicker if you'd like, give me one, like…right now. I don't even need to be your assistant. I could totally be your assistant's assistant or something." Adisa says firmly. Or as firmly as any eighteen year old who overuses 'like' and 'totally'. "I just did my nails before leaving grandma and grandpa's though! I like, so totally couldn't risk chipping them, you know." She blinks, pausing, as a look of pure terror crosses her face. "No doorman? But…like…who…bags…tip…oh…mygod!" She murmurs as she rushes to the door, pulling it open as quickly as her arms can, only to find the doorman there, sitting upright in an apparent daze. "TAAAAHHHHIIIIIRRRRR!" She whines. She looks over at her brother, holding the door open. "Well, just for that, will you at least get my bags from the doorman here?" All her bags are there, by count. "Looks like the doorman's being like…a total lazy bum."

"Ha! If you think I'm lifting a finger for the biggest spoiled brat on this side of the US of A, then you're outta' your mind. You're standing there. You get your bags." While Tahir may be weak against some of the things that come out of Adisa's mouth, he is going to fight against this keeping her lazy thing. His father would kill him if he found out he was letting her run loose. "Besides, you're gonna' need all the work experience you can get if you expect me to pull these strings and get you a gig at my home away from home." Once again, talk about working for him is not even humored. He is not about to have her ruin his show!

A glare is sent Tahir's way from Adisa. "Tahir, you will help me with my bags! You just like, totally gave me the biggest fright of my life and I am NOT going to let you get away with it! Not one little, itsy bitsy bit! Now, march your high and mighty behind over here and help carry my bags." She eyes her brother. "Or do you want me to like, totally tell mom and daddy what you got up to the summer before you went off to university?" This may just be an idle threat, or is it? Only time, and Tahir, will tell.

Tahir finds himself dropping down onto the sofa and even swinging his feet up to get more comfortable. He reaches for the remote control and immediately has the television on its way to Sportscenter. Because that's all he ever really watches on a consistent basis. "Uh huh." It would seem that Tahir isn't worried about whatever he did on whatever summer that was. Probably because he's all grown up now! "Could you hurry up and close the door? You're letting a draft in." He flashes a big ol' smile and then looks back at the television.

"Tahiiiiirrrr!! Help me bring my bags iiiinnnnn!" Adisa whines. "Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee!" She stomps her feet childishly, as if to make a point. "You know I could like, totally cramp your style as much as save it, riiiigggghhhhttt?" She cries. "I don't wanna though! You're my brother! Sisters don't hurt brothers like that! Just like brothers don't let sisters chip their nails!"

Tahir leans down into the sofa much more at this point. To make sure that his hand and the remote control can be wildly seen during his overdramatic pressing of the volume button to turn up the sports announcing that's going on via the television. "It's not a good idea to threaten the guy who's making you not be homeless! Just sayin'!" Well, Tahir is pretty sure he's got a point. If this girl can't even bring her own bags in, she's going to be in biiiiiiiig trouble at the Studio!

Being the big brat that she is, Adisa won't stop until she's exhausted every avenue she can think of at the time. Storming over to the TV, she unplugs it. "Tahir. Help. Bags. Now." She puts her hands on her hips and just glares at Tahir. "I've got five bags, and I am not going to carry them all in!" And that's final! Bring on the anger. She's dealt with dad, she's sure she can deal with Tahir.

Tahir blinks. "No you didn't just touch my television. I know you didn't just touch my television. Do you know how much that thing cost?!" Tahir takes a breath, even as he sits himself up. "YOU have five bags. YOU packed five bags. YOU carry 'em in if you want all of YOUR bags in the apartment. Otherwise? I suggest you get to picking and choosing which bags are most important to you." Tahir sounds like he's getting angry, but he's mostly worried about his television. "And that's the last time you touch my TV!"

"If YOU had helped get my bags in and if YOU hadn't decided to be lazy the I wouldn't have touched YOUR TV!" Adisa spits back. "Now either YOU decide YOU want to be mature about and then WE'LL talk." And with that she storms toward where she thinks the washroom is. Getting a closet first, she slams its door shut in frustration. Finally finding the actual washroom, she slams the door shut, locks it, and stays in there for now. Most likely, in a little while, she'll come out. And when that happens, if her bags aren't inside the apartment, she'll deal with them, and then move her car from in front of the building too. Until then, it's brooding in the washroom.

Tahir just watches all of this go on. Slamming of doors and everything else. He gets all the way up and walks over to his television, grabbing the plug and putting it back into the socket. He pauses and looks off towards the washroom, before he ends up back on the sofa. "Go Bears!" is said as he pops open the nearest soda and starts guzzling.

The Doorman is still buried underneath bags. WTF.

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