Eating Crow For Dinner


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Scene Title Eating Crow For Dinner
Synopsis Jet cooks dinner for Len. In Len's house, that she's taken over. Len puts his foot in his mouth over and over again.
Date October 14, 2009

Len Denton's Supposed Safehouse

Jet has suckered… I mean invited Len over to a home cooked supper at his 'fake' home. At least fake to Len. For Jet she has taken up residence here and there, not staying every night in the house she furnished (with his money), but she seems to have indeed taken it over (since he's not there anyway). And so, the possesser in currently in the kitchen attempting to work out the cork of a wine bottle, slight frustration on Jet's part before it finally pops out. A sigh from her as the bottle is set on the counter to let it breath as she begins to pull down plates.

Jet was born in the 50's, so the Susie Homemaker aspect can be seen in her. Mother taught her well in hosting skills.

This invitation has been mulling over Len's head for quite some time now. It's plainly obvious the man is an idiot for even accepting this invitation, yet he has an offer for her that he feels he can only do in person. As he pulls the Jeep into the driveway, he can see the lights on in the house already and there's a nervous apprehension that fills him as he steps out and onto the blacktop. He walks up the steps and slips his key into the lock and opens the door, pushing it open. "Honey, I'm home." he says with a bit of light heartedness. Whatever it is she's cooking, it smells good. He finally shuts the door behind him and moves into the living room, eyes flitting about.

"In here Darling! How was work today?" A grin to herself as Jet pours the wine now, filling each glass up half full before sitting the bottle back down. Now with a glass in each hand, Jet leaves the kitchen to meet him in the livingroom… and it's no surprise she's hopped into another body, but the voice is the same as the one on the phone. A red head this time, later teens, white-girl, etc. A smirk of her lips as she wanders over to Len before offering him a glass. "I'm surprised you came without company. Do you have a back up plan if I decide to possess you again?"

Well, I have activated the self destruct mechanism for this building. If anything looks funny, my guy will hit the button." He says with a grin. He's either joking or something might be mentally off with him. "Besides, I don't think you'll go through the trouble of possessing me again. You've had your fun and I'm sure my life had bored you. Nice pick for a body." he comments as he gives her a looking over.

He sits himself down in one of the chairs she furnished. Some of the furniture has been removed taken back and refunded, though he did keep a good portion of it. "So, you just pick a body, play around a bit, then pop into another one? Is that how it works?"

"Play around a bit…" come her soft words as she sits down in the chair closest to him, the glass of wine being swirled then lifted to her lips as she takes a swallow of the contents. "No, I do not play around a bit. I live Len. This is how I live." A faint smile to him at this before the wine is held in both of her hands, "We're having broiled steak for supper. Why are you here tonight?"

A beat, "Your guy would only kill you in the process of blowing up this building, I'm sure."

Len shrugs nonchalantly. "I'm expendable. There are many who could take my place if I were to go away." Len takes in the rest of her words. "And those who's life you live, do they all end up paying for it as I did?"

A hard stare is given to Len at his words as she slowly sinks back into the chair as one leg slips over another. Her wine glass is held on her lower stomach as Jet just goes into silence for a very long time. It's clear she's thinking as her eyes have moved off to stare at nothing, yet seeing everything. Finally she takes a sip of her wine, throat working as it's swallowed. A parting of her lips as if to speak before they close once more. A sigh, "Len you're a good man. This is very cliche, and I was trying to find a way around it but I cannot. You're not expendable. And it would be a sad day for me if you went away." A swirling of the red wine in the glass before she gives a soft laugh, "Hell, you know more about me than Monroe does. But then, we do not chat." A running of her tongue over her teeth now, "You were a job Len. I don't physically harm them. Just take a couple months of their life, or years. Depends. I respect all of their bodies… outside of tattoos. The needle is a nice distraction."

Reaching up to brusht he palm of his hand against his newly grown back goatee, he smirks at her. "So, tell me. What exactly was this job you were asked to do? Distract me? Send a message? My interest in Adam Monroe isn't just going to go away. I might be momentarily sidetracked onto something else, but one day I'll bring him him to face what he's done."

"You're right. I'm a good man, but there aren't many who aren't expendable. So, don't flattery me too highly there, 'Juliet'. My question for you is why you would stoop to work for someone like him, when your talents can be put to far better use."

A small 'tsk'ing from Jet to Len's question about her job. I'll tell you the same thing I told Adam," comes her amused tone, "Until we are laying in bed together, I do not share secrets, nor do I fully take orders. I was quite proud of myself, I seem to have shocked him into silence." A chuckle from her at this as she takes another sip of her wine. "I'm more concerned about this emergence of Norman White, than of Adam these days."

A smirk from her at this before she turns to fully face Len now. "My name is Juliet. Juliet Isabella. I never use fake names when I can help it. And Adam? He gives me things to do. Posessing you was the highlight of my year. You have a nice lower stomach, by the way."

"I'm not entirely sure how to take that comment, but okay then." Nice lower stomach, hopefully she's referring to the outside and not the inside. Len chuckles. "My bed is rather small for two these days, unless you bought one for here that I'm not aware of." He'll have to check his receipts when he gets home. His real home.

"So, what do you charge for something like this?" Len arches a brow when he asks her. "It's possible I may want to hire you then."

"I bought us a bed." A flash of a grin, "Meaning, I bought it through you, for me. It's in the bedroom. I do not think I remade it. So don't look in there." Finishing off her half glass of wine, she stands now from the chairs before moving into the kitchen, refilling her own before taking the bottle out to him and adding a bit more to his own. "It's not about money. I have enough money. It's more than money." The wine bottle is simply set to the side before Jet retakes her seat in the chair next to his own. "Hire me for what?"

Len glances towards the bedroom and for a moment considers checking it out, but changes his mind and turns his head back towards Juliet. "Oh, if I tell you know then there's no fun in it for me. But I'll call you when I know something for sure. That is if 'justice' is something that intrigues you."

He takes a drink of the wine offered and nods. He has never been much of a wine drinker and in the past few days has had wine twice now. Len reaches up and pushes up the brim of his hat. "Perhaps work for the white hats for a change."

Jet watches Len for a moment with her hazel colored eyes before letting them drift away as she settles back into the chair she's sitting in. A deep inhale from her at this, then an exhale as she glass of wine is turned in her hands. "There's beer in the fridge," she gives as an offhand comment, perhaps noticing he is hardly drinking the wine, but she's on her second glass. Another sip of her wine, then, "You'll never be able to keep me under your thumb, Len. Isotope tracking will do no good with me. I don't think you want me to work for you, not -really-. Maybe just do you a favor."

"What I want?" Len lets a soft chuckle out as he shakes his head. "What I want is to find the person who killed someone dear to me. I want is to find the guy who's leading this infestation known as Humanis First and put him behind bars. What I want is to stop Adam Monroe from killing another of my colleagues. What I want is to feel like for once I'm ahead of the game instead of playing catchup while I watch person after person fall to the wayside as victims in whatever sick plan these guys have for us."

Len sits back in his chair and glances over at the woman. "Maybe you don't want to work for me. Maybe I don't want you working for me. But what I do want is for you to stop working for them, and when I get the occasional case of interest, I'll pull you in and give you something to keep you busy.

"Adam is killing people?" Softer words from Jet at this as her hands tuck between her knees, but then she's giving a soft little laugh. "You are so lucky to have someone dear to you that was killed Len. I have -no one- in my life. No one." A tight little smile to him at this before her eyes look away from Len towards the kitchen before she rises from the chair, taking her wine glass before attempting to take his as well. "I believe supper is ready."

Len watches her stand, letting her take his glass and moving towards the kitchen. He remains seated for a long moment, then moves to follow her. In the kitchen, he leans up against the counter. "Why have you chosen to be alone? To live the kind of life you live? What happened to you?" he asks finally, turning to open the fridge and pull out a beer.

Jet is washing out the wine glasses, and drying them off as she stares out of the window over the sink to the darkening night. They are placed in the drying rack before she wrings out the washcloth. "There is not much to say," she finally says, though the length of silence that came before probably betrays her words, "I died when I was seventeen, bodily. My best friend was driving drunk. We were all drunk. Sarah died, two other girls lived." A shrug of her shoulders as she looks to Len now, "It was a very long time ago."

"So you think you can't live a normal life because of that? Obviously you could since you are here talking to me now." He takes a drink from the bottle of beer. "Look, what you can do is amazing, but I also imagine it can be hard in someone else's body. Do you know anything about those who you possess?" Maybe he's fishing for information, or perhaps he just wants to know what she found out about him when she was inside him.

"You don't understand," comes her heated words now. "How do you expect me to have a boyfriend. To make love in a body that isn't mine. I can never marry, or have children. This is not amazing, it's very lonely, and very horrible. I don't have a life of my own. Can you not understand that? The lives are stolen." An arching of her brow to Len now, before she flips off the heat of the oven before pulling out pot holders in preperation for handling the hot metal sheet. "So you tell me, Len, how I am to have a normal life, without depriving the life of the one I stole."

"There's always a way. There's always someone who's tired of living and certainly would not be opposed to giving up their life for someone else to give it a whirl." Len stays out of her way as she manuevers the hot food around. "To be honest, I don't have any answers for you, but I have to imagine that at some point there will be one. Until then, how about you put your ability to some good use for a change."

"You just don't understand," but then how could he, really. Pulling the tray out of the oven, it is indeed broiled steaks, Jet managing to capture the juice inside so they aren't dry. "You never answered me when I asked if Adam was killing people Len." Walking over to the fridge, it's opened as she pulls out two washed potatoes, stabbing them with a fork and popping them in the microwave. "And what do you want from me, exactly? Work for the Company? When I was in Moab, I heard rumors about your employers. Once you're in, you're in, shit like that. Would be hard to keep me in, but still."

Len considers how to answer the question, then decides to be frank with her. "We have video footage of Adam and his crew killing someone who works within my organization." He doesn't say "The Company" and he probably won't. "It's the only footage I have, but I have some evidence that links him to other killings. He's very dangerous, so you should be careful if you are around him. I've been stirring up his group a little, so I imagine that if he's the one who sent you after me, that's why."

"As far as working for me, I don't see you as someone who wants to do what I do full time, but perhaps I can keep you steadily employed in some capacity. Of course, if you want steady employment, it's not inconcievable. But what I don't want, is for you to be working against me."

A light laugh from her to Len's words before she turns her attention to the man, a perk of her brow through a red lock as she stares at him. "Of courses you don't want me working against you. I could imagine the mistrust that would follow. Wondering just who was who, hmm?" A content little sigh from her before she steps in close to Len. "Here. Let's see something."

And after saying that, both her hands lift to rest on either side of his cheeks, simply making flesh on flesh contact, like she did when she possessed him.

Well, duh. Len actually starts when she makes contact with him, though he doesn't move away. He looks down at her, not entirely sure what to expect here. If she's trying to possess him again, he should probably get out of dodge, but the cowboy stands fast. For some reason, he trusts she's not going to hurt him.

Jet looks slightly hurt when Len starts upon her touch to him, though she doesn't do anything but just let her hands rest there for a moment before they are pulled away. There is no words of why or what she did, Jet instead just getting their plates ready in drawn out silence. "I found my own place," she finally speaks, "I won't be staying here as much, but thank you for letting me… without breaking down the door and tranq'ing me."

One can't expect trust at first touch. Well, second since the first didn't turn out all that well, right? Len watches as she walks away and begins to set the table. "Stay as long as you like. At least I'll know where you are, right?"

Jet gives another soft laugh at this as she sets the table, "Sit and eat. Somehow I doubt you get many home cooked meals. Or maybe you do. I don't know. Are your parents alive?" A glance over her shoulder to him at this, as the plate is arranged 'just so' in front of his chair. "I hope you like the china. You bought it, of course."

Len takes himself a seat and glances at the dishes and shakes his head. "I imagine I liked them alot if I bought them, right?" he grins. "You can stay, but you have to pay for any additional furnishings yourself." He starts to dish up. "Oh, and as much as you liked it, I had a friend remove the tattoo. I got giggled at because of you, I hope you know." On more than one occasion, actually. Len's at least being good natured about it.

A change of posture to the news that Len removed the tattoo, Jet taking a seat at the table as she just watches him dish out his food. "Yeah," comes a soft word, "That female, the one who took the cooking classes, she did not like you without the goatee." Hands clasp in her lap as she just watches him, then, "I put a lot of thought into that tattoo. And money. It wasn't even a week or so old."

"Well, if it makes it any easier for you, I have a photo taken for my scrapbook." Yes, Len has a scrapbook. No laughing. "I had considered just having a smaller version of it, but felt that having to explain 'Juliet' to any future dates might lend to a bit of awkwardness." He smirks as he cuts into the meat and takes a bite. "Nicely done." On the meal. He doesn't bring up the topic of the female who took cooking classes again.

Jet suddenly seems upset about something or another, the female looking off into the distance as her eyes even briefly tear up for a moment before it's all blinked away as her gaze turns back to Len. Then it falls down to the meat, herself not yet eating, "Good. I was hoping I did not over cook it. I do not cook often. I'm more of a baker."

Len stops eating for a moment, and watches her for a moment. He'd be one poor detective to know notice the change in her demeanor. "What is it?" he asks.

"Nothing Len." The proper female response given to any male before she flashes him a smile, "Your parents. Are they alive? Deceased? Do not think I haven't noticed how you take in our conversations, but never give."

"They're alive." Considering Len's line of work, it's not too hard to understand why he doesn't reveal too very much about himself to those he doesn't know quite as well. "I'm divorced. Or will be shortly." This is a sore topic for the cowboy as it comes out rather slowly, painfully.

Jet stands from the table now, moving to the counter to pick out her freshly washed wine glass before pouring her a third glass. "My parents are dead. I have no brothers or sisters. I was disowned after the accident… needless to say my parents did not react to the news well. I mean, these days, people know. Back then people did not know." A faint smile to him at this as she gives a soft chuckle, "But they were good people, all in all."

Len watches her moves from the table and fill her glass as he pushes his plate aside, having finished his meal. "I wish I could say people are more tolerable these days, but I think it's more an extreme. Back then it was just not a topic of conversation, whereas these days it's more of a political statement. For or against. I would have to imagine that you'd be more accepted now."

Jet sits back down at the table next to Len, "Did you find out if Humanis First has evolved tests? Or ability supressants?" A perk of her brow to Len at this, "I do want to know. I don't like innocents being killed Len. While I do some things, I'm not a killer. Never have killed, don't really want to ever kill…" a beat, "But I could totally dig carrying a gun. I should become a cop in my next life, that could be fun." A flash of a grin to Len at this, "Anyway."

"There's always this life." It appears the offer still stands. "I'm told they do have them by someone who would know." That's about all he says on that. "So, be careful. Is there a reason in particular you want to know if they have those drugs?"

"Yes, but what kind of cop would you be if I told you?" A faint smile from her to him at this, "Why would a posesser want to know if Humanis First had suppressant drugs, couple with evolved tests?" A perk of her brow to him at this, "Think on it my love." Another sip of her wine before it's swirled around in her glass, "Work for the company. Adam would not be very happy about that. Not at all."

"Either you want these drugs and plan to steal them, or you're planning on going in there and are worried about getting caught and given the drugs. What exactly would happen if you took suppressant drugs? Do you even know?" Len isn't a dumb guy. He knows that in some cases, suppressant drugs could mean death. "Besides, so you think I give a damn what Adam Monroe thinks? I'll see him in jail before too long."

Jet gives a soft, throaty chuckle to Len's words as she perks a brow at him. "For being a cutie, you don't connect the dots very well baby." Another sip of her wine, cheeks already getting a little flushed but that doesn't seem to be bothering her, for unlkike Len she has no backup and she's showing trust. "You won't catch Monroe. Otherwise he would already be in jail."

There's a reason that Len is divorced, you see? "I'll catch him. Don't worry. Eventually, he'll screw up and I'll be there waiting. Feel free to tell him that." Len finishes the beer and walks in and tosses the bottle into the trash can before coming back to the dining room. "What dots are I not connecting correctly?"

"My stomach hurts," Jet idly tosses out, standing from the table as well before moving over to her untouched baked potato, putting it on her plate as she begins to slice it. "I mean you know what I am. I have told you I was in Moab. I was taken on accident… in my earlier days, I would take drug dealers, and turn them in. I thought I was making a difference. I guess I jumped into the wrong person. A female evolved who was wanted. I was tranq'ed in an alleyway, and hauled off to Moab. The supressement kept me trapped in her body. I couldn't get out." A slice of potato consumed now as she chews it up slowly before chasing it with a sip of wine. "And now I just told you how to capture me. Can I take it back?"

"Well, I already had my tranq gun in the Jeep." There's a smirk on Len's face now. He shakes his head. "What's wrong with your stomach? Do you need something?" he asks, perhaps thinking she might need to be checked out.

"No. Just food. I'm on my third glass of wine." A smirk to him at this, "What would you tranq me for?" Another slice of potato eaten as her eyes hold steady with his. "Are you going to tranq me Len? Should I start running now?" She seems playful, yet serious about this as the wine glass lifts to her lips once more.

Len relaxes a little as she mentions it's just because of the lack of food. "Just remember, you're still in a body and it needs food. Eat." he motions towards the plate. "And if I was going to tranq you, I'd have done it already. As long as you don't go back to helping Adam Monroe, I won't have any reason to put you in my sights." Right? Simple enough. "I still think you should come work for me, but I won't press the issue. I don't think it'd be as complicated as you might think."

Jet takes another piece of her potato, chewing then swallowing it. "And what would you do to me after you tranq'ed me, Len. Kill me?" A faint smile to him at this as her third glass of wine is swallowed down before Jet pours herself a forth. Someone is going to sleep good tonight. "Perhaps if you take me our on a date sometime, I'll reconsider." A smirk from her at this, hard to tell if she's serious or not. "Me cooking for you does not count. Not really. I like Monroe, but then, I don't know him as well as you do."

"I've never met the man." Which would explain why he's not been caught as of yet. "However, he's shot a couple of my employees and nearly killed them both. So, there's no love lost here." He shrugs. "Kill you? Not really my style. I prefer to let justice take it's course. Of course, sometimes a little Texas justice is in order. I wouldn't kill you, Jules. And for the moment, I've no reason to tranq you, so relax."

What is it and everyone wanting dates with Len all of a sudden. "I'll consider taking you out on the town, but I'm in the middle of a couple of investigations and my time is rather booked, but I'll see if I can squeeze some time in. I'm not putting you off, just.. someone died and I need to make it right."

A long stare at Len for several moments before she smiles at him. "I was kidding, about the date." Leaving it at that she brushes the rest of the uneaten food onto a plate, which is covered and placed into the fridge. "I have my own meetings to tend to, but as I don't work for anyone, I make my own time. It's easy for me to just up and disappear."

Len has this feeling that at this point he's just making everything worse between the two. He sighs. "I should go. I hope you'll consider helping me out. I hope you'll consider my offer." In a way, it was an offer. "Thank you for the dinner, and I mean it when I said you can stay as long as you like." He's already expecting that the next time he comes here, she'll have left. It's not like he's using the place, so someone should.

Jet looks around the kitchen for a moment before settling her eyes on his own. "It's your home Len, not mine." His plate is picked up now as well as the beer bottle as it's all taken to the sink, water ran as she prepares to do the dishes. "Perhaps I'll see you agian sometime when you manage to find the time." Or perhaps not. A faint smile to him at this as she moves to stand behind one of the kitchen table chairs, her hands resting upon it.

A touch awkward, this is. They shared the same body for a short time and you'd think it'd be different, but..

"Stay. You're welcome." With that Len pushes his chair under the table and starts towards the door. As he opens it, he turns back to the woman. "I'll call." And he will. The question now is whether or not she'll answer.

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