Earl-Eye In The Morning


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Scene Title Earl-Eye In The Morning
Synopsis Seamus has learned to enjoy New York City. Lexi is still wanting to enjoy sleep.
Date October 07, 2010

Miss Aphrodisia's - Upstairs Apartment

In the big city, a few of the comforts of more rural or suburban settings is missing. The sounds of birdsong in the morning is replaced by rush hour traffic. Unless you're very lucky, you don't get the sunrise over a distant horizon, and instead you get it over the roof of the shop next door. The smell of the morning dew evaporating is taken over by the smell of fresh car exhaust.
It's in this atmosphere of early morning mayhem that Seamus slumps against the front door of Miss Aphrodisia's, fumbling with his keys. He's muttering a song to himself, his whole face a little sallow and his eyes red from the whiskey still coursing through his veins. He's slumping so heavily against the door that, when it opens up, he almost falls on his face as he stumbles noisily in. Catching himself on the edge of the counter, he laughs out loud and awkwardly kicks the door closed before stumbling towards the stairs, dragging him up to the apartment above.
"Lucy! I'm hooooome!" he calls as he ascends, a dopey grin on his face.

There's a reason Lexington doesn't open her shop until eleven. And that's because she likes to sleep in. And when loud Irishmen wake her up with the sunrise… she is not a happy lady. So the call is soon followed by a door slamming open as Lexi exits her room in a robe. "What in hell 're ya doin' makin' a fuckin' racket this early, ya daft prick?"

Moments after Lexi storms out of her room, Seamus manages to jostle the door open to the upstairs. His out-on-the-town clothing is rumpled and all askew. His collar is partway up, one sleeve has come unrolled, his hair is a mess, and it looks like he's been punched in the face. There's a bruise on his cheek, his lip is split, and the blood has dripped down his chin and onto his shirt, where it's dried. Yet, he's still grinning like a cat with a bird, and has enough energy to put his finger to his lips, shushing Lexi loudly. "Shhhh! Lexi's sleeping!" And this strikes him as hilarious, so the eldest Lane busts out laughing, aiming for the kitchen…yet bouncing off the wall with a loud "Oof!"

Lexington just eyes him, marches herself to the kitchen, pours a glass of water, marches back out and tosses it in his face. "Jesus tapdancin' Christ, Seamus. Sober up. I hate being the only one not drunk." And it does make her grumpy, apparently. "And sit down b'fore ya fall right over."

Seamus is recovering from his ricochet off the wall just in time to get a glass of water to the face. The man sputters in surprise and alarm, rubbing at his face as he stumbles back. Right into a chair, fortunately enough. He blinks the water out of his eyes, looking up blearily at the two girls in front of him. "Well, get some whiskey out of the cupboard an' join me, pretty ladies!" He snorts water out of his nose, rubbing it on his sleeve as he smiles again. Throwing his arms over his head, he cheers out loud. "The night's still young! Woo!" This whole "getting out of the house thing" is a bigger mood booster for Seamus than either of them had anticipated, it seems.

"No, it isn't, either. It's over. The sun is now rising and I was having a very nice dream about Bruce Willis. And I have to get up for work in three hours." Lexi rubs her own face there and gives him such a look. "For someone who was all a'tremble over leavin' the house a week ago, ya sure have taken to it, haven't ya?"

Seamus snorts again, giving his head a shake, and flipping water against her robe from his swinging hair before his shaggy locks plaster to his forehead. That shake seems to knock a bit of the drunkenness out of him, as he manages to actually focus on Lexi for a moment, and his sheepish smile turns a little sideways. "Awww damn, I'm sorry, Lexi. Was he Die Hard 1 Bruce Willis, or Die Hard 4?" He reaches out a hand to her, beckoning her closer. "Yeah well, that was b'fore I remembered how many differ'nt drinks there are out there. Y'know that there's more than beer and whiskey to get plastered on?" Still too drunk to feel any shame, unfortunately. Just wait until the hangover.

"Die Hard 1! In the tank top, without the shoes." Aww, alas. Lexi looks at that hand for a long moment before she reaches out to take it and step closer. "If ya throw up on me, Seamus, I swear on my grandmother's grave I will throw you off the balcony." She lets out a sigh as he goes on and pats his cheek gently. "I know it. And the whiskey's better than we've been havin' since before Berlin, if I'm any judge."

"Ow. With glass in his feet? Poor imaginary Bruce…" When Seamus' hand curls with Lexi's he holds her tight and pulls her to him, trying to get her to sit on his lap while he just grins dopily up at her. "I'd sooner puke all over myself than make your pretty face unhappy," he slurs, eyes shining at that pat. "Aye, definitely. No grog they're serving at these bars. No moonshine, no warm beer. S'too bad you've actually got a job again, eh? Not as much time to spend out at the bars with me?" His smile falls a little. "After spending weeks cooped up in this place, I didn't think I'd say this…but I'm missin' you, Lexi-girl."

"B'fore the glass, ya drunken fool." Lexi ends up falling onto his lap with a little 'oof', lifting an eyebrow at him. "No bathtub gin," she adds to the list. When his smile falls, though, her expression softens, "Now, don't ya go gettin' soft on me, Seamus. I remember any number of times when we were stick to death of one another." Which… isn't exactly true, but exaggeration is legal. "And I'd have t' find someone to mind the store on the late shift, if I wanted to go out drinkin' every night, now, wouldn't I?"

Oh, but it looks like Seamus is getting into the emotional part of being drunk. Which, for the stoic, thick-skinned, jaded types like him, just means a slight lowering of his defenses and a few heartfelt, soulful moments. "Yeah, but…" Seamus raises his eyes to Lexi's, draping his arms loosely around her waste, "Well, that's what's weird, innit? That I'm missin' you so much? How about we cut out the late shift for the store, eh? At least on Friday nights. Or maybe Tuesday. Drinks are bloody cheap on Tuesdays." Here comes his smile again, slowly creeping over his face, as his eyes start to unfocus again. "Or maybe make a lunch break right around happy hour!"

Lexi has never built up a defence to this man's soulful looks really. So his little suggestions get a protesting groan out of her as she casts a pleading look toward the ceiling. Mother Mary, gonna help a sister out? No? Damn. "Alright, maybe I can cut one night a week. I'll do some lookin' over the books and see which day would be best." And then she just gives his side a sharp, but short pinch, "Terrible man, you are!"

Her only saving grace is that, as sloshed as he is right now, there's a good chance Seamus won't remember her promise after he wakes up. But for right now, Seamus is just happy to hear that, and he gives her a tight hug. "Brilliant! Let's—waugh!" And he's being pinched, which just gets the buff Irishman to jerk and twist underneath Lexi, and to figure out a way to scowl and smile at the same time. "Watch what game you're playing, little missy," he warns, digging his fingers into her side through her robe, tickling her mercilessly.

"Whoa! Whoa, now… none of that," Lexi says, hopping up out of the chair and dancing back out of reach. "Now. I'm givin' ya a choice. Shower or coffee t' sober up, b'cause I can toss ya in either one. But ya gotta eat somethin' b'fore ya pass out, otherwise, I pity your head in a few hours."

"Hahahaha, woah!" Seamus laughs as Lexi dances away, leaning forward to try and keep tickling her… but the movement has him almost tumbling out of his chair, and he catches a hand on the floor to keep from completely toppling out. Levering himself back up, he favors Lexi with another smile/scowl. "My head's been through shiteloads worse than this, and you know it." Still, he waves his hand dismissively in the air between them. "Fine, fine, I'll take a shower. And just drink all th' water I want while I'm in there. S'what y' want, right? Keep me hydrated?" Hand on the back of his chair, Seamus tries to slowly lever himself upright, grunting and putting a hand out for balance. "Urgh. Dammit, can't they invent a liquor that doesn't put the world on spin cycle?"

"And that's why ya shouldn't abuse it anymore. How much more damage can it take, really?" Lexi teases, complete with a ruffle of his hair. "Alright, ya get your arse in the shower and I'll fix ya somethin' t' eat. And don't drink the shower water, ya half-crazed dunce." Men. Lexi rolls her eyes and shakes her head at him, indulgently. "I think it's instant karma. Ya abused yourself f'r a good time, and there ya got the payback."

"Pah! It's still got the warranty on it. See?" Seamus raises a fist, wrapping knuckles against his skull…and winces mightily, putting a palm to his temple and rubbing slowly. "Ow."
At the offer of breakfast, however, Seamus lurches towards Lexi once again, going to wrap her up in a tight hug, and plant a kiss on her temple. "Yer a peach, Lexi-girl. A perfect peach! Now, point me towards the bathroom…" He turns with her in his arms, peering about the house, and pretending to be a little more out of it than he really is. It's just fun to screw with her, after all. "And I'll wait until things settle down br*burp* briefly."

Oof. Lexi hugs him back, and there's even a smile for the kiss before she ruffles his hair again. "You're such a softie when you've been drinkin' Seamus. It's a good thing the girls back know never knew." Keeping an arm around him, she starts moving him toward the shower. "Don't ya start with your flattery, too, Seamus Lane. I've seen all your tricks." When she pulls the bathroom door open, she gives him a gentle push. "Get in there. Ya smell like Bourbon and it's offensive. I'll be in the kitchen." And then she leaves him to his own devices. While she gets some anti-hangover food together.

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