Early Morning Confusion


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Scene Title Early Morning Confusion
Synopsis Wendy confuses Kurt a little to much before morning coffee.
Date October 02, 2009

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

Feeding his coffee addiction Kurt is sitting at the main counter of the Owl cradling a cup of black coffee in his hands and yawning. Sure it's all alright to randomly have a roomie but this young man sure ain't use to having someone else around his house and his sleep deprived eyes show it. Pleasantly the staff here seems to know the courier and he isn't ordering food but still gets the coffee refills non-stop. The morning is bright and despite the fall timing the weather isn't to horribly or windy.

Wendy hasn't yet been to bed yet, a long night spent out, about, partying and boozing it up. Some places stay open all night, the clubs, but you have to literally spend the night in the place. So in the previous nights clothes, a little rumpled and in need of coffee to go with some aspirin, Wendy's easing through the door of the nite owl with Devi in tow. "Glad your head is better. Cannot believe he fucking did that"

"Fucker knocked me out good," Devi mumbles. The biker is tucks her helmet up under her arm. At least one of her bikes hasn't been dismantled, for whatever reason. She begins to tug off a fitted leather jacket, reveal a lime green long sleeve shirt cut and sliced appealingly, set with a pair of leather pants and black combat boots. "How you holdin' up, though, Angle Eyes?" The pair steps up to the counter, where Devi orders a cup of black coffee and a plate of scrambled eggsfor herself.

Kurt glances up from his coffee as the two women enter the restaurant. Catching sight of Wendy his face shows recognition before he decides not to interrupt the knock em out conversation with anything but a pleasant smile directed towards the mostly unknown and completely unknown women. Taking a sip of the cup o' joe though the dark young man finally grabs a menu saying, "Awake enough to look at this at least."

"I miss my pants" She laments. "And there's nothing like being told by the local chinese gang that they're going to invite you to chat with their boss. Ig ave him Logan's name though. Fuck, all I wanted was my shit and now, i'm out both it and the money and god only knows what else coming down the pipe" Then Kurt answers the question too and Wendy swivels her head and around devi to look at him, anddddd to realize that the feeling of 'evo' wasn't coming just off Devi, but off Kurt. "Hey, you were in the bar.. the other night, with the uhhh memory manipulator"

"How much is left in you stash?" Devi makes no effort to be light of the topic. It's important as far as she's concerned, and with the diner's small traffic at this hour, she doesn't see a need to play scared. Yeah, she's just a smidgen arrogant at times, even after a good knock to the head, and her pride.

The biker looks up at Wendy's attention swivels to the kid. Her look is impolitely scrutinizing. "'Sup?" she offers half-heartedly.

Kurt hums and blinks up at Wendy, "Memory manipulator? Oh you mean Adel…" He concludes, a little slow on the uptake this early in the morning. Stifling a yawn he gives Devi a little nod and says, "Morning." Isn't he the most polite person about, "Yeah I thought I recognized you from the bar." He is still groggy eyed but gives Wendy another little smile, "you know Adelaide from elsewhere then?" He asks since this woman knows what the singer lady can do already.

"They took me with them, I got enough. Without people stealing it this time" That's a little lower voiced and for Devi's ears only. "i'll give you some when we swing by my place" But polite conversation requires attention and as Coffee is brought around, Wendy shakes her head. "never met her before. Hi, i'm wendy, this is Devi and you… you are something interesting" She looks to Devi and gestures to Kurt. "Phases"

Devi's tense posture eases. Business was still safe, as were her own itching addiction. She turns to take in the more polite exchange of introductions, then, a penciled black brow popping up into a high arc. "Evo's everywhere," she begins by mumbling. Still, she offers out a gloved hand, the fingers cut away from the black leather. "Devi. Nice ta meetcha, Phaser Boy." She obviously trusts Wendy's verdict completely. She's got good reason.

Kurt hums and blinks up at Wendy like she is speaking a foreign language, "Pardon?" He asks as he snatches up his coffee again and downs the half cup left over before setting it back on the counter and it is promptly refilled, "Phases what?" He asks feeling a touch more awake with the extra coffee running through his system. Taking Devi's hand the young man raises an eyebrow high, "Phaser boy?" Obviously not enough coffee yet, "Don't know what you're talking about ladies…"

Wendy glances from Devi to Kurt, then back to Devi again. "God, did I find an Evo virgin again?" There's a nudge of her elbow to Devi's arm, as Devi herself hadn't known about her own gift when Wendy's come across her. Wendy grins, offers her hand to Kurt. 'Welcome to WWE. The wild world of Evo's. I'm Wendy, i'll be your instructor for this evening"

"Hey, I haven't been a virgin since I was…" Devi quickly cuts herself off with a pout on her darkly painted lips. "Nevermind," she mumbles. She shakes Kurt's hand with a firm grip before leaning back on her stool at the counter. Wendy's TV-host intro earns a husky chuckle before the biker diva nudges a thumb towards Angel Eyes while addressing Kurt. "She's got a gift, man. I'm tellin' you. She can peg us fuckin' Evos as if we were a neon bullseye." A least she said 'us fuckin' Evos' this time. There's progress there.

Kurt looks between the two woman and then grabs his black coffee and takes another gulp of the hot liquid. closing his eyes he isn't awake enough for this sudden insight, "Okay…okay." He waves a hand and turns himself to look at the evo peeps again, "So you're saying I'm some evolved all of the sudden?" He raises his eyebrow higher if possible at Wendy, "Sorry you gotta be fucking mistaken la…Wendy." He knows her name might as well use it.

"Not all of a sudden" Wendy points out. "It's genetic you know. Just. where you got phasing, I got the gene that can point out the gene… Come on, give me your hand. I'll make sure that's what I felt. I was a little pre-occupied. Maybe you have something else that makes you go incorporeal…." The hand is still offered. Wendy and devi are at the counter with Kurt, the taller of the females looking like she spent the night partying and hasn't gone to bed yet.

Devi laughs aloud, a husky tone of amusement. "I thought the same thing, man. But, I'm telling you - she knows her shit." Devi leans forward to her cup of coffee, watching the exchange in her peripheral vision as she sips from the dark brew. Her attention is split even further as her plate of eggs arrives, beginning to stab at the scrambled concoction with a fork.

The front door of the diner swings open and in walks a blonde woman with a curious and uncertain expression. She seems relieved when her dark blue eyes settle on Kurt's form. She approaches the man and tilts her head to one side, her hair spilling over her shoulder and onto the pale blue knit of her boatneck sweaterdress. "Hey, you. I thought I might find you here. Am I interrupting anything?" She glances somewhat nervously between Wendy and Devi.

Kurt sighs and runs a hand over his short cropped hair before holding out the other one that isn't in reach of his coffee to Wendy, "Still think you're wrong Wendy." He shakes his head and just lets his hand hang in the air though, no harm in proving the lady wrong. 'Brooke' gets a almost puppydog grin from Kurt when she arrives, "Morning heels." He says and shakes his head, hand still held out, "Nah just trying to prove these nice ladies wrong. Want breakfast?" He asks and with his free hand holds out the menu towards Brooke.

"Disbelievers. They always think i'm wrong. People who haven't Manifested that is" And her hand closes around Kurts. All it take sis the brief contact to get that feeling again and she grin. 'Sorry handsome, you got the gene, and you. You can phase. I met this woman once, she could do this. God, you know what she liked to do? This was out in like Dubai. But, she liked to walk through people like she was a ghost. It was hilarious!" She releases Kurts hand just in time as in and over comes Odessa and yet another person who flares up on her own personal radar. "God, Devi do I attract em like flies?" She reaches her hand out to offer it to Odessa. "Hi! I'm Wendy! Disturbing nothing, we were just chatting" Her free hand is shifting her own plate of food around and plucking at the tobasco bottle to soak her eggs in the stuff.

Devi's distractions keep multiplying. Quickly polishing off more than half her plate of food, the biker diva's attention slowly flitters off to something behind the counter. Wendy's exclamation earns a backways glance. "Huh?" Oh. There's a new one. Devi looks over the new arrival too hurriedly and uninterested to take in any details. "Maybe we're just taking over the world," she comments in a low tone, only to pop up from her seat and vault smoothly over the counter. The waitress, startled as she is, simply stares. Come on - one look a Devi and she's bound to assume it's a robbery.

Instead, the leather-clad, tattooed biker bitch struts across to the shelf were a broken coffee pot stands. Without pause she begins to pull off the face of the machine.

Odessa - Brooke to Kurt - eyes the woman in leather as she hops the counter. Even she knows that's weird. But she makes no comment as she takes a seat with the others. "Nice to meet you. I'm Brooke," she greets Wendy in return. "Yes, Kurt. I'm just famished. I'd love some breakfast." She smiles easily and adds, "You're way too good to me." Once settled into her seat, she accepts Wendy's offered hand to shake.

"She walked through people? What?" Kurt shakes his head not fully believing all of this, "I don't know what you're talking about though. I've never walked through a person…" He takes back his hand and shakes his head to Brooke, "Nah roomie, everyone needs breakfast." At least Brooke is sane to Kurt right now. The poor boy seems beyond confused still. Devi gets a quick, "Hum?"
People and diners. Good combination, Adelaide's bag hits floor near the counter as she takes a seat, though she notices the others, and offers a polite smile. Familar faces.

DING! Fabulous. Everyone always shakes hand, it's the social norm. It's what gets Wendy her score of her other addiction. Knowing who holds what ability when they flare up on her radar. This one though. What the hell. Everything seems like it might freeze, but not like someone who can control Ice. "What the fuck is it that you can do?" It's not spoken in anger but amazement. "Please tell me, please. I have never touched someone like you before. you're like.. god.. the world seems like it could stop on a dime…."

Devi is like a zombie - pleasantly oblivious to the world behind her. She tears off the face of the coffee maker, which spurs the waitress into action. "Hey there. Hey, you can't do that, miss! Ma'am, I said stop!"

But, Devi doesn't stop. She pulls a screwdriver and a wrench out of the pocket of her leather riding jacket and begins to pull bits and pieces of the coffee brewer out. Setting them inside to get to the broken bits. It was as if it were a tumor. She could see it. She knew it was in there and cut through the other bits of the machine to find and fix it. But, that damn waitress. She wheels about and points the tip of her flathead screwdriver at the apron-wearing woman. "Hey, lady. Do you mind shutting the fuck up? I'm working here." ZIP! The waitress goes silent and skitter off to the backroom. Probably to fetch some help. Devi goes back to work. "Well, what is she?" She calls back absently to Wendy, surprised to hear that there is another that Angel Eyes can't exactly peg.

Odessa pulls her hand back quickly, as though contact with Wendy burned her. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She shoots a look over to Kurt in askance. What's with your friend? "I do lots of things." Warily, she eyes Wendy.

Kurt doesn't comment on Devi's activities though he opens his mouth and shuts it promptly, enough trouble already it seems. Brooke gets a look from the man, "Wait what?" At least Wendy is distracted from his apparent walking through people stuff finally, was making him uncomfortable and visibly skirmish. Adelaide is noticed but the man is a touch distracted and all she gets at the moment is a wave of his hand. Brooke is given a shrugs and he leans over towards her to say, "Apparently I'm a phaser. Whatever that means. Something about walking through people…" He explains to Brooke like it's a clarification of Wendy being wrong and adds another shrugs as he downs some more coffee.

The woman at the counter, ripping at the coffee machine, does catch Adelaide's attention. She's quiet though, worried really. She raises an eyebrow, this woman was possibly mentally ill, or perhaps some strange form of OCD, Adelaide didn't quite know what to make of it.

"Ignore her" There's a gesture to Devi. "It's her thing. Mechanical Intuition. She tears it apart and puts it back together" Best that Wendy knows. "I dunno whether you walk through people, sounds like you are unmanifested right now. But you" Her attention is on Odessa. "Time stopper?" Trying to interpit the sensation. "Time stopper, gotta be that, I can't imagine what else it can be…" She scoops up a mouthful of her eggs before looking at the clock. "Fuck, shit. Devi! Stop by my place when your done, I gotta get my ass home. Board meeting I gotta conference in" Wendy's leaping up from her chair making grabby hands for her purse and putting down some money for her and Devi's food.

Mechanical Intuition? So, she's got a name for it now. The information is enough to stop Devi's tinkering long enough to see Wendy shoot up out of her seat. "Right on. Stay out of trouble, Angel Eyes. I'll catcha later." With her attention back on the group, she notices the larger gathering.

"Alright you!" suddenly comes a gruff voice. The kitchen door swings back and forth on its hinges, revealing a burly cook. "Now it's a party!" the biker diva shouts. She makes for the counter, though, vaulting back over her collecting her helmet. "I was just trying to help, Butch," she calls back at the cook. "Nice meetin' ya'll. Hey, Angel Eyes, wait up! I suddenly have something I, uh, gotta do!" She flips the cook the bird and dives out the door.

Odessa turns her attention to Kurt, her eyes wide and filled with worry. "So, ah…" Okay, all of that was just weird. "I was thinking waffles. And coffee."

Kurt nods his head slowly at the roomie and waves the waitress over quickly, "Sorry hun. Don't really know those two." He explains the the lady who gives him the nectar of life, aka coffee, "Waffles for her." He grabs a thumb towards Brooke and says, "French toast for me please." He orders for the two and still looks a little stressed over the recent meeting, "I have no idea what she was talking about Brooke, I would have told you if I was evolved…I can't walk through stuff or phase or whatever she was saying I can do."

Watches the two women leave.. "Bats out of hell." she mutters quietly. Adelaide sits back and seems less unnerved by this- or perhaps not as nerved as she should be. She places an order once the commotion settles down-hashbrowns and sausage, and a waffle with fruit on top. She leans a little on the countertop. "So.. um…" she begins trying to make conversation. She glances at Kurt. "Could be something.. untapped." she points out trying to be helpful. "Utapped isn't quite the right word, still buried, is probably a better phrase."

"There's nothing wrong with being Evolved, is there?" Odessa accepts a cup of coffee from the waitress and wraps her hands around it. "Untapped," she murmurs absently. She lowers her voice and leans toward Kurt slightly, "Is this the best place to be having a conversation like this?"

Kurt shakes his head to Brooke, "Nothing wrong with it at all…" then Adelaide gets a shrugs and he sips his coffee taking Odessa's suggestion, "Yeah bug you about this at home." He says quietly before pretending to contemplate his coffee as the wheels turn in his head. finally he pulls himself out of his revelry to smile to Adelaide politely, "But hiya Adel anyways." Not functions brain wise enough to start introducing people though.

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