Eam Succendam Eam Pariter



Scene Title Eam Succendam Eam Pariter
Synopsis “It was a pleasure to burn. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed."
Date August 11, 2019

Fancy Wesley-Khan Apartment

The room was hot, stifling so but the couple in the bed lay mostly undisturbed by the unbearable heat.

Well, save for the brunette who tosses and turns on the right side of the bed. The area around them dark save for the faint glow of orange that emits from Isabelle Khan's scar, running down her face and over her collar snaking to her shoulder. There's a huff in her sleep and she turns away from Shahid. "No…" She whispers and grits her teeth, baring them at no one. A spark ignites and a tiny orange flame springs to life in the pyorkinetic's hand that hangs off of the bed.

Various surfaces of the room have scorch marks ruining the surface, a blackened spot on the end side table bears a mostly empty glass of some pungent liquor.


Inside, it wasn't going that well.

Isa's Mind

Laughter echoes around her, mingling with the roar of flames in her ears. Isabelle's eyes stare in shock at the destruction around her. The street was bathed in flames, orange and bright. Crackling and leaping towards her. The source.

Isabelle feels the power, the heat rising off of her. Most of all she feels the anger. Eating away at her from the inside. From here.

The barefoot brunette takes a step through steaming, hot ash not feeling a thing. Hazel eyes only for the apartment building that stands there untouched by any flames. She knows that building, that place. Those screams that echo out from a floor above, the window was open but no black smoke poured from the exit. Isabelle shivered against a nonexistent cold wind and took another step and another until she was running wildly, feet slapping on the ground.



As she drew nearer the building warped, bubbling over on the surface as if an heat was dying to get out from beneath it. Black sores spread from the corners until the paint and brick is all but a steamy, black cracked. The screams Isa knew, her mothers. Her father was already dead.

She was never enough.

Never in enough time.

Never able to stop herself.



Tears well up in her eyes and the engineer shakes her head. "No. Stop…"

There she stands, right in front of the exit. Orange fires howling and calling for her to walk in, you must want to see. You know you want to. Release… Isa chokes back a sob and shakes her head but the screams are amplified now. Not just by proximity but there are more. Isabelle knows them too.




"STOP!" Pleading with nobody at all the woman pushes into the crumbling building and charges up the stairs. Her shoulders slamming into the walls that almost give way and drag her inside scenes of horror.

A man and woman cradle their baby lying on the floor, all as black as the soot from a fireplace.

The Cat Lady in her chair surrounded by all her felines, thrown on their backs with looks of terror and tongues lolling out.

A trio of children praying in a circle.

It was always kids.

Their screams were the loudest and most frequent. Isabelle could hear them rattling against their cage, the bars. Their tomb.

Just like this place, a burning tomb.

Gasping for air the woman comes to her landing and drags herself through the wreckage, the ceiling falling, floor caving in. She can make it, it's always this moment that gives her hope. So close.

But the floor she runs on gives in and she's pulled with a look of utter horror on her face just as she reaches the door. Those hands outstretched to pull at the door and it works and the door open as she falls backwards to the flames.

All around her the flames snap and switch from that brightly glowing orange to a light and haunting blue. The shift drenches the world in a hazy light. All she sees is flames, all she sees is blue. Before she loses her vision completely there's a shape, a dark mass stalking forward. Not running as if on flames but someone enjoying the heat and their pace. Isabelle tries to hold onto anything to get another look but she can't. All she hears over the roar of flames and eternal screams is a click of heels. "Bur—"

With a gasp Isabelle doubles over and clutches her stomach. Falling to her knees with a clatter and gasping for air there on the cold floor of the kitchen. Her scar blazing a bright blue, her eyes ringed in blue and orange around the hazel.

Her hand shakes in the air, engulfed in blue flames and the terrified woman catches a look at herself from a mirror angled on the wall just outside of the kitchen. "How.." Isabelle curls up on herself and the blue fire snuffs out. Shaking her head from side to side the pyrokinetic rocks back and forth and closes her eyes, allowing the tears to fall.

She failed again.

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