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Scene Title Eavesdroppers
Synopsis Remi seeks out Liz shortly after their meeting at a bar.
Date November 8, 2018

The Pelago

She's not an unfamiliar sight around various places in this particular 'island' of the Pelago. Elisabeth doesn't travel between them too often, but she's looked around at several closest to her 'home'. It's not terribly hard to track her — she's new to the area, and that isn't exactly common. With her blonde hair pulled up to keep it from tangling in the constant breeze that blows through broken windows and tarps, she's currently walking through the market on the lower floors of the building, her thoughts on whether the several wire hangars that she's managed to obtain will be worth enough anywhere to pick up another of the sets of diapers from the woman who sells baby things.

She’s been lurking about the past few days, getting supplies for her boat and crew. Today, she’s been getting a decent supply of vegetables and some fruits, to ensure her and her crew are healthy while at sea. One of the results of her life before the floods, Remi is always conscious of nutrition when at sea — with life the way it is now, good health is important.

She also happened to have spotted Liz earlier on, and using that obnoxious ability of hers, gleaned a good way to make her official introduction to the woman who knows what she can do a pleasant one. Which is why the woman, with a bag of various roof-grown produce slung over one shoulder, greets Liz with a simple bag of diapers in the correct size held out to her.

She doesn’t touch the woman, instead simply projecting into her mind, Hello, mademoiselle. A gift for you, in exchange for a bit of conversation.

Pivoting away from the man whose stall she was perusing, Elisabeth goes still at the sight of Remi. There's a brief flash of her face through the telepath's mind before those defenses go up again. It's not as if the other woman couldn't get through, but it might take a bit. Reaching out to take the package of cloth diapers from her, the audiokinetic nods at the greeting, which she caught before those walls went up. "What is it you'd like to talk about?"

Though Remi shouldn't notice it, their words aren't carrying to anyone else. Elisabeth gestures for Remi to walk with her so that it won't be obvious.

Remi has her ways — but she’s not going to use them yet, since Liz hasn’t really done anything to deserve such treatment. Yet. She glances about quickly, before moving to walk along with Liz, tucking her hands into the pocket of her thick jacket. “Well, the other night at the bar,” she murmurs in a quiet tone, not really noticing the effect of the audiokinetic’s ability, “and now, of course, you know what I can do.”

She glances about, frowning a bit. “Only a few people know about that, and they don’t talk. So I was wondering,” another glance is cast about, “exactly how you came across that information.”

"They can't hear us," Elisabeth tells her. The information is offered simply for the quid pro quo. "As to how … we were friends once." The blonde's gaze is sharp as it moves across the people around them, automatically assessing threats. "A long time ago, in galaxy far, far away," she quips drily.

She doesn't seem to be lying. But she can't possibly be telling the truth either. Conundrum, that. Elisabeth doesn't seem to care if Remi believes, however. "Where I come from, you were… prone to eavesdropping, which is why I even bothered to warn you off. If you hadn't been, you'd never have heard it." She's not wrong
The French woman relaxes rather visibly at Liz’s reassurances, though her face is quite confused as Liz offers up the explanation for how and why she knows what the telepath is capable of. “I…can’t say that I understand,” she replies in that thickly European accent of hers, reaching up a hand to fuss slightly at her hair.

“I have never met you, yet we were friends…in Star Wars?” The woman squints slightly at Liz. “Please, explain.” She pulls a small flask from her pocket, taking a sip with a slight wince; then, the flask is offered to Liz, the telepath watching the blonde carefully. She’s listening, as always, but she makes it much less obvious than her counterpart in another timeline.

Oh no… Liz has learned the hard way not to take offers of alcohol much around here. She shakes her head slightly. "Thanks, no." As they walk, Liz shrugs slightly. "I can't. Not in any way that won't make you think I'm crazy. Just… accept the fact that I know and move on from it," she suggests. "I have no intention of outing you nor do you have anything else to fear from me." She slants the other woman a glance. "And since you have a tendency to continue to dig, I'd request the same courtesy in return — live and let live, hmm?"

The childish socialite turned famous actress comes out very briefly in the form of a derisive snort from Soleil. “Try me. We live in a world where the oceans have taken over, there’s a constant storm out there,” she waves a hand in the general direction of Hurricane Alpha, “and people can do rather crazy feats such as reading minds, or manipulating sound, and other things that, at one point, I acted out in front of a camera as fiction.

She recaps the flask, pocketing it once more. “If you were friends with me in another galaxy, you know that I am impossibly curious and stubborn, and likely won’t stop until I figure you out.” It’s true — she always was stubborn. “Worst case scenario, I think you’re crazy and go my own way. Best case, I believe you and you have an ally. Allies are a good thing to have out here.”

"All right," Elisabeth acquiesces, moving toward a spot off to the side. When she turns to look at the telepath, she tells her straight up. "I came from an alternate world — let's call it a time travel trip, only it's not time but dimensions that I traveled through. I landed here by accident and I have no intention of sticking around so your Sentinel assholes can show up and make me fight them here too." It's succinct and said in a tone devoid of either joking or any kind of amusement. Just flat facts.

Brows, still perfectly maintained despite the state of the world, raise slightly at the explanation. If Elisabeth had told her this a decade ago, the actress would think her crazy, and would thus shun her. But as she said to the audiokinetic, much has happened, and now the idea of hopping time and dimensions doesn’t really seem all that far-fetched. “Interesting,” is her initial reaction as she walks along next to the woman.

“I believe you,” she replies in a soft tone, turning her blue eyes toward the sky. “This other me, were we close?” She still listens in, mostly for verification purposes. “What was I…she, like? Was she an actress too?” The telepath smiles wistfully, likely remembering her life before the flood.

Elisabeth smiles faintly, resuming their walk. "She was a prima ballerina," she tells this version. Whatever she's listening for, the blonde isn't giving even surface thoughts to listen to. "And we were… close enough." The memories Liz has make her miss home even more. She tries not to dwell on missing people — it's hard. "She's a good person." It's all she's going to say.

“Ballet,” Remi marvels, a small smile playing on her lips. “I loved ballet as a child. I might’ve gone that path if I hadn’t gotten a role in my first play.” She glances to Liz, tilting her head toward the other woman. “I’m glad this other me is a good person.” She doesn’t remark on the homesickness, turning her eyes back to the path ahead.

“In any case. I appreciate your secrecy in the matter of what I can do. I make my living based on the lack of knowledge of my ability — people tend to distrust us telepaths, and I don’t need my life to be more difficult than it already is.” She offers a faint smile to Liz. “And if you ever need anything, I am the captain of a small sailboat. If I can’t help you, I’m sure I can find someone who can.”

"I'll keep it in mind," Elisabeth replies evenly. And she looks at Remi. "Just don't use your ability on or around me, as much as possible." She pauses and though she still holds those mental walls she lets Remi see expression of darkness remembered in her eyes. "You don't want my nightmares." The same warning was given many years ago in a place very far from here to a woman with the same face.

“I will do my best,” the woman replies — she honestly will do her best to remember the request, though it’s difficult to not listen in when that is her default. She turns, watching Liz’s expression with a thoughtful cant to her head, before turning away. “I hope those diapers work well for you.”

She pauses, reaching into her bag, before pulling out two oranges. These are offered up to Elisabeth, a parting gift of sorts. “Keep your vitamin C intake high, the little one’s too. Helps fight off disease out here.”

"You know what they say about eavesdroppers?" Elisabeth teases just a bit. They really don't ever hear good about themselves. "I'm sure the diapers will be fine. We just didn't travel with enough." Or any. "Thank you for them…." She pauses and studies Remi thoughtfully. Then she reaches out to take the oranges as well. "And these," she amends softly. There is something of her friend left in there. She's not so different. And Elisabeth smiles slightly, a genuine grin without the undertone of watchfulness to it. "Some things always hold true." Even across timelines. She lifts the oranges in a wave and turns on her heel to head back toward the apartment that her people are sharing.

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