Easily Dismissed


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Scene Title Easily Dismissed
Synopsis Peter seeks out Eve to deliver an apology and some bad news.
Date January 27, 2010

Mas Mechanics

It is the afternoon and in Mas Mechanics, the two huskies lay for a nap and Nanai slithers in her case as the sounds of a piano flow through the whole building. Slow, but beautiful sounds come from the room Eve is in as she plays a few notes on the piano. She's thinking up a new song and trying to find the write chords to go with the song.

Dressed in a white dress that falls to her calves and barefoot, her long black hair falls to her shoulders and swings as she sways and closes her eyes as she thinks up more notes to go along with the lyrics.

A portrait hangs on the wall of the room, one of the murdered cat, Tiger.

The knocking has been going on at the front door of Mas Mechanics for about five minutes now. There's times in her life where Eve is remarkably prescient, and on the inverse remarkably oblivious. Sometimes she becomes so reliant on her dreams, that when she doesn't dream something, it's hard for her to notice it's going on. It's only when the knocking now comes from the window near where she plays the piano that Evce can hear the sounds of knuckles on glass banging away.

"Eve." Comes muffled thorugh the window, and it's none other than the strange juxtaposition of Peter Petrelli's smiling and scarless face that greets her attention once it's raised. He points a finger towards the front door, brows raised, and offers a lopsided grin to her.

The playing stops and Eve blinks as she sees.. a smiling Peter. The woman stands and makes her way to the door, a smile crossing her lips as she opens it and leans against the doorframe. "Look what the cat dragged in." she winks at Peter before opening the door to the place, the huskies, lift their ears and heads for a moment but then they are back to sleep. Tired little dogs!

"You know, I was wondering if I was going to have to seek you out." She enters the kitchen and takes the kettle off of the stove and pours some hot water in a cup and then retrieves another, she didn't know that Peter was coming honest.. she just wanted some tea.

"I wanted to thank you, actually." Peter admits with a warm smile, shoulders hunched forward and hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket. He's freezing and it's raining outside, and he just wants to get someplace warm. Ducking in to the apartment, Peter angles a look over to Eve, offering up a smile. "I think you saved everyone's life recently. That painting you did, of the dream you had, where I— where I killed everyone? It wasn't what you thought it was, it— " Peter offers a smile, shaking his head as he takes a few experimental steps in to the building, looking up at the ceiling then around slowly, as if visiting here for the first time.

"You helped me come up with a plan to make the Vanguard think everyone was dead," he turns, looks over his shoulder to Eve, offering a nervous smile. "I— There's… something else I wanted to talk to you about too. I just— I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"Thanks Pete, it's why I have the visions I have.. at least that's what I like to think the purpose of them is.. to help people." She smiles at Peter and the light twinkles in her eyes. "Ah, so I played a role in this adventure that you guys have been on." She says and nods her head as she stirs the tea and then brings both cups back to the table and gestures for Peter to sit. "I'm glad to have helped." The singer looks around the kitchen and then her gaze settles on Peter.

"Not really, just working on a few songs that I'm writing. Hoping to release an album at some point soon, time to live life." Even though her dreams won't let her, she can't keep putting her dreams on hold, right? "What else you want to talk about?" she tilts her head, wrapping her hands around the mug of hot tea, keeping her hands warm.

"Time to life life…" Peter echoes as he takes the teacup, offering a thankful smile as he stiffly sits down at the table in one of the creaking wooden chairs. Mostly cradling his gloved hands around the cup, nursing warmth off of it, Peter seems hesitant to bring up a topic of discussion with Eve that he'd already been skirting around. "I um, I just— you know, people tend to give you a lot of trouble, about your dreams— your gift?" Squinting, Peter angles his head crookedly, teeth toying with his lower lip. "I just never really thought much about you being— I dunno, I wrote you off too easily, I think. A lot of what you've seen has come true, more of it than I'd like to admit."

Cradling his fingers around his glass teacup, Peter breathes in a deep breath and exhales a tired sigh, brows furrowed. "I… wanted to tell you Gabriel passed away recently." There it is, the bombshell he needed to drop. "I— I know you two were— something, I don't know— friends? I'm not even sure Gabriel knew." Staring down at his reflection in the teacup, Peter's eyes take on a distant quality.

"He… was killed, in Antarctica, by Emile Danko. There— there was nothing any of us could do for him. Eileen's… Eileen's pretty crushed. She— she's hiding it as well as she can, but I know she's struggling. I just— I wanted you to know."

"People think I'm silly.. flighty.. have no sense of maturity and that I'm good for nothing." To name a few things, Eve points out. She does this all with a light smile on her lips. She's come to terms with this. "But when the things I see.. show them their own danger.. or when they have to admit that what I can do is important, then all is erased.. until they have no need of me again."

The seer is not bitter and she.. doesn't really know what else to say about that. It's the way she sees things and how she thinks people perceive her. "Gabriel.." Eve takes a breath and then looks closely at Peter. "We had an understanding of each other.. though we knew nothing of each other." Her mind flashes back to the dance they had under the moonlight. The times they met in dreams and on Staten Island.

Eve will give Eileen a visit when she thinks the younger girl is ready. "Are we sure?" her head tilts and then her eyes close. "There are so many times that I thought someone was dead when they really weren't." she admits and then opens her eyes to look at Peter. She won't cry, not yet. It hasn't really hit her. "How are you dealing with it?" She knows they have history and who knows if Peter has vented to anyone about his feelings.

"Eileen— felt him die." Peter admits with a noisy swallow of tea, his first experimental sip. "His pulse ran out, she— she was trying so hard to stop the bleeding." He looks haunted by this, by Gabriel's death, when just two years ago he went into the heart of Primatech with Eve to try and kill Gabriel himself. Time has changed so many things, changed perceptions and understandings, walking in Gabriel's shoes— having his life saved by him— all these things have changed how he sees the man he once considered his greatest enemy.

"I'm— I don't know." It's obvious Peter's struggling with it, but for different reasons. "Gabriel and I had a complicated relationship. We're… our lives are so intertwined and tangled, everything that happened all those years ago, I just— " Peter closes his eyes, breathes out a sigh thorugh his nose, and stares down into his tea when they open again.

"I'm not sure how to feel."

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