Early Morning Call


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Scene Title Early Morning Call
Synopsis Magnes call sup Abigail to give her a warning about one Adam Monroe and to tell her how things are going. Only it's 1:30 AM for her.
Date May 15, 2009

Over a digital line

Sitting outside of an internet cafe in Shinjuku, Magnes holds a cell he got from the Nakamuras to make calls to America. He's dialed Abby, and sugary j-pop mixed with the sound of Japanese people talking can be heard in the background. This might be a bit strange if she hasn't heard he left the country yet.

It's about 1:30 Am. Abby was dead asleep but with the ring, and at this hour, it usually generally means an emergency. someone's gonna send the teleporter or they'll meet her on the roof or sending a patrol car for her.

The number on the call display is not familiar and it's a mumbled "Hello" that ushers over the digital line.

"Hey, it's Magnes." he says in a raspy voice that suggests he'd been yelling his brains out not long ago. "You sound tired. Oh right, it's probably like, night there. Sorry, but this is important."

'Magnes?" Bleary blue eyes take in her alarm clock. "Magnes, I've had the first sleep without a nightmare in a long time… it's half past one… You should be sleeping, are you hurt?" The corded phone still pressed to her ear as she lays back on her pillow with a thump.

"I'm really sorry for calling so late, I'm in Japan, I forgot about the time difference." Magnes apologizes again, definitely not intending to wake her in the middle of the night. "It's about this guy named Adam, you need to stay away from him. He goes talking about how great genocide is if it'll save lives, he's trying to turn me against Hiro, and he told me about this thing called the Company and said I got bagged and tagged, that's why I have this weird mark on my neck. He says he's a founding ex-member of it."

Abigail rubs at her forehead, still waking up. "Slow down Magnes. I'm just.. waking up. Who?"

"Adam, British sounding guy, he says you two are friends." Magnes repeats, a bit slower this time. Some woman asks him something in Japanese, and he offers a broken reply, which prompts her to go away. "He's dangerous."

"Adam Monroe?" Only British guy named Adam that she knows. "He's come into the bar a few times. Dangerous?"

"Yes, he was telling me how willing he is to commit genocide when we first met, but I just thought he was some crazy extremist." Magnes explains, still going slow, the worry quite apparent in his tone. "I don't know why he's here, but I met him and he told me all about this Company thing, and it seems like he's trying to turn me against Hiro."

That's not the Adam she knows. She knows about the Company. Abby stares up at the ceiling blinking a few times. "Adam's in Japan?" Immortal men go everywhere. "He's just a guy who's been in the bar a few times Magnes. I don't talk to him much" She really doesn't, though she's not going to tell the part about it being him who flew her parents in.

"Just be careful. He said something like I should be there protecting you instead of here with Hiro. I don't care if he was talking about this Company, it sounded like a threat." Magnes' breathing increases a bit, but then he takes deep breaths and leans on the table sightly. "I'm not trying to scare you, but this guy, if he's a founding ex-member of this Company that captures Evolved, and he has these extreme views, I don't know what he'd be capable of."

"Magnes, what are you doing in … Japan…" She's coming awake more, devouring the information that he's giving her. Adam. Ex founder of the Company? Genocide? "Are you sure you have the right Adam Magnes? Blonde hair, short hair, dresses very well… talks about Cherry beer?"

"That's him, well, I don't know about the beer, but the rest of it…" Magnes confirms as some young girl in the background, probably on a radio, is saying things about 'pinku' in a cute way, and a group of guys briefly cheer before the song starts. Whatever kind of place he's sitting in front of is, well, very active. "I'm training, my entire body hurts right now. I've been getting beaten up for weeks. I'd kill for some healing."

"If I were there, I'd help, but.. I'm not. Japan.. I couldn't even afford a ticket right now. You'll just have to stick to warm baths and get some massages. That should help. relax your muscles. There's umm, Momma had it, look for something called Tiger Balm. Surely Mr. Nakamura can help you find ways to feel better Magnes" Adam. She'd have to ask Adam when he show'd up. But right now it seem Adam is in Japan.

"I didn't pay to get here, I sat on top of an airplane. I'll take you one day." Magnes promises, his smile almost audible through the phone. "I'll try and get a hold of that stuff, though I think Kimiko will be more help on that side of things. By the way, I made something for you, it was a part of my training and I thought you might like it. But it's a surprise." He's left the subject of Adam alone now, possibly not wanting her to go to sleep on an unsettling note.

Magnes sat on top of an airplane… "Who's Kimiko.. just a moment I'm going to switch to the phone in the living room" There's the sound of silence as the call is put on hold but a minute later, Abigail's back. "Magnes? Hello?"

"I'm here." Magnes can be heard briefly rustling something in the background, possibly food. "Kimiko is Hiro's sister, she's been training me too. How to concentrate, how to focus, and to properly follow Bushido, the seven samurai virtues, the Way of the Warrior. I don't feel so impulsive anymore, it's like, with what she's taught me, I can just clear my head and think. Well, until Hiro slams a wooden stick into my ribs."

"That has to hurt. No wonder your sore" Abigail murmurs into the phone. "I'll fix you when your back in the United States"

"I miss you Abby, I'll take you somewhere fun when I get back, if you have time. Sorry I can't be there to meet your parents. I'd go and hop back, but my training schedule is strict, and I'm about to go stand on a pole and become one with it for about three hours." Magnes sighs, a bit of a refreshed sigh. Calling Abby has made him feel better than he expected, even though he was only trying to warn her. "Sorry I called so late, I really forgot about the time. Should I let you get back to sleep?"

"They're gone already Mags. They left on Tuesday. But sleep, sleep is good. Thank you for calling Magnes, I'm going to bury my head in my pillow and let you get back to… sushi and… hello kitty and… nano pets…"

"Crazy twenty year old guys drooling over twelve year old girl groups, used panties in vending machines…" Magnes says with a playful shiver in his tone, getting up to crumble some sort of wrapping. "Good night, Abigail."

"Used panties…" Japan has vending machines with used panties. "Magnes, don't bring me home used panties please"

Magnes laughs, shaking his head. "They're um, not for girls to use. But I won't, I promise."

'Good night then Magnes, or good morning, whatever" And with that, the phone is promptly hung up, Abby sinking down onto her couch and pulling a throw blanket over herself.

Magnes sighs softly, hanging up and moving on to continue his training. A few minutes of talking to Abby makes it all worth it, er, well, as a friend, of course! "A friend."

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