Eat Your Heart Out


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Scene Title Eat Your Heart Out
Synopsis Warren gets a look at the Horizon armor
Date Jan 13, 2011

Red Hook docks

The call went out and it was local. Elisabeth had her teams scattered at the time, so she was the only one able to back up the riot squads on a dockside brawl just down from the Textile factory itself. Full gear in place, she's been out there busting heads for the past hour — and not with her ability, because that's pretty much out of her reach except in an emergency right now. The good old-fashioned kick-in-the-door way.

The squads have the situation mostly in hand and now it's down to just clearing the warehouses in the immediate vicinity. Her uniform is emblazoned with 01-01 these days, denoting command of the unit though she dislikes having taken Spalding's number. Helmeted, visored, and fully armored, Elisabeth Harrison makes something of an impressive sight in the exoskeleton that lets her pull some fun stunts like jumping from the bottom of the stairs to the landing without much effort.

It's a while before Warren Ray finally shows his face, heading into the warehouse that Elisabeth's currently jumped to the bottom of the stairs in. His eyes are glossed over with mirror-like silver, quickly scribbling something down in a plain brown wire-bound notebook as he looks her over. "Now that you're all cleaning this area of the district up, I might have to buy a few properties to expand my business." That's apparently his cover reason for being here, certainly not to monitor her suit's functions.

The HUD in her suit alerted her to his heat signature well before he actually appeared, but the voice is what brings her posture down off of 'alert' to a more relaxed pose. Deactivating the recording in her helmet as she removes it, Elisabeth shakes out her blonde hair and puts the thing under her arm. "I wondered if you'd pop up," she observes mildly. "Tell me what you need to see — this might be one of the better opportunities you get to look it over. I don't have a backup team today." And she can't leave the radio and the HUD off for too long before the bud in her ear starts chirping with techs demanding to know what's going on. They can monitor her vitals just fine, but she's the boss — it makes 'em nervous when she's off the monitors.

"I want to see everything it's physically capable of." Warren removes his long black trenchcoat and sits it on to a crate, sitting his notebook and pen on it as well. Walking back over to her, he straightens the unbuttoned jacket of his suit, then nods. "Come at me. I may not understand the programming, but I'll more than know this thing's physical capabilities after fighting and observing it in action. There were some thugs here and they attacked us both, then got away, if anyone asks."

There's a bit of a grin and Elisabeth says, "All right. You got it. Don't hurt yourself." She puts the helmet back on, activating the bare minimum of what she needs to be able to function without activating the HUD or the visor's recording capabilities. She gives him the classic Matrix-showing-off "bring it" motion and then goes at Warren in a (relatively) gentle attack. Just your basic punches and kicks, and pulled so that she doesn't hurt him to bad if she does connect.

"I have all of this combat experience and I can't remember ever being in a fight." Warren states as he dodges, parries, and he does take a few hits. He's definitely not a formal fighter, but the fact remains that he knows what he's doing. He's taking it easy himself, since even with a mechanical arm, outright hitting reinforced armor is kind of a bitch. He's mostly parrying and launching light punches and kicks. "You're good, it's like dancing with a professional. I might stand a chance if I could use my gadgets, but in pure hand to hand alone, you could probably kick my ass. That's kinda hot."

Behind the visor, Elisabeth's roll of the eyes can't be seen, but the snerk is audible through the speakers. "You should see me with a gun," she retorts goodn-naturedly, refusing to take him at all seriously. Once they're mid-tango, she taps into the hydraulics, spins a kick at him that will be reasonably easy to block and then uses her own momentum to do one of those reall cool cartwheel-like manuevers. Right on over him.

Warren's eyes are wide for the entire thing after he blocks, quickly turning around to watch her land. "Amazing. I'm inspired, but I don't quite have the funds for what I just got inspired for. Let's stop here, while I still have time." He rushes over to his things, slipping his trenchcoat on after grabbing his notebook, very quickly beginning to write a great deal of notes. "What's this armor's power source? And what exactly is it capable of beyond combat? This thing seems ripe for innovation."

"Warren… that sounded just a bit on the kinky side, and if it was, I don't want to know. It'll make me hit you hard enough to make you land in the middle of next week," Elisabeth replies popping her visor open.

She gives him what information she has on the armor's power source, along with the basics of what kinds of things it can do. "And I happen to know the Institute's already innovating it. Unit 00, the fuckers who've been showing up and stealing people's powers and shit? They're using the innovated versions. Hang on…"

Elisabeth holds up her hand to silence him and activates the radio in her helmet. «Base, this is Harrison. Chill out, Jennings. No… there was nothing going on. I was freakin' well playing around. The warehouse is clear, I just wanted to see how far I could jump and how fast I could move. …. Nope, we're all good. Quit squawking in my ear. I'm heading back to base now.»

She looks at Warren and flips the dark-shield in the visor up to shoot a grin at him. "See you next time," Liz says cheekily. "Lemme know when you've got something on the compass."

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