Eaves Dropper


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Scene Title Eaves Dropper
Synopsis Rebel has unfortunate news for Rupert.
Date June 14, 2010

Carmichael Manor

That Rupert Carmichael still has a home to go to, a bed to sleep in and a fortune to squander is not as unlikely as it might seem at first. Careful management of his funds and even more careful management of his allegiances has left the Carmichael Manor an important safe-haven in the grand scheme of things, perhaps even more so than Rupert himself realizes.

Well after ten at night, Rupert's facade of a normal life is maintained by his laissez faire mentality. Wrapped in a red velvet robe that would make John Logan proud, the tactical advisor of Messiah seems more the part of the wealthy eccentric, sprawled out on his sofa and soundly asleep while the Glenn Beck show plays noisily over the television mounted on the wall.

It's the noisy vibration of the cell phone resting at Rupert's side that ultimately has him jolting up from his sleep, staring wide-eyed at the television accusingly, watching Glenn Beck scrawling the word Hitler across a blackboard while pointing to a picture of Nathan Petrelli. It's only when the second vibrating ring comes that Rupe realizes what actually woke him awake, and it isn't absurdist humor masquerading as news.

Frantically scrambling for the phone before it goes to voicemail, Rupe picks it up without screening the call. "Hello?," he breathes half awake into the receiver. The synthesized triumvirate of voices on the other end is the last thing Rupert expected to hear both at this hour of night and while he's at home. He and Rebel don't directly communicate to one another often, which makes this both exciting and unsettling.

Rupert, we have a situation.

Sucking in a sharp breath and trying to clear away the mental cobwebs, Rupert's response isn't the most lucid thing. "Do… you have any idea what time it is, Rebel?" Grousing that answer into the phone, Rupe swings his bare, stubbly legs over the side of the side, knee-high black socked feet touching down on the hardwood floor before he lurches forward and rests his head in one hand. "What… kind of situation do we have?"

Your suspicions have been confirmed. Magnes Varlane plans on conveying Messiah secrets to the Ferrymen. How do we proceed?

Eyes opening at that report, Rupert rubs one hand over his mouth and hissingly exhales a sigh. "Okay…" there's a bob of his head into a nod, "Okay we can— we can work with that." Rising up to his feet, Rupert pulls his robe a little tighter around himself and shuffles in a slow circle around the coffee table. "Do you know if he's told them anything yet?"

To the best of our knowledge he has not. He intends to wait for advice on this matter from Eileen Ruskin.

"Ruskin?" Rupert rolls his tongue across the front of his teeth, glancing to the television as he reaches for the remote, muting the Glenn Beck show with a heavy heart. "Okay, that's a good thing to go on, alright. I just need to have a talk with Magnes, then, that should clear everything up before he can do any real damage…" Rupert stares down at his feet, still rubbing one hand over a portion of his bearded chin. "How did you find this out?"

We have been monitoring his conversations and travel since you requested. However, he made this admission in front of someone named "Abby". We leapt into the nearest cellular phone and traced it back to one Abigail Beauchamp, through this device we were able to listen in on the remainder of the conversation. Abigail was made aware of Messiah's objectives by Magnes and seemed unsupportive. She is also, allegedly, Evolved.

Rupert's brows raise, tongue pressing against the inside of his cheek before he nods his head once, slowly. "Really? Interesting I— I've heard about her from Peter. He never mentioned that to me." There's an askance look to the television again, studying Mr.Beck's expression, and then towards the darkened windows overlooking the grounds of the estate. "I'll worry about Magnes and Abigail, don't trouble yourself with it. But…"

There's hesitance as Rupe glances down at the floor and his socked feet. "You know what? Keep an eye on Beauchamp for me, discretely. I want you to check her phone call logs, get me an idea of who she's talking to and what kind of connections she has. I might actually be able to make something useful of her depending on how connected she is into the Ferry…" there's a smile that spreads across Rupert's lips at that assessment.

Further orders?

"None, I mean… none at the moment. Oh actually, ah… don't…" there's a slow wavering motion of Rupert's posture as he ducks down and slinks across his living room. "Don't tell Peter about any of this for the time being, alright? This doesn't really concern him right now and he's already pulled in too many different directions from the last command I gave him…" Furrowing his brows, Rupert glances to the television one last time before adding, "you got all that?"


The beep on the other end of the phone means the call was lost. Rupert grimaces, pulling the phone away from his ear as he looks down at it, squints, and then tosses it down onto the sofa. "Unbelievable…" he murmurs, then looks back to the television. "It's like running a circus."

At least it feels like it at times, anyway.

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